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Sakuraba checked his watch as he reached the top of the hill. Takami had said to meet him there at five and it was about 5:10. 'Where is he? Maybe he got dragged into another fangirl meeting.' He cringed. He was forced into one and barely escaped with his clothes intact.

'It's getting late maybe I should head home. Plus mom made that giant cake for my birthday. She'll kill me if I'm not there. Besides, I can just ask him what he wanted tomorrow at practice…' As he turned to leave he collided with a very sweaty Takami.

"Sorry-pant- Saku-gasp-raba." He took a deep breath. "Sorry I kinda got caught up in a…meeting…"


"…Yeah…But on a more important note…" Takami blushed and pulled something from behind his back. It was a bouquet of lilacs. "I wanted to give these to you." Sakuraba cradled them to his chest.

The receiver looked down to hide his flushed face. "Arigato Takami-san…"

Takami pulled him into a hug and rested his chin on the blonde's shoulder. He pressed his lips near Sakuraba's ear and whispered tentatively as if speaking too loudly would shatter the moment with his love.

"Happy Birthday."

Sakuraba smiled as Takami pulled him in for a kiss. He wouldn't be able to celebrate with his family, But it didn't really matter to him.

'Birthday kisses are better than any cake after all.'

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