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Year and a half later

Bella POV.

"Oh god!" I sighed as I leant back in my chair, my hand resting on my stomach, "I feel like an elephant! Why didn't you stop me from ordering that sex-on-a-plate chocolate torte?" I groaned my rhetorical question at no one particular.

"Jesus! I gotta remember I'm not eating for two anymore!" Rose moaned from my left as she too leant back in her chair.

"I saw this coming… why didn't I do something about it?" Alice whimpered as she took a sip of water from where she sat opposite Rose and me looking tortured.

The three of us were sitting as if we were 8 months gone and were having twins. We'd just had a three course meal at our favourite restaurant, Xerocide and were now suffering from their mouth-watering delicacies.

"How about we walk this off and head back to the local for a night cap? It's only 10.30." Rose spoke up as she pushed herself up into sitting position and poured water into her glass.

I nodded silently and gave her the thumbs up as I picked up my wine glass and drained the last of the Pinot Grigio. My lips were turned up in a relaxed smile as I placed my glass back on the table and sighed in content. Alice, Rose and I did the same thing each month. We came for food, stuffed ourselves silly, which meant we'd have to start our ritual diets in the morning which only lasted about three days before we gave in to temptation, before heading over to the local, F8 for a night cap.

Alice's yawn caught my attention and I looked up to see her sporting the same relaxed smile I had. "So…" she started as she began to play with the tips of her spiky hair, "Mr Harrison called me this morning, he said I could pick up the keys in two weeks." Her smile stretched into a wide grin and her eyes sparkled brighter as she spoke, her excitement shining through.

"I get mine in about a month." Rose stated as she picked at her teeth, uncaring what other customers in the restaurant thought of her some what unlady like behaviour at the dinner table. "The tenants there already are starting to move now and I need to make sure I'm prepared before the move what with Ariel. I hope her routine won't get shaken up, she's been so good lately."

"You know you have us to help out." I stated as I looked from Rose to Alice and then back again. "And our men too." I laughed softly, knowing they'd do anything and everything to make sure Ariel and we three girls were happy.

"Softies." Rose sighed under her breath before she turned to look at me and asked, "When are you getting your keys? Should be soon right?" I nodded my head as she spoke and let her and Alice know that I should be getting them in the next two to three weeks also.

Images of mine and Edward's soon-to-be house flashed through my mind as I began to dig through my purse for my money, the three of us getting ready to leave and head over to F8. I instantly fell in love with the house that I'd soon be living in. It had a large garden in the back with a stream cutting through it and I couldn't wait to get myself stuck into making it my own. I felt giddy as I thought of the hand made wooden fairytale like bridge I'd have built so that we could gross over the river and the tree's I'd plant around the border of our grounds. Euphoria swam through me as I though of living there with Edward, growing old with him and at some point raising the children we'd one day have.

"Earth to Bella! Woo hoo!" Alice waved her little hands before my face while Rose snapped her fingers beside me to snap me out of my little day dream. I blushed within seconds, knowing that Alice and Rose found it comical when I spaced out and fell into my day dreams of my house to be. They always conveniently forgot that I'd caught them doing the same numerous times since the three of us had found our perfect homes to be.

"Let's just go pay" I mumbled as I got up from my chair and lead us to the bar to pay.

"Well hello there ladies." A voice from the other side of the bar caught my attention and I looked up to see Lucas's familiar face. I controlled my expression the best I could so that I wouldn't grimace before him and forced a small, polite smile on my face. "Leaving so soon?" He asked, his voice sounding strained, as if someone was torturing him from beneath the counter.

"Yes, I have a husband to get home to…" Alice chirped from my left.

"And a child to put to bed…" Rose added as she reapplied her shimmery lip gloss.

"And a fiancé to make love to all night long…" I added, doing my best to hide my smirk at the kid before us turned red and spluttered before us.

"I-I'll uhhhh…" He closed his eyes and I watched his adams apple bob as he swallowed hard before trying to speak once more. "I'll uhhhh just get the … bill! Ye, the bill!" his face broke into an awkward smile, probably because he was pleased with himself that he'd remembered what it was we were patiently waiting for.

