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May of Petalburg City (Hoenn) -17

Drew (Andrew?) of La Rousse -17

Ash Ketchum of Pallet Town (Kanto) -17

Misty of Cerulean City (Kanto) -17

Soledad (unknown)

Max of Petalburg City (Hoenn)-14

Lily (Drew's sister) -14

Annabelle (My own Character) of Littleroot Town (Hoenn)-17

Artemis (Adapted from Artemis Fowl, Annabelle's twin) of Little root Town (Hoenn) -17

Dawn of Twinleaf Town (Sinnoh) -17

Paul (unknown) (Sinnoh) -17

Gary of Pallet Town (Kanto) -17

Harley (unknown) (Hoenn) -20

Brianni (fan-girl) (unknown) (Hoenn) -16

Brandon (Annabelle's friend non-romantic, NOT Brendan Birch)

Assorted fan-girls and boys


Name: May

Fave colour: Blue, green, red

Fave flower(s): red roses

Main Rivals: Drew, Soledad, Brianni, Robert (the guy with the Milotic)

Best friends: Misty, Dawn, Lily, Annabelle, Soledad, Drew, Ash (after the breakup?)

First Ex: Ash

Starter Pokemon: Torchic (Now Blaziken)

Most Experienced Pokemon: Beautifly

Strongest Pokemon: The one in the Pokeball she wears around her neck.

Legendaries: All known legendaries

Rare Pokemon: Riolu (and its evolutions), Ralts (and its evolutions), Skitty, Ditto and all the Eeveelutions

Career: Coordinator

Current boyfriend: None

Ex-boyfriends: Ash, Brendan Birch (too many to name)

Siblings: Max

Name: Drew

Fave colour: green, blue

Fave flower(s): red roses

Rivals: May, Soledad, Annabelle, Robert

First Ex: Zoey

Friends (not many): May, Soledad, Annabelle and Artemis, Max

Most Experienced Pokemon: Roselia

Strongest Pokemon: The one on the Pokeball above his heart (so sweet… I borrowed this one from someone's fanfic; I can't remember who it was, so sorry to the writer)

Legendaries: Articuno, Entei, Suicunne, Ria Kou, Jirachi, Celibi, Mew, Deoxys (Total: 8 legendaries)

Rare Pokemon: Masquerain, Absol, Flygon, Ditto, most of the Eeveelutions, Riolu (and its evolutions), Ralts (and its evolutions)

Career: Coordinator

Current girlfriend: None

Siblings: Lily

Name: Ash Ketchum

Fave colour: Yellow

Rivals: Gary, Morrison, Tyson, Paul

First Ex: Misty

Friends: Misty, May, Dawn, Gary, Morrison, Tyson, Annabelle and Artemis

Starter and strongest Pokemon: Pikachu

Career: Trainer

Current girlfriend: None

Legendaries: Darkrai, Palkia, Rayquaza, Latias, Registeel (Total: 5 legendaries)

Ex girlfriends: Misty, May, Dawn

Additional information: Psychic symbol holder Annabel has a crush on him!!!

Name: Misty (Mystique Waterflower)

First Ex: Ash

Friends: May, Dawn, Soledad, Annabelle, Lily

Additional information: She carries a mallet as do her girl friends! Beware, don't get them mad!

Name: Soledad

Fave colour: Orange

Fave flower: Orange blossoms

Rivals: May, Drew, Annabelle, Robert

Friends: May, Drew, Annabelle, Artemis, Misty, Dawn, Lily

Most Experienced/starter/strongest Pokemon: Lapras

Legendaries: Suicunne, Deoxys, En-tei, Kyogre, Mesprit, Ho-oh (Total: 6 legendaries)

Career: Coordinator

Name: Max

Fave colour: silver and opal colour

Rivals: Ash

Friends: Lily, Drew, May's friends

Starter/ strongest Pokemon: Ralts

Legendaries: Deoxys, Celibi, Jirachi (total: 3 legendaries)

Siblings: May

Name: Lily

Fave flower: Lilies (duh!)

Fave colour: blue-green

Starter Pokemon: Squirtle

Strongest Pokemon: Budew

Legendaries: Celibi

Siblings: Drew

Description: She has blue-green eyes, shoulder length green hair, fair skin and is tall and slender. Lily is considered to be rather pretty, Max agrees!

Name: Dawn

Fave colour: Pink

Starter/strongest Pokemon: Piplup

Rivals: May, Annabelle, Zoey, Soledad

Personality: Girlish, vain, slightly ditzy

Name: Harley

Fave colour: Purple

Rivals: May, Drew, Soledad, Annabelle

Starter/ strongest Pokemon: Cacnea (now Cacturne)

Name: Gary

Fave colour: Black

Rivals: Ash, Artemis, Annabelle

Starter/strongest Pokemon: Eevee (now Umbreon)

Name: Brianni

Fave colour: Green ( Quote: Because it's Mr. Drew's favorite colour!)

