Sup guys! This story was originally The Adventures of the Kid Titans, but it was so bad that I deleted it. I also got so many new ideas, that I needed to re-write it.

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Teen Titans: New Generation

"Hey! You skipped me!" Sunfire yelled at her best-guy-Friend Crow. Ladybug made a mental note to never play Sorry with those two ever again. Because no matter what, they never were sorry. Wait, I'm getting ahead of myself. I'll bet you're wondering who these people are. These thirteen-yer-olds are the kids of the Teen Titans.

Sunfire is the daughter of Robin and Starfire (duh!). She's a giggly, happy girl just like her mom, but has allot of her dad in her. She can be VERY obsessive (remind you of anyone?). Anyway, she may be just like her mom, but she speaks allot more fluently when she speaks English. She knows Martial Arts just like her dad, and has great leadership skills. Her temper? Well, to put it lightly, she has a fuse shorter than a bomb with a three second delay. She has blond hair, blue eyes, and an outfit exactly like her moms only it's yellow. Her powers are flight, super-strength, star-bolts, and Martial Arts (OK. not a super-power, but it counts).

Crow, is the son of Raven, and (you guessed it) Beast Boy. He is definitely his fathers son. Bad seance of humor, lousy jokes, you name it! He's even a vegetarian! But everyone can tell who his mother is just by looking at him. Gray skin, purple cloak, you name it! The only differences are his green eyes and jet-black hair (no one knows where his hair came from). I forgot to mention that he can be really sweet sometimes. But not frequently. His outfit? Well, it's basically a combination between his moms, and his dads. He wheres a purple cloak, and a Doom Patrol uniform underneath it. His powers are... well... he has all his moms, and his dads.

Ladybug, is Cyborg and Bumblebees daughter. She is very outgoing and preppy. But she's very sensitive and didn't leave her room for a week when her mom died in the T-Car accident. (A/N Don't kill me! Please!! I'm begging you!) She's like her dad in so many ways. She knows everything about mechanics and computer. She even made an automated trampoline (a trampoline that sets up at he push of a button). It came in handy when Sunfire fell off the ceiling and Ladybug set it up, making Sunfire bounce up, just in time for Crow to catch her. Anyway, back to Ladybug. She ALWAYS beats Crow at every video game known to man. And several known to monkeys! Her powers are shrinking, flight, and amazing ability to invent in the spur of the moment. She's so competitive that the Olympics looked like picnic races!


"Tough luck Blondie! You snooze, you lose!" Crow said mockingly. That was a BIG mistake.



The insults kept on going until...

"QUIET!!!!!!!!" They turned to see Ladybug, with her face red with anger and annoyance. She took a moment to gain composure.

"If you guys want to settle your differences, you'll have to do it the hard way."

"The hard way" was actually a fight. A three-way fight. The rules were, to make sure you don't kill each other. And that was it. They always got in trouble with their moms, and sometimes their dads. But not often because well...

"20 bucks says that Sunfire wins." Robin stated.

"You're on." Beast Boy agreed. "I'm betting on Crow."

"Star and Rae are gonna be really mad at you guys." Cyborg warned.

"So? We're not scared of them!" Beast Boy replied.

"Yeah! They can't hurt us!" Robin declared.

"Would you say that to my face BB?" a voice behind them said. They turned around to see Starfire and Raven. They were both furious. Starfires eyes were glowing. Petrified, Robin and Beast Boy ran out of the room like sick chickens. It was then that Starfire began to giggle.

"Not afraid my florgax." She said.

"What were they betting on anyway?" Raven asked. Her answer came with a bang and a crash. The bang was someone hitting the roof, and the crash was a large chunk of the ceiling falling down. Followed by the three kids who were hitting each other with everything they had. Robin and Beast Boy ran into the room each grabbing their child. Cyborg did the same.

"LET ME AT HIM! LET ME AT HIM!" Sunfire yelled over and over and over and-oh you get the picture!

"Starfire! A little help! PLEASE!" Robin said gasping for breath. Hey! You try holding back a flying, angry, half alien girl with super strength and star-bolts! Starfire ran over and grabbed his daughters legs while Robin was holding her arms.

Beast Boy (I should tell you, that no one would let his change his name) was surrounded by a black aura that Crow was generating, so Raven had to step in and surround him with one making Beast Boy fall.

Cyborg wasn't having any trouble. All he had to do was grab onto LB's wrists.

After awhile, the kids calmed down, but were still fuming. But when they looked up at their parents, a wave of ear zapped through them.

"How many times have we told you?! NEVER let your arguments get that far!" Raven snarled.

"104." LB said answered not knowing that it was just an expression.

"Not helping!" Sunfire snapped.

"Now you three need help with controlling yo-" Raven was interrupted by the alarm, and the three kids gave a sigh of relief.

"Titans Go!" Robin yelled as they checked the computer, then ran out of the Tower.

"Aw man! We never get to go on the missions!" Sunfire complained.

"Oh get over it! Even if they were facing every villain they faced from their teen years Uncle Rob wouldn't call us for help!" Crow replied in a monotone voice. Sunfire was just about to retort when an even louder alarm sounded. It was the alarm that was used to signal the kids.


Wow. Crow was so wrong! But, in a way he was right. You'll find out later that it wasn't Robin who sounded the alarm. And for those of you who wish I changed his name to Night-wing, I'M THE AUTHOR SO DEAL WITH IT! That goes for those of you who ate the fact that I killed off Bumblebee before the story even started. I'M THE AUTHOR DEAL WITH IT!