We finally managed to pay our portions of the bill and made our way toward F8, shivering and cuddling together as we walked the few blocks that were between the restaurant and the bar. Alice and Rose were busy talking about what they thought their men would be up to once they arrived home. I knew that Edward would be doing one of three things when I got home to him; he'd either be hanging out with the boys with a few beers and playing on the x-box – with the volume on mute as to not disrupt Ariel's sleep and so they'd be able to listen to her on the baby monitor- or he'd be asleep in our bed, up in the attic, sprawled across it and probably with his head buried into one of my hoodies. Or he would be reading a story or entertaining Ariel in some way if she were still awake.

Rose's voice caught my attention before I could speculate what else Edward might be up to. "If I find him playing horse and jokey with her when I get back, he'll be suffering from the no sex for two weeks punishment! I'm telling you, he almost gave me a heart attack last time!" Rose growled, a frown marring her brow as she spoke, yet her eyes misted over with love and affection as she spoke.

"Rose, he did have Edward and Jasper on either side holding her, she would never have fallen off. You know Edward's a pro at catching Bella when she falls, there was nothing to worry about." Alice argued; trying to sooth Rose some as we turned the last corner before reaching F8.

"Alice is right Rose… Edward is a pro…" I mumbled with a weak smile as I waited for her to argue once more. I sighed in relief as she merely shrugged her shoulders and muttered "Suppose so." Under her breath and let the conversation drop.

The three of us neared the doors, hoping that one of the usual doormen was there tonight and not one of the new trainee guys that had started in the last couple of weeks.

"Ladies!" a familiar voice called our as we neared the door. Alice, Rose and I shared a chorus of 'SCORE!' as we recognised the voice and picked up our pace to reach him.

"Finn my man!" Rose called as she broke into a run. He stood all 6'3 of himself in his black uniform and short, brown hair which was on the verge of needing a cut. He had his hand outstretched already, his long, muscled arm visible from the short sleeve top he wore and he did some manly hand shake and patting of the back greeting with Rose before he slung his arm around her shoulders and held her to him.

"Good to see you homie! How's my little honey bear doing?" Finn asked as he rubbed his free hand up and down her arm instinctively.

"She's got her daddy wrapped round her little finger…" Rose smiled and dusted of her shoulder as Finn laughed and said "Well she did learn from the best."

"Alice, you look cute." Finn turned his attention to her as she reached his side before me; he looked her over with a warm expression on his face.

"Oh, this old thing?" Alice spoke in a mocking tone as she plucked at her brand new cocktail dress. "I just threw it on before I left." She giggled before reaching up on her tip toes as placing a kiss on his chin.

"Isabella, it's been too long!" He used his smooth, silky voice as he picked up my hand and placed a kiss on the back before raising my hand and twirling me around once. "Ladies, you are far too stunning to be stood out here in the cold, in you go."

Finn ushered us in to the warmth of the bar and we thanked him as we pulled off our coats and handed them to him, ignoring the grumblings coming from the people who were standing in line until it was their turn to enter into the warmth and comfort.

"Hang on ladies." Finn smiled apologetically as he popped his head out the door and growled in a menacing voice, "All of you shut you're whining! One more word and you're all banned!"

Silence followed his words and he turned back to us and placed our coats in the staff room to keep them safe. "Have fun ladies! Oh and there might be a little surprise in there waiting for you!" He added cryptically with a wink as we made our way toward the stairs that led up to the bar.

The three of us ascended the stairs, Alice skipping her way up the steps, Rose following her in an easy pace and myself taking care with each step, knowing that a trip to the hospital at this time of night would not be fun.

Alice stopped on step third from the top and spun around to face Rose and me with a beaming smile. She didn't have to say a word, Rose and I both knew what that smile was for.


I carefully picked up my pace and followed Rose and Alice as we made a direct line toward the bar, all else be damned.

"After three." Rose whispered as we lined up at the bar. Alice was to my left, kneeling on the barstool and was busy adjusting her bra and pulling down the neckline of her dress. I adjusted myself and rested my arms on the bar top and could see Rose from the corner of my eye arching her back and pushing her hair over once shoulder.

"One… two… three…" She muttered.

