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(Bella POV)

"Alice, the usual in half an hour… okay good… yeah… with cream or without? Haha, I know stupid question! See you soon." I hung up the phone, dialling Rose's number next; this was one hell of an emergency.

"Yo Rose, can you get off work in half an hour for a bit... Uh huh… pixie's on the way, yeah… sweet! Double? Okay. See you soon!" I turned the corner and my eyes fall upon mine, Rose and Alice's favourite coffee shop.

Thank god! I needed to fix this mess and I know my girls will be able to help me out.

[20mins later

"Hey ho's! Over here!" I called out as they walk into the coffee shop. They make they're way over to our usual spot, comfy big sofas in the corner where we could chill out.

"What's the emergency this time? They kill your fishy?" Alice giggled as she sat down in front of the steaming large mug of hot chocolate, topped with squirty cream and chocolate shavings that I ordered for her.

"No... no wait!! Cockroaches in the bathtub?" Rose laughs as she sits in front of her usual double espresso.

"Worse… they're party animals, they don't clean… and I hate them!!" I cry as I describe the buffoons I share a flat with. I've been living with them for 4months, but now I'd had enough. I was suffering from sleep deprivation, stress and they were just pure bitches. I wanted out.

"I'm with you on that one, the bunch I'm living with… no fashion sense and they are sooo bo-ring!! They suck." Alice tells us as she licks the cream off her spoon.

"I live with a bunch of 'tree hugging-lets not shower for a week to save the environment- nutters. I can't stand it anymore! Why can't I get flat mates like you guys?" Rose pouts as she adds to our little bitching rant on where we're suffering to live at the moment.

"Oh my God!! I've just had a vision or premonition thingy… what ever they're called anyway… why don't we three live together??!! It'd solve all our problems!!" Alice bounced from the sofa next to me, almost making me spill some of my latte.

I glance up from my coffee to look at Rose and Alice… why hadn't we thought about this already? It made perfect sense. We met each other almost every other night after work to keep sane anyway. Living in the same place would just save us the extra travelling costs.

Rose sat back on the sofa, gawping at Alice. "Damn pixie you're good!" smiling her dazzling smile, showing off her perfect white teeth "Tell us what else you've seen in these freaky little visions of yours? Haha"

"Well were going to get a fabulous new flat together… and fall in love, you know… nothing special" Alice shrugged as if it were nothing.

"Same old same old" I chirp in, starting to get excited about the prospect of actually being able to live with my two best friends!

"Seriously, I've had enough with those hippies, I want out. I'm gona give in my 2weeks notice straight after work and I'm getting outa there!" Rose announced as she checked her watch and got up. Time was up for her quick break from work and she had to get back "Let me know when you want to go flat hunting and I'll take the day off work okay?" she called as she made her way to the door.

It was obvious that all the male population in the café, being single, taken or gay were staring at her as she made her way out. That was Rose: even dressed as she was in a boiler suit covered in car oil and other icky stuff, men drooled over her. Although that probably just spurred they're fantasies into action…

Alice bought me out of my little side tracking thoughts "I've got to get back to work now too, but seeing as you have the day off, can you go find some places for us to view? We could all go Wednesday? Try to find somewhere in a… 10mile radius… parking space, garden for you and a big living room for movie nights okay" She smiled, a little glimmer in her eyes as she caught up with her breath.

Knowing Alice she was probably already fantasising about how she could decorate the whole place.

"I'll get on to it now capt'n" I saluted her as we both went our separate ways, her to work and me off hunting for the perfect place for us to live. This should be fun I couldn't help but think to myself.

A few days later…

(Alice POV)

We were now on our way to the last viewing… all these viewings were worse than a day's shopping trip to Paris. I couldn't wait to get this one over and done with, but I had a feeling, like this one would be the one, all the rest had been so crappy that this one would shine. I knew it.

The last bunch of flats had been horrible. Most were too small, the rest were filthy or crumbling down and one even had a mouse trap on the kitchen counter. I shivered as I remembered that excuse of a living place; it was only fit for vermin!!

We finally pulled up to the last viewing, right outside a beautiful Victorian style house. I heard Rose gasp from behind me in the car as she took it in. Bella had told us on the way that this one was a house rather than your normal flat. The owner had told her that he and his wife wanted to move away, to someplace quieter and so was willing to rent it out... for the right price.

The house was white; it had a little wall running around the front with a patch of grass on each side of the pathway which lead up to the front doors. I could see a little garage to the left of the house and enough space to fit 2 cars easily. Rose is going to love that I thought. She'd have her own place to fix up her car, without having to take it to the garage where she worked.

