Hey guys!

This is the Alice Make-over Contest


This contest is for all the stories about Alice making-over Bella, taking her shopping, or both.

There will be a Grand Prize Winner, a second place winner, and a third place winner, if I get enough entries.


It has to be over 150 words.

It has to be with the original characters.

It has to be complete when submitted.

It can be any genre and any rating.

It has to be a make-over or shopping story (duh)

I will not take any more entries after May 3


Entry Info:

If you would like to enter the contest please leave a review on this page stating the following:

Pen Name

Name of Story

Leave only one review for your story. Add this to your alerts! Be original, be creative, and do anything!

If I am forgetting anything, or you have a question, send me a message. Oh, and if you would like to take part in judging please send me a message.

Write away!