The result was instantaneous. Glassy eyed barmen finished off their orders in record speed and fought their way toward us. I couldn't help but smile as one barman stood out from the rest. He had his usual raven black hair in disarray and his skin was glowing with his natural bronze tan. His eyes were alight with mischief and I let out a little laugh as he rolled his chocolaty eyes heavenward and shook his head in false disappointment. Alice, Rose and I had been doing this same routine when it was busy since the first time we'd come here. Duncan always kept his head around us, but enjoyed watching the younger barmen drooling and stuttering around us.

"At last!" Duncan called as soon as he made his way to us, shooting glares at the other barmen who tried to push their way passed him to get closer to us. "A month is too long; can't you come visit me every week?" He asked as he rested his elbow on top of one of the beer pumps and gazed languidly at us.

"You really think our men would let out us every week? And in your company?" I asked him as he passed me a cloth and I wiped a section of the bar clean.

"Wishful thinking?" He asked with a cheeky smile as he threw the cloth I handed back to him in a bin behind him.

"Just a little." I laughed as I helped Alice to sit on the bar top and then moved to sit in her vacated chair.

"So… busy night?" Alice asked Duncan as he began to make us a cocktail each. We didn't have to tell him what we liked or disliked, he'd learnt our tastes over the last two years and always magicked up a wonderfully alcoholic drink each for us.

"Ummm…" I watched as Duncan rubbed the back of his neck and played with a bottle of rum in his hand. Why was he feeling uneasy over such a simple question?

"Dunc, you're hiding something. Spit it out." Rose ordered, not bothering to beat around the bush with such a good friend of ours.

"Promise you won't get mad at me." He pleaded, his eyes begged as much as his words as he looked at each of us.

Warily I nodded my head, knowing it was best not to speak because he'd have definite evidence against me if I did feel inclined to beat him if he displeased me. Alice merely sat up straighter, as if preparing herself for a blow. Rose crossed her arms over her chest in an Emmett fashion and waited quietly for him to speak.

"Well… Bella." He stared, his eyes trained on my face as he passed my drink to me. "You hear that noise? You can probably just make it out between songs… the sound of a piano." I closed my eyes and listened, managing to hear a few distant keys of piano over the music that was thrumming through the speakers. "Well the thing is… that's Edward." He said simply as he poured some liquor into a martini glass with care, effectively hiding from my eyes.

"Edward?" I asked, wondering what it was he was doing here and where he was. I knew there was an old wooden type piano in the corner, but always thought it was for decoration. Duncan nodded at my one word question and inclined his head toward where the piano was located.

Craning my neck around the people who filled the bar area, my eyes located a head bend down low, covered with messy dark hair and tensed up shoulders. A sigh escaped me and I shook my head at the sight of his depressing form. "How long has he been there and how much has he drunk?" I asked as picked up my dark drink and took a long pull through the straw, smiling at the taste of spiced rum with coke.

"He's been here for about three hours and he's on his fifth brandy." He said as he placed Alice's drink before her.

"What about my husband?" Alice asked Duncan as she picked up her pink cocktail which I knew to be a cosmopolitan.

"Duncan leant on the bar top so his nose was almost brushing against Alice's and turned his head so that he was looking down toward the furthest end of the bar from where we were perched.

"Oh God Gucci alive!" Alice cursed as her eyes locked onto Jasper. He sat with a drink in one hand and his head in the other. He moved his hand which held his alcohol around, no doubt to emphasise his words as he spoke to two old men beside him who looked as if they were already fast asleep. Bashfully Alice glanced at Duncan before she simply asked, "Civil War?"

Duncan nodded and let her know that he was drinking with his good old friend Daniels but was going at a leisurely pace. He'd been perched there as long as Edward had been on the piano and had had a couple of warnings when his discussion over the civil war had become a little heated with the other two.

Alice picked up her Cosmo and took a large gulp as she kept her eyes on her husband who was waving at one of the bar staff to get him another drink.

"Duncan." Rose's voice was quiet and held a note of threat that I knew a prized warrior would be scarred of. I warily looked at her and saw she had her hands balled into fists. She was trying to control herself. "Please tell me that Emmett isn't here." She said in a strained voice before she held one of her hands out, waiting for him to finish her drink and hand it to her.

