A/n: hey everyone here goes another new story to go with my collection and it is my first all human story so tell me what you think! I'd like to thank my wonderful beta tearlit!

The Beginning of a real life

Bella Pov

I sat up in my bed and looked around my room, waking up from a dream I was having of a strange guy with bronze hair and green eyes. I stood up on the hardwood floor that was cold beneath my bare feet and walked downstairs to the kitchen. Once in the kitchen I pushed the on button on the coffee maker and sat down in a chair at the table waiting for it to brew. The doorbell rang and I groaned; it was too early for people and for me to be talking.

I opened the door to see Alice with Jasper, her boyfriend, my brother Emmett and a guy with bronze hair and green eyes whom I had never met before. I looked into his eyes and my breath caught in my throat.

"Hi Bella!" Alice said, jumping up and down in front of me. I looked at her and groaned before turning and heading back to the kitchen. Alice remained calm long enough for me to drink my coffee and wake up.

"So, who is your friend?" I asked, now that I was awake I was curious about the mysterious green-eyed guy.

"Oh, this is Edward my brother that I mentioned," she said, poking him in the side.

"If Emmett is here, then where is Rose?" I asked raising my eyebrows at the fact that Emmett and Rosalie were actually apart for the first time since they had been married about a year previous.

Edward poked her back and she giggled; Jasper leaned into her and whispered something into her ear, causing her to giggle again. I smiled softly – Alice is such a happy person and they are so happy together. Now if only I could find that special someone. I got up and put my coffee cup into the sink, running water into it and rinsing it out. I turned back to the table and saw Alice and Jasper had left the room, and that Emmett looked like he was giving Edward a hard time about something. Edward looked up at me and my breath hitched again as our eyes connected. My eyelids blinked after a while, breaking our connection. I walked back to the table and sat back down pretending nothing had happened.

"Where did Alice and Jasper go?" I asked, so I would know where not to go.

"Oh, to the living room to make out," Emmett replied, grinning.

"I know they are doing, I just wanted to avoid seeing it," I said my gaze darting over to Edwards godlike face. He stared, chuckling at what I said.

"Oh, how rude of me, do you want some coffee?" I asked coming to my senses.

"Oh no, we're fine," Edward said smiling and showing off his perfect teeth.

Emmett laughed a loud laugh.

"Speak for yourself, I need some coffee, I've got work in an hour," he said, elbowing Edward.

"Oh I'll get it," I said as I walked back over to the coffee maker. I poured it into a spare coffee cup and then turned back to see him talking to Edward in a hushed tone.

"You want it black still?" I asked, wondering if Rose had changed his coffee habits yet.

"Yep, I'm a strong man," he said laughing again and nudging Edward. Edward simply rolled his eyes. I gave Emmett his coffee before excusing myself, so I could go get changed for work.

After changing into my uniform for the bookstore and picking up my dress for the party I was working at later I headed back downstairs.

When I got to the last step safely I looked up and saw Alice talking to Edward quietly, while she was gesturing at the staircase I now stood on. He stared at her as she told him whatever it was before he nodded and smiled at her.

I took the three steps to them and joined the conversation that was now going on. Was it me or was everyone telling Edward secrets this morning? I shook it off and told everyone I had to go to work. Alice told me that they were going to stay the night because they were doing a flea bomb at their house. Their cat was a fleabag, that was his nickname anyways.

I walked the two blocks to work and headed to the back to see what I was doing today. I looked at the schedule.

Isabella: Salesman, restocking

I smiled – it was what I liked doing best. I put up the new books until we opened and then headed to the front when our first customer walked in. I stopped in my tracks as I realized it was Edward. I smiled; maybe this would be a good day after all.

"Hey Edward, what are you doing here?" I asked, looking at the new books in my hand, a blush rising to my cheeks.

"Oh, Alice mentioned you worked here and I needed a new book anyways so I thought I might come say hello," he explained walking with me as I stacked the books on the "New Releases" table.

I smiled up at him getting caught in his deep green eyes again.

"Hey Bella! We got a customer asking for you over here," Mike yelled from the register.

"Oh! I'll be back, take a look around," I said rushing towards the register.

I walked back towards Edward after finding a book for the customer at the front. He had a book open and was reading it while sitting in one of big comfy chairs around the bookshelves.

He looked up as he heard me approaching. I smiled as I took the book to look it over.

"Hmmm…not bad, didn't see you as a vampire fan though," I said laughing.

"It sounded interesting," he said simply shrugging.

"So what's up? Did you come to talk?" I asked slightly curious.

"I, um, came to ask if you, would, um, go out to eat with me tonight," he said nervously.

"Oh! Sure. Wait, I can't I have to work at this party tonight," I said remembering the grand party at the big hotel in town.

"But, why? You have a job here," the young man said, eyebrows drawn tightly together as he studied me.

I felt the familiar blush returning to my cheeks. "I'm a bit short on cash right now. Being a bookstore employee doesn't pay the big bucks, you know," I said, laughing it off.

"Oh, ok maybe some other time then," he said quietly.

He stood up and headed to check out and I headed to the back to put more books on the shelves.