Starter Pokemon: Azurill

Strongest Pokemon: Vibrava

Name: Brandon

Fave colour: Black, Silver

Starter Pokemon: Treeko, Mudkip

Strongest Pokemon: Swampert

Name: Annabelle

Fave colour: Sapphire blue

Fave flowers: Pink roses

Rivals: Artemis, Brandon, too many to name

Best friends: May, Misty, Dawn, Dawn, Soledad, Lily

Starter Pokemon: Pikachu(Rae), Roselia(Rosethorn), Squirtle(Splash), Charmander ( Casey)

Strongest Pokemon: Pikachu(Rae), Roselia(Rosethorn), Squirtle(Splash), Charmander ( Casey), Wartortle (Splash)

Legendaries: All known legendaries

Rare Pokemon: Same as May

Career: Trainer/ coordinator( Focuses more on coordinating)

Description: She is taller than May, slender and fair skinned. She has sapphire blue eyes and is graceful.

Siblings: Artemis

Name: Paul

Rival: Ash


Starter/most experienced Pokemon: Elekid (now Electabuzz)

Legendaries: Groudon

Rare Pokemon: Electabuzz



-Misty dumped him in a quarrel, still likes him but refuses to admit it

-May dumped him, has gone through too many boyfriends to keep track. Has not dated Drew ( yet…)

-Dawn dumped him for Kenny, then dumped Kenny when she realized she like Paul.

Ash x Misty

May x Drew

Max x Lily

Dawn x Pail

Soledad x Brandon


Magic exists in this world, May and Drew found out that they have magic from Annabelle and Artemis. May can transform faery style( like Bloom from Winx Club).

May is very famous and popular and has tons of fan boys. She is not dense or clueless! Since her defeat to Soledad at the Indigo Plateau ( did I spell it right?) she decided to leave and travel by herself to get legendaries and beat the gymleaders and the Elite Four so that she could train under them. She also trained and worked as a Ranger in Fiore and became the top Ranger there. With her training, she has won the last two Grand Festivals (same as Drew). She now has rare and high level Pokemon but prefers her original team.

Max is now a fairly well-known trainer and will take over the Petalburg gym. He prefers psychic type Pokemon and has psychic powers.

Lily, May and Drew were dared to switch care of siblings by their friends and they took up the dare. Now, Lily and May, Max and Drew know each other very well.

All characters were offered scholarships at East Jhoto Black High School as they are either promising coordinators or trainers, or they are well-known trainers or coordinators.

Own Characters and Invented Pokemon

Annabelle myself.

Artemis my favorite character from Artemis Fowl.

Brandon my idea of how Brendan Birch should be like.

Invented Pokemon:

With Faery Dust (Not stardust)

Ralts evolves into Natzia Information: It is the same size as Ralts and looks like a pixie.

Natzia evolves into Miranda Information: Around Lily's height (shorter than May), looks like a fairy girl.

Miranda evolves into Gicxia Information: Around May's height, looks like May if she transforms.

Gicxia evolves into Aerazia Information: It is very powerful, still the same height as the evolution before is immortal and looks like an Enchantix fairy.

Information about this Pokemon:

There is only one of it in all the regions. It can breed with Ditto but has chosen not too yet. This one belongs to May and is female. It is a psychic and faery type.

Legendary Pokemon: They can breed and there are two of each legendary.


May and Drew got their strongest Pokemon from each other, they found each other by accident in Fiore by the famous Lover's Cove.

Pokemon Teams


-Roselia (Bloom)



-Pikachu (Spark)























-Eevee (going to evolve into Vaporean)









-Ralts (It does not want to evolve)


-Luxio (knows psychic)

-Bulbasaur (knows psychic)

-Tentacool (knows psychic)

-Magby (knows psychic)


-Budew (does not want to evolve)

-Ralts (Given to her by May)






-Pikachu (female named Rae)

-Wartortle (Leyla)

-Blaziken (Ember)

-Roselia (Rosethorn)

-Espeon (Evvy)

-Dragonite (Drago)









-Piplup (does not want to evolve)


























- Furret
















May is now seventeen, returning from her four years alone, training with gymleaders and catching legendary as well as rare Pokemon. She has acted, been a singer, modeled and beaten the Elite Four and the Battle Frontier as well as winning two Grand Festivals.

She is now returning to her home and friends. What will happen now? Will she find love or will she remain unattainable and beautiful to most of the world? Read to find out!!!


I do not own Pokemon; I only own the story and my own characters! (I'm not posting this in any chapters or further stories so find it in my profile! This is my first fanfic, so be nice!)