Each time we went out, the boys looked after Ariel. The boys never wanted to hire a babysitter, they didn't trust a stranger to look after their little angel and I was secretly glad of it. Alice, Jasper, Edward and I were almost as protective of Ariel as Rose and Emmett were when it came to her safety. My lip throbbed as I noticed I'd been biting it since Rose had spoken and panic began to fill me. If Emmett was here too, then who the hell was watching over Ariel!??

"He m-might be?" Duncan half asked, half answered as he cautiously took a step back from the bar and into the safety of being out of Rose's reach once he'd passed her a drink. Even though Duncan was a big guy, he wasn't stupid enough to ignore the threat in Rose's death glare.

"What do you mean might be?" She asked as she pushed her chair back and stood up. Her eyes had narrowed into slits in her face as she scanned the bar area.

Duncan rubbed the back of his neck one more and explained, "He said when he came in that, and I quote 'The mutt's looking after my princess' so I guess you might know what he was talking about?" his worried eyes shot from Rose to Alice to me and back, all the while trying to guess her reaction.

So Jacob had come over to baby sit Ariel. I sighed in response to the news, relived that someone we all could trust was looking after Ariel. Jacob had become close friends to all of us in the house since his first visit and my unlucky accident. Emmett, Jasper and Edward had kept in close touch with him, especially when I had any unpleasant meetings with the floor or any other hard surfaces and had become like brothers. I hadn't seen Jake in months and the excitement to see him bubbled within me at the thought of going home and being able to hug him.

Rose took a gulp of her drink before she relaxed a little and muttered under her breath "He'll be the death of me." before she asked Duncan to point him out to her.

Duncan told Rose where he was and we three turned to look at where he'd directed us. Swarms of women met my eyes as I looked and after much tip toeing and craning of my neck, his head of curly brown hair was visible in the middle of them all. "He ran home twice to check up on her." Duncan's soft voice whispered as we three girls kept our eyes locked on the top of his head. "First time he said his stomach felt all funny and he knew something was wrong… turned out she was crying because she'd lost her Bambi teddy." He paused before adding, "The second time, she'd apparently been crying because she fell over."

"Buffoon." Rose murmured under her breath before she looked away from Emmett and picked up her drink. "I'd better go baby sit him… What's he on Dunc?"

"Last I know it was vodka shots with a dash of coke…" Duncan answered her as she nodded her head in acknowledgement of his answer and kissed mine and Alice's cheek before setting off toward her Emmett.

"Regroup and head home?" I lazily asked Alice as my eyes locked on Edward and I slipped off the bar stool.

"Lets." Alice said simply as she manoeuvred herself from the bar top to the ground beside me.

Rose POV.

Squeezing passed the drunken women around me; I couldn't help but feel some level of anger toward them. I couldn't blame them for falling under Emmett's charm and sensitivity… but he was mine damn it! I could feel a scowl on my face as I neared him, getting slightly more aggravated as the cluster of women became denser, harder to push through.

"Ohh! And this one was taken when we went to the park." Emmett's voice reached me just as he became visible through the throng of attentive women. I paused a few paces behind him; managing to look over his shoulder to see him with his wallet out on the table and scattered with pictures. "Looks like and angel doesn't she?" His soft voice washed over me just as the women around him 'aww'd' in unison. "She's my baby girl… she stood on her own for the first time that day."

Tears prickled my eyes as I looked at the picture he was worshiping; remembering our little Ariel standing with some help from Emmett and then letting go, standing on her own for a few seconds before she lost her balance and fell into Emmett's waiting arms. Emmett and I laughed and hugged Ariel all afternoon after, confusing her with our strange behaviour.

My tears brimmed over as Emmett passed his finger over the next picture he held, stroking it tenderly. "This is another third of my life along with Ariel, my Rose." He starred at my picture as I too did. It was one of the pictures that he'd sneakily taken of me while we were at the car show two years ago. "Bambi." I heard him whisper just as I closed the space between us.

"Peaches." I whispered back, resting a hand on his broad shoulder as I leant in and pressed my lips to his temple. "Love you too."

I saw a dimple in his cheek just before he turned in his chair to look up at me. His eyes held tenderness and at the same time hunger while he smiled his breathtaking dimpled smile up at me.

Before I could melt completely under his gaze I braced myself, resting my fisted hands on my hips as I glared down at him, "Shouldn't you be watching Ariel? In person rather than through a bunch of photos?!" I asked as I looked from his face which was now transforming to a guilty expression to the pictures on the table beside him.

