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Smiling wasn't supposed to hurt. It was meant to express pure joy. But then why did it feel like his lips were about to split open and start gushing out forcibly repressed feelings instead of blood?

Maybe it had something to do with the couple on the dance floor, Korea's sweethearts. Cinderella and her Prince Charming. Spinning, twirling, sparkling with love. "Happily Ever After" seemed to be permanently hanging over their heads, announced in capitol neon letters.

But that wasn't how the story was supposed to end. The wrong couple rode off into the sunset. And Yuul was left behind to watch, always watch. And his heart ached.

Why endure it? Why not end it, with a bottle, a needle, a bullet? Anything had to be better than watching his fairytale play out for someone else.

Just when his thoughts were becoming exceptionally bleak, Shin met his gaze across the room. I'm sorry, he mouthed, dipping the usurper princess. I love you, his eyes cried.

And Yuul could only smile. He knew after the party ended, and the press left, Shin would visit him, and help him forget the fact Yuul was a dirty secret, a disgrace to the most publicized marriage in Korea. And Yuul would forget, until the next time he was delegated to the side wall, to watch while Shin danced with somebody else, flirted with his lawful wife.

Then Yuul would smile, inwardly wailing his anguish.

She may be your wife, but I'm your love, your soul. Don't forget me. Please.