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For the last week all I have been hearing about was this new girl that would be coming to our school.

Since this is a small town, this was a big deal and everyone knew about it.

"I wonder what she looks like"

"I hope she's hot"

"I bet I can make her mine within the first week"

These were just some of the lovely thoughts of my fellow classmates.

You see I am what people call a vampire, as is the rest of my family. Some of us are graced with special abilities. My sister, Alice, can see the future and her mate, my brother, Jasper, can feel and manipulate emotions. I on the other hand have been both blessed and cursed with the ability to read others minds.

It does come in handy when I am talking to people. It gives me the chance to see what they really want to say and to see their intentions before they have the courage to say it.

Just the other day, Jessica Stanley, a very annoying self centered girl from school, came up to me to 'talk'. I already knew what she wanted and cut her off before she could finish and actually ask. She was attempting to ask me out, yet again, and I wasn't having that.

I guess you could call me picky when it comes to girls but I'm really not. It's just I haven't been able to find anyone who interests me in the last century of my life.

I was laying on my couch having an unneeded 'nap' when I turned my head to look at my clock. "UGH" I have to start getting ready for school soon.

I have been dreading today for the last week. Today was the day the new girl arrived. I have nothing against the girl really, but I knew if the whole student body thought about her that much in the last week, today was going to be horrible.

"Edward start getting ready, we're leaving in twenty minutes." Alice thought to me.

I didn't acknowledge it and continued to just lay there listening to the music I had playing softly in the background.

"EDWARD!" this time she screamed, she was just outside my door.

"Fine," I replied before she knocked down my door.

"Hurry up okay?" she sounded more pushy then normal, I wonder why.

"Yeah yeah yeah." I said getting off my couch and going over to my closet.

I heard her running down the stars to her room. I'll have to ask her why she's so anxious on the way to school.

I pulled on a pair a dark blue jeans and a black button up shirt. Alice, the shop a holic in the family, purchased my entire wardrobe, which I was somewhat thankful for.

Twenty minutes later I walked out of my room and down the stairs to the front door.

Everyone was waiting for me, Alice was bouncing up and down.

"Why are you so anxious?" I asked her, a little curious.

"No reason in particular." She replied with a huge grin on her face, then turning on her heel, skipped out to my silver Volvo.

I didn't believe her and entered her mind for the real reason. All I could hear was her thinking about Jasper, extra hard.

"Why are you blocking your mind?!"

No answer.

The others just walked out and followed Alice to the car.

Today is going to be a long day. I thought while forcing myself out to my car and into the drivers seat.

"Why are you blocking your mind?" I asked Alice, a little more calmly.

No answer.

I thought I heard someone laughing lightly but brushed it off, suspecting it was one of my siblings in their head.

I turned the ignition and pulled out of the hidden driveway toward Forks High School, frustrated.


I came here looking for a change.

I heard of vampire covens living among humans, acting like them. It sounded like a good idea, so I decided to give it a shot.

Anything beats moving from town to town, never having a real life.

I choose a small town in Washington. It was called Forks, a name that made me laugh anytime I saw or heard it. Their average forecast was cloud with a high chance of rain.

It sounded perfect. I would be able to go out during the day and actually feel alive.

When I arrived, I sensed them. There was another vampire here. Actually, there were seven of them. What are the odds.

I felt their presence immediately. Just one of my gifts. I could sense our kind miles away. This gift made it easy for me to track. Although I never really did, unless it was necessary. It rarely was.

I wanted to see what this family was like, so I followed their scent into the woods. I used another one of my gifts so they wouldn't feel my presence until I wanted them to. I was pretty good at blocking just about everything when it came to vampires.

It made me indestructible to our kind. Due to this, the Volturi came and visited me a lot in hopes of making me join them. They would come pleading and I would always turn them down. I just couldn't do that. I have sat in on one of their meetings and have seen how they feed. It is revolting to say the least.

I am what you could call a 'vegetarian' vampire. I refuse to feed off of humans and rather feed on animals. It makes me feel a little bit better about what I am.

As their scent became more prominent, I slowed down to a steady walk and approached cautiously. I didn't know what they were capable of and I didn't want them to come and attack me. I stopped just short of where their property began and searched their thoughts. Again, another one of my gifts. I was definitely blessed with very useful abilities.

They seemed like a good coven. No one plotting to go and take over the world or thinking about their next hunt. That was always a plus. Searching their thoughts I realized they lived like a family here. Two parents and five children. How sweet.

The thoughts of the boy coming from a room toward the top floor made me laugh. He was dreading today. He had the ability to read minds as well and has been hearing people think about me all week. How lovely those thoughts were.

I wonder which boy thought they could make me theirs in a week. I would find out soon enough. When I chose this town, I registered myself into their high school.

I was anxious about that. I haven't been to school since I was changed. I used to like school a lot when I was human. I wonder what school is like in America.

I was raised in Germany and have only saw American schooling in movies. There was no way it could be similar. It's also been over sixty years, school had to be different by now.

Although I was raised in Germany, you would never know it, unless I told you. After my change I had to get away from my home land. I came straight to America. Being a vampire, I learn quickly. I picked up on English easily and lost my accent shortly after. I now sounded like I was born and raised in America.

I could hear an anxious girl jumping up and down telling the boy upstairs to hurry up. I peered into her thoughts and realized she knew I was here. She didn't know I was here specifically, but she knew I was in Forks. She also knew I was going to attend school today. She seemed excited.

I thought about why she might know this and realized she must be able to see the future. I knew all she had seen was that I was a vampire and was going to school.

I heard her scream to boy now. His name must be Edward. I've always liked that name. By his thoughts I could tell her name was Alice. He seemed curious as to why she was so anxious. He planned on questioning her on that.

Twenty minutes later Edward was on his way down the stairs. I saw through his eyes his family waiting for him. Alice was bouncing with joy.

"Why are you so anxious?" he asked her finally, extremely curious by this point.

"No reason in particular." She replied with a huge grin on her face, then turning on her heel, skipped out to a silver Volvo.

He didn't believe her and entered her mind for the real reason. All he could hear was her thinking about Jasper, extra hard, he must be her mate. I on the other hand could read past that and hear she was thinking about me.

"Why are you blocking your mind?!" He asked agitated. It was getting hard to hold back my laughter.

No answer. I could see her now, she reminded me of a pixie. The look on her face was priceless.

The others just walked out and followed Alice to the car.

"Today is going to be a long day." He thought while forcing himself out to the car and into the drivers seat.

"Why are you blocking your mind?" he asked Alice, a little more calmly.

No answer. I couldn't hold it back anymore and began laughing as quietly as I could.

He turned the ignition and pulled out of the hidden driveway toward Forks High School, frustrated.

I would have to meet this Alice in person, I knew we could be good friends.

Poor Edward. At least he would know soon why his little sister was being such a pain.

Realizing they were on their way to school I figured I should do the same. I took off in the direction of the school at top speed and let down my guard slightly. They should feel my presence soon.

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