"I uh… I can explain?" he questioned as he avoided my gaze and picked up the pictures from the table and carefully put them back into his wallet. While his attention was averted, I stealthily looked around us and saw that the cluster of women who had surrounded Emmett had conveniently disappeared.

"Me and the guys… we felt lonely Rosie…" Emmett started, he turned back to look at me, his eyes full of sorrow. "You left us and Ariel was asleep so… we decided to go out and drown our sorrows."

I sighed, admitting defeat. How could I stay angry at him?

He saw my angry façade vanish and immediately took advantage. His arms wrapped quickly around me like vines and pulled me to him, settling me on his lap as he hid his face in the crook of my neck and took in a deep breath through his nose.

My smile probably stretched right across my face as he held me, breathed me in and captured me. I loved every second of it. My fingers trailed patterns across the nape of his neck and I closed my eyes, totally relaxed and whole.

"You know I love you…" Emmett spoke against my neck as his hands slid from my waist, one resting on my hip and the other on my lower stomach, "Bambi, lets have another kid? Please? Soon." He begged as he pulled away from my neck and locked his determined eyes on my own teary eyes. "I don't mind if the next one's a girl even though a son would be amazing." He added in a voice which held a slightly dreamy tone, "We could get started tonight…" His sentence trailed off as his lips met mine and kissed me with such need. He pulled away just as I was getting light-headed, "What do you say?" He breathed before kissing me again with his hand rubbed circles on my stomach.

I felt tears slipping from the corners of my eyes as I held on tight to him, making myself believe that this wasn't all a dream and that I had my angelic Ariel and my unearthly Emmett who was practically begging me to extend our family. I knew he was a little drunk, but also knew he'd keep asking for us to have another kid until he had the result he wanted.

"Let's go home." I breathed heavily into his ear as soon as I regained some of my mental capability.

His dazzling smile was my reward for my three simple words.

Alice POV.

I weaved through the patrons of the bar, my eyes locked on my target as I neared him. He looked somewhat defeated where he sat, his shoulders hunched, his head in his hand and the whiskey meeting his lips every few minutes. I couldn't begin to think what state he was in, Duncan had already told me that he'd been warned a few times for being loud, that wasn't my Jazzy.

"Yeah… well what would you know! You weren't even there…" I heard Jasper slur just as I reached him. A sigh escaped my lips as I processed his words, he was arguing with the two old men again about the war, trying to pretend that he'd been there, fighting as a sergeant during the war. I needed to stop him before he made a fool of himself.

Just as I was about to slip onto the chair next to Jasper, he rose up from his bar stool and swayed a little before he headed off into the crowd that filled the bar. My brows knitted as I watched him make his way unsteadily to a far corner and I relaxed as I realised he was heading to the bathroom.

I spun myself around and scanned the bar, trying to spot Rose and Emmett. From my elevated view point on top of the high barstool, I saw them sitting at a table, Rose snuggled in Emmett's arms as they kissed softly. A smile spread across my lips at the sight of the happy couple, they were so perfect with each other that I couldn't help but feel mine and Jasper's pairing was a little inferior compared to them. But then I always remembered that I was Jasper's wife and felt at ease again. I spun my simple yet glamorous wedding band around my finger, reassuring myself that I was indeed married to my Jasper and not dreaming it all up as I waited anxiously for his return.

A slight commotion to my right caught my attention and I looked over to see the two old men who Jasper had in most probability been bugging all night were slowly standing and finishing off their drinks. They must have had a fair few pints I thought as I listened to their drunken slurring and intoxicated burping as the passed me and headed toward the staircase to make their way out.

There was a break in the music that the D.J was pulsing through the speakers, Edwards fingers flying over the piano was faintly audible but my attention got caught by the sound of a smooth voice speaking, "Good riddance." a few paces behind me.

My body jolted, reacting to the familiar sound of Jasper's voice and I hopped off the high stool at the bar just as Jasper was nearing me. His brows knitted in confusion at the sight of me waiting patiently for him at the bar, his step hesitated as he neared me and I smiled, hoping I'd reassure him that I wasn't going to attack him or anything.

