The poppies were only red fabric petals with paper leaves, attached to a wooden stems bearing the legend, "War Charity" but they each bought one. Watson threaded his through his lapel buttonhole. Holmes tucked his into his pocket.

Watson frowned. "It is Remembrance Day. I know you abhor sentiment but you might show some respect to those who died in war."

"I prefer to show respect to those who live though scarred from war," Holmes replied firmly, meaningfully. "What flower shall I wear to do that?"

Watson paused, considered, then smiled faintly. "There were poppies in India and Afghanistan too."

to see one of the poppies that was part of the first British Legion Poppy Day Appeal: www dot greatwar dot co dot uk/ article/ remembrance-poppy dot htm (be sure to remove the extra spaces from around the slashes.)

Also, Happy Veteran's Day/Remembrance Day to all who served, living or deceased.