This is the last chapter. Thank you kind reviewers, for making all of this possible! I'm thinking about writing a One Shot about these charcters. Tell me if you want me to. Sigh I wish it didn't have to end. I just decided to combine all of my ending ideas. I hope it's as good as I hoped. In other words, I hope it doesn't totaly suck. On with the ending. (Cry)

Teen Titans: The New Generation

Chapter 9: Didn't See That Coming

Well, it was a basic day in Titans Tower. Well, a new kind of basic day. Raven and Crow were meditating, Beast Boy was wondering what happened to him, LB was video taping the whole scene, and Sunfire and Robin were reading the Slade Files while Starfire was wondering how she married one of them, and gave birth to the other. OK OK! So it wasn't much of an average day. It was a pretty weird day actually. This is what LB was saying.

"This is Birdy and Raven meditating. I know. Weird huh? And here's Beast Boy. Look at his face! Here's my dad working on some new project. That's Aunt Star. I wonder what's eating her. Oh! And these, are our two Slade obsessed maniacs!

Starfire wanted to do something to distract Sunfire from Slade, and made a gesture for her to put down her file and come with her. Sunfire groaned, but she put it down. After a few minutes they heard a cry of:

"No way! You can seriously do that?"

"Indeed I can."

"Do what?" Robin asked. Sunfire smiled.

"Mom says she can learn any language instantaneously by kissing someone" she said. Robin nodded.

"How do you think she learned English?" he said. Sunfire eyes grew wide.

"So when you came to Earth, you just kissed some random guy that you'll never see again?" she asked. Starfire blushed.

"Oh I saw him again. He's standing right in fron of you." she said.

"DAD?! That's how you met?! Wow! Hey mom, do you think I can do that?" she asked.

"I don't see why not. You have every other power I posses." she replied. A/N you do see where I'm going with this right? Sunfire smiled and saw Crow had stopped meditating.

"Say Crow, didn't you say you know German?" she asked. Crow, who had been watching the conversation, turned deep red. Kissing still grossed him out a bit.

"Oh no! You stay away from me!" he said. LB was recording this whole thing.

"Pucker up!" Sunfire said. Crow took off flying. Sunfire went after him, followed by Ladybug.

"No flying in the house!" Cyborg said. At that, Crow flew out the door. They were now flying around the outside of the Tower. The Titans were silent for a moment, until Raven of all people, started laughing hysterically. That set everyone else off. Suddenly, LB came into the room grinning.

"You Tube, here I come!" she declared. Everyone's eyes grew wide as Sunfire and Crow came in yelling at each other in GERMAN!

"Ich kann nicht beleive Sie taten das!" (I can't believe you did that) Crow said.

"So, ich kam darĂ¼ber wirklich so hinweg." (Well I did so get over it) Sunfire replied. Before Crow could reply, the alarm went off. The regular alarm. Robin checked what was happening, and it turned out to be Control Freak. He escaped from prison. Robin was just about to let out his battle cry, when he saw the kids looking down at their feet. He thought for a moment.

"You know, I think the kids can handle this one. It's only Control Freak after all." he said. Everyone looked at him, completely shocked. Sunfire spoke up first.

"You really mean that Daddy?" she asked.

"Yes I really do." he replied. Sunfire shrieked with excitement and hugged her father.

"Thanks. This means allot."

"No problem Sunny." Robin said.

"And Daddy?"


"Don't call me Sunny."

LOL! I've had that ending planned out for a while now! I'll miss you guys. But I'll write more with these characters! I'd like to thank the English to German translator I used! I rarely LOL while I'm writing, but I couldn't help but crack up at the last line. I'm gonna write a OneShot soon!