He paused right in front of me and I spoke loud enough for him to hear me over the new song that was escaping the many speakers in the bar, "You've kept me waiting a long time." I said, my head tilting up so that I could look at his angelic face.

I watched, trying to control my laughter as he ducked his head, like a good Southern gentleman and said, "I'm sorry, ma'am", his southern accent washing over me and leaving me breathless.

Jasper took my outstretched hand instantaneously and pulled me into his arms, holding me to his warm, strong chest as he ran his hand up and down my back while the other played with the tips of my spiky black hair.

"I love you darlin'" Jasper whispered into my hair before his lips ghosted over my temple and pressed a kiss to my forehead.

His words sent a tingle through me and I reached up and kissed the side of his neck, feeling complete where I stood. "I love you too, and your southern accent." I teased as I rested back against his chest and felt him slowly moving us back and forth, as if we were dancing.

A small laugh escaped my lips as Jasper began to whisper into my ear, singing one of the songs he liked to listen to after he'd had a few drinks with the boys.

"There's a southern accent,
Where I come from.
The young'uns call it country,
The Yankees call it dumb.
I got my own way of talkin',
But everything is done,
With a southern accent,
Where I come from."

He stopped singing after the first verse and held me tighter before lifting me up in his arms and placing a soft kiss to the tip of my nose, which I guessed he had tried to aim on my lips. I reached up and kissed him back on his nose, gaining a smile from my fallen angel. "You are my wife." Jasper spoke out loud, his expression looking disbelieving as he looked down at me, as if the truth was hard to process. I grinned at him, knowing how he felt; as it were all a dream.

"I know husband. I know." I mumbled back, holding him tighter.

Bella POV.

I stopped behind him, watching as his fingers moved over the ivory keys while the rest of his body stayed motionless, as if he were carved out of marble. My teeth caught my bottom lip as I wondered what had him so tense. Had he fought with the guys? With Jacob? I shook my head, knowing that Edward saw Jacob as a brother these days. What was making my Edward so tense?

The tune he played came to an end and I wondered if he could feel my presence behind him. I always felt some kind of pull or spark run through me when Edward was near, even if I didn't know it and wondered if he could feel the same as I did at this moment.

"Mmmm…" Edward's smooth voice reached my ears and I focused my eyes on the back of his head, watching as he turned in his seat, "Strawberries." His sparkling green eyes caught my own dull brown and captured my entire attention. My legs felt weak and I began to forget everything that was stored in my mind. What was my name again?

"Come here love." Edward crooned as he held his arms open wide to welcome me.

Taking a step toward him, my uncoordinated feet decided to go against each other. Alice had encased my traitorous feet in high heeled contraptions which they suddenly decided to reject. I lost my balance, something I never had a lot of to begin with and I began to fall.

Luckily for me, Edward was a pro at saving me. Even after all the brandy's he'd drunk, he still managed to react quickly and caught me around my middle before I could greet the floor once more. A relieved sigh escaped my lips as Edward righted me; I hadn't seen the ground so intimately for a long while now and had been enjoying its absence.

"You are the most dangerous creature I have ever met." Edward whispered into my ear in an amused voice as he held tight to me, giving me time to try and find my balance. I huffed in his arms at his words, how long would it take for him to understand it wasn't my fault? My feet just didn't get along with the rest of my body, they were enemies I was sure of it.

Edward's lips pressed against the side of my neck, I could feel his lips stretched into a smile before he left a soft, scorching kiss to my skin before pulling back and looking down at me.

I could feel the blush on my cheeks, falling over my own two feet never lost its embarrassment factor. I wondered idly as I starred at Edward's perfect features; what it would like to be normal, coordinated and sure of each step. My imagination worked hard at thinking it over, coming up with a hazy image which disappeared as soon as Edward re-caught my full attention with his quizzical look.

"What has you thinking so hard, love?" He asked as his fingers danced across my knitted brow, smoothing out the creases.

I discarded the idea of telling him what I was really thinking of and decided to find out what he, Emmett and Jasper were doing here. Surely the reason wasn't for them three to have some bonding time; they'd been sitting apart all night getting increasingly drunk on their own.

"I was just thinking why Jacob had to look after Ariel while you three were getting drunk…" I spoke as I reached my hands up around his neck and played with the hair on the back of his head.

