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It wasn't that Shin was forgetful. After all he remembered many things, peoples bodies, times of practices, times of games, eating, breathing, running. The thing was, all the things he remembered were things he deemed important. Which is how he ended up in this position.

Little Sena had run up to him while they were on their respective jogs and stopped him. Shin didn't even notice he wasn't moving anymore until Sena shoved something in his face. A present.

Shin picked it up and rose an eyebrow. Sena blushed and stuttered before finally speaking a coherent sentence.

"BIRTHDAY!…yours…" Well, coherent for him.

Shin still looked confused….his….birthday? His birthday was today? That wasn't possible…was it? He looked at the colorfully wrapped thing in his hands and 'dot dot dot'ed. With caution he started opening it…it was a wristband…with weird backwards letters on it.

Sena lifted the unwrapped wristband off Shin's hand and pulled it over Shin's hand and onto his wrist, and as the linebacker gazed down at the band on his wrist, Sena yanked on his arm jerking he taller boy down.

Sena lightly brushed his lips against Shin's. He smiled up at the stunned Shin and ran off the way he had come.

Shin looked after the boy until he was out of sight and then at the now inside out wristband. When did he…? It didn't matter he decided. The letters were no longer backwards, and their message clear.

Happy Birthday.

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