I scanned the front of the house again. Judging by its size, I thought there would be about 4 decently sized bedrooms inside. I looked up to the window in the attic. It looked quite clean, not all dusted up like you see in the movies, and I wondered if perhaps there would be a usable room up there too.

But, if we were to live here, we would probably need one or two people to live with us to fill the space and help pay the rent. At least we would probably be able to choose who we'd want to live with; we could cast interviews and stuff! It'd be so much fun!

I started getting excited of the prospect of casting interviews and bounced up and down in the passenger seat. Bella, spotting me getting hyper ordered me to get out of the car and 'cool myself down'.

Rose and Bella joined me as skipped my way up the pathway to the front doors.

"Let's do this ladies" Rose murmured behind me as I turned the door knob and pushed the door open.

"Wow" "Shit" "Bingo" came from Bella, Rose and I as we saw what the house looked like inside.

"I take that as a sign that you young ladies like it?" came a raspy voice from down the hallway.

We made our way towards the voice; no doubt it belonged to the old owner guy Bella had told us about. She'd said that he was a nice guy, wanting his house to be taken care of and he hoped he could find someone to love it like he did. It was really sweet.

I saw him sitting in one of the old comfy looking chairs by the French windows that over looked the garden. Bella will so love this I thought as I looked it over.

All three of us stepped up to him and introduced ourselves, shaking his hand as he introduced himself as Walter.

After quick pleasantries he told us to have a wonder around the house. I guessed Rose would make her way back out and around to the garage, Bella would probably take a look around the garden, designs full of water features and decking were probably running through her head as she looked around.

I turned to make my way into the kitchen when I heard Walter wheezed out "Make sure to take a look up in the attic, you wont be disappointed, I promise" I spun back to look at him. He'd turned to look out the window, but I could see a smile playing on his lips.

I shrugged and began looking around. My job and passion being an interior design, I began sizing up the rooms, looking for heir potential. The rooms needed to be freshened up a bit, some rooms were covered in old lady flower wallpaper, but other than that it was perfect. Nothing a lick of paint couldn't fix.

I couldn't believe how Bella could have found this gem in a matter of two days of flat hunting. It was like fate that we'd found it.

I did as Walter told me to and made my way up into the attic… I felt my mouth open and my breath whooshing out as I took the room in. I expected it to be small and gloomy, but this was amazing.

It was full of character; it had white walls, wooden floors and wooden beams across the ceiling. I looked out one of the windows; it was the one that overlooked the street in front of the house. That meant that the window on the other end of the room over looked the garden! I ran over and looked out. I could see Bella kicking leaves about and peering over the fence into next door's garden.

This house was perfect! Bella had the garden, Rose had the garage, and I could decorate it to be even more gorgeous than it already was.

I made my way slowly back down to Walter, Rose and Bella were there too. The three of them were chatting away as I got to them and sat next to Rose.

"Walter, we can't afford this place just the three of us" Bella started off, looking at Rose and me as she continued, looking a little glum "We love it, we really do, and it's perfect but…"

Walter raised his hand to stop Bella's explanation "Girls, I can't lower my price on the rent, but I'm willing for you to move in as long as you can get the money to pay for it. I'll permit up to six people to live in here, if that makes it easier on you. I don't mind who you get, as long as they're clean and take care of my house… How's that for you?"

The three of us looked at each other and nodded "Sounds good Walter!" I spoke for the three of us "Can we put an advertisement in the paper or something, interview people to see who we'd like to live with?" I asked him, hoping he'd say yes.

"Do what you got to do" Walter smiled at us, "I'm glad you ladies like the place because… I like you" he chuckled, getting up out of his chair. "I'm sure who ever you choose will be just fine, I trust you. Here's my number if you want to ask any questions and here" Walter pulled two keys out of his pocket and held them out to me to take "These are the keys to the house, you can move in when your ready" Walter was now beaming at us, probably amused by all of our stunned faces that he'd handed us the keys already.

"It's… it's ours then?" Rose choked out from behind me in awe.

"Yup" Walter chuckled again as he made his way to the door, "Remember to lock up on your way out. I've got to go, got a date with the wife and I can't afford to be late or she'd kill me!" he waved to us as he closed the door behind himself.

The three of us stood, frozen in shock until I heard Bella whisper "This is soo cool".

At this the three of us began to giggle and snap back into reality. "Let's get going, we should get an advert made ready as soon as possible for the local news papers… and start packing!" I said looking around the living room… our living room.

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