His eyes drooped, falling almost completely shut as I continued to play with his hair. His head fell to rest on my shoulder as he began to sway us both back and forth slowly. Just as I was beginning to close my own eyes and relax he spoke softly against my neck, "We were lonely without you. We missed you. Ariel was sleeping for so long and we got bored… Jacob turned up and so we decided to go out and drown our sorrows…" I could feel one of his hands playing with the end of my hair which fell half way down my back as the other held to my hip as he spoke. "Do you forgive us?"

Stupid soppy love sick fools.

I smiled as I turned my head and pressed my lips to his jaw, breathing in the mouth watering scent which was Edward. I thought I could have become desensitised to it by now, but each time he was near and I caught a hint of his delectable scent, I felt weak at the knees and my heart beat escalated to new heights.

His mouth pressed to my neck once more, worshiping it with kisses, licks and nibbles. His large, talented hands began moving, caressing my stomach, teasing the sides of my breasts and kneading my ass, I pulled him closer to me, trying to press my responsive body as close to his as possible.

Edward's hot mouth travelled to my ear where he sucked on my lobe, releasing a throaty moan from my mouth, "Do you have any idea how much you mean to me? How much I love you?" He groaned as he pressed my aching centre against his own, revelling in the friction it elicited.

His words ignited a fire deep inside me; I had to have him now. I cursed the fact that we were at F8 and not in our attic room, next to our bed rather than an old wobbly piano and surrounded by people. My need for him began to feel painful and I gasped in his ear "Take me. Take us home and take me." I pleaded as I rested my head on his solid shoulder and tried my best to control my wild emotions.

His deep growl shot right through me before he picked me up in his arms and began his way toward the stairs. Duncan waved from the bar and sent a wink my way as we passed him but Edward was in his own little world and didn't shift his eyes from his main target, escape from the club.

Emmett POV.

Repunzel… Cinderella… Sumba… Aladin… Would Rose kill me if I told her I liked Tinkerbell? I thought over the names as we made our way home, Rose holding onto my back and playing with my curly dark hair absentmindedly. Bet she's thinking up some boring names for our next kid…

I rounded the last corner to our house and picked up my pace. I couldn't wait to see my baby girl. If she was crying when I got in there, I'd easily castrate Jacob on the spot. I could feel the scowl on my face as I thought over my little girl being unhappy.

My pace turned into a sprint the closer I got to our house, Rose was laughing as she gripped tight around my neck, yet careful to not cut off my air supply with her toned, sexy arms. I fished for my key in my pocket and roughly stuck it into the lock and pushed the front door open. I stepped inside, not bothering to close the door or take my key out of the open door, Alice, Jasper, Bella and Edward were only a minute away from home, they could sort it out while I went to hunt for my little girl.

A deep rumbling noise caught my attention as I made my way quickly toward the living room. It wasn't raining out was it? I wondered and looked over myself to see if I'd missed the fact that I'd been walking home in the rain without acknowledging it. I saw that I was still dry and wondered why I could hear the sound of thunder so close by if it wasn't even stormy out.

The noise came again. It was closer than what I thought.

The thunder was coming from the couch.

Confusion must have been plastered on my face as I cautiously made my way over to the couch, pausing for a second when the noise sounded again. Where was Ariel? How could she not be screaming in terror over the deafening noise?

Rose gasped just at the same second I did as we looked down over the back of the couch. The sound coming from Rose reminded me that she was here with me, being held to my back. I'd forgotten in my worry over Ariel that she was with me.

"Let me down Peaches, I'm gona go get the camera." Rose whispered into my ear. I loosened my hold on her and felt a shiver run over my back at the loss of contact from my Rose. My eyes didn't waver however, I kept the sight before me in my vision.

Jacob was sprawled across the sofa, one leg hanging off and one arm propping his head up as he lay on his back, snoring loudly with each intake of breath. His right hand, even thought he was asleep, was holding protectively to my daughter who was curled up on his chest like a purring kitten. In one hand she held Bambi, her favourite teddy while the other one rested palm down on Jacob's bare chest, right where his heart was. He snored again, the thunderous sound jolting me by it's volume. I frowned as I watched Ariel move, so sure that he'd finally woken her with his unearthly noise, but just smiled as I heard Ariel babble in her sleep before sighing in content.

Rose came back to me and picked up my hand, tugging me so that I made my way around to stand with her on the other side of the couch, able to see Ariel's bottle on the floor by Jacob's foot and his, what was white shirt, covered in colourful scribbles made with crayons. I looked back to Jacobs face and saw a smudge of orange on his tan face as well as a line of sky blue under his chin. Ariel had been busy.

"Shhhh!" I looked up and saw Edward, Jasper, Alice and Bella entering the house, creeping toward us after Rose's warning. She picked up the camera and aimed it at Jacob and Ariel, capturing this moment for eternity.

Alice and Bella's eyes glazed over as they silently "aww'd" over the sight and I noticed Edward and Jasper spacing out as they took in the scene.

Worry began to fill me the longer I starred at my girl. Was Jacob's loud snoring damaging her hearing? Was she cold? She was only wearing two layers, didn't Jake think of covering her with a blanket?! What if Jacob rolled to his side, he'd crush her! Stupid idiotic pup!

My protectiveness won over and I stepped forward and pried Jake's hand off of my little girl and carefully picked her up into the safety of my arms. Her curly blond hair looked as soft as feathers and I brushed it softly, revelling at it's softness and revelling at the sight of my baby's eyes moving under her lids, dreaming happy dreams I hoped.

I cradled her in my arms, remembering back to the first time I'd held her, the same way as I did now. So scared that I wasn't doing it right, that I wasn't supporting her head right, that I should have been sitting down. "Put her to bed." Rose whispered into my ear before she pressed her lips to our baby's forehead. Ariel stirred in her sleep as Rose straightened back up, a small smile came to her pouting lips and a small dimple appeared on her cheeks. Ariel had inherited Rose's beauty and blond hair but my curls and dimples. She was perfection.

"Come on baby girl, let get you to bed so your mommy and me can make you a brother or sister." I whispered as I turned and made my way toward the stairs, ignoring the muffled laughter I heard as I made my way up. I didn't know what they were laughing about, Rose and I were going to commit to making another baby… perhaps I could lock us both in the bedroom until the little stick turned to positive…

I pushed the door open to Ariel's nursery and turned on the light, turning it down low as to not wake her up. Alice had decorated the room in soft pinks and creams when she found out we were going to have a girl. I made my way to the crib, smiling as I remembered the hassle Edward, Jasper, Jacob and I had putting it together. Jasper had managed to glue the instructions to his hand when he'd mislaid the super glue. Edward hand hit Jacob on the hand when he went to hammer in a nail and got distracted by the sound of Bella falling. I'd tried to push the parts together, hoping they'd just fit themselves into how I wanted them to work, but only managed to cut myself on one of the screws.

We had admitted defeat at one point and sulked off to the kitchen to get a drink. I'd given us four a pep talk while we were down there, assuring us all that we would get it done for the sake of my daughter and so with new found optimism we headed back to the nursery to conquer the blasted crib…only to find Alice, Bella and my heavily pregnant Rosalie tightening the last screw to the perfect looking assembled crib without any injuries or breaking a sweat.

"You don't need a silly crib to sleep in do you baby? You'd rather sleep in daddy's arms wouldn't you." I whispered to a sleeping Ariel as I glowered at the crib, standing solidly before me, mocking me. "Stupid thing." I mumbled as I pulled back the soft cream blanket and placed Ariel in it. Making sure that she was covered with the blanket and had Bambi at her side, I pressed a soft kiss to her head and brushed her soft hair before standing back up and making sure that all four baby monitors were on. One for mine and Rose's room, one for Alice and Jaspers, another for Edward and Bella's attic room and the last for the living room.

"Sweet dreams baby." I whispered as I backed out of the room and pulled the door after me, leaving it slightly ajar just in case someone wanted to pop in later to say good night to her.

I popped my head into my room to find it empty. I turned on my heel, body braced as I made my way down the stairs starting my hunt. I was going to hunt Rose down, capture her and make love to her for as long as needed until I'd manage to get her pregnant again. Memories of my Rose with a swollen stomach popped into my head. She was even more sexy when she was carrying my child and I couldn't wait for her to be that big again, ready to pop with the greatest gift anyone could ever give me, another child of our own, an extension to our growing family.

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