Summery: When he was eight his parents told him to send her into space, for his own protection. He did not. Years later he appears at the Duel Academy entrance exams, will he be able to survive the challenges of fate, and the consequences of his actions? AU

Rating: T - once again.

Pairing: Yubel/Jaden

I Made My Choice

Chapter 21: Finding Love Part 2

She felt melancholic anger as she looked down at the unconscious young man in front of her. How could she have believed that one man could satisfy her appetite? He was skilled; she had to grant him that much praise, but he lacked stamina and she could not love someone who could keep up with her. He'd only managed two straight hours after he'd committed himself to her before falling unconscious, occasional waking only be put into an unconscious state once more. It was pleasing to see how hard he was trying to placate her, at the same it inked her to know that he would never be able to. As the sun rose, basking her in golden rays, she jumped down from her position atop her grand masterpiece – The Coliseum – descending to the floor like an avalanche. Her impact was powerful enough to cause a cloud of dust to rise up about her, as well as shattered the peaceful sleep of her "Husband", who let out a horrid groan of protest.

"Get up," she order as she stalked towards the dazed form of Bastion Misawa, who only shook his head as a response, before weakly mumbling something that was lost to Tania, but she didn't care. She wrenched him up off the ground from where he'd been lying, using his Duel-Disk as a pillow – something that is she wasn't so angry would have almost been cute – and threw his Deck at him, they'd fallen out whilst he'd been a sleep, to rest in a pile in front of him, he only just managed to catch it. Shaking the tiredness aware, Bastion became alert instantly and readied himself for yet another round of Duel Monsters, a confident smirk on his face as his facial radiated with the signs of intoxicated love. Tania watched him pick the only deck she hadn't seen him use yet – his Light Deck.

"I'll definitely win this time," He said confidently.

"Make sure you do!" Tania commanded him, startling the young genius. "If you don't, I might just loose interest."

All adoration vanished from Bastion's face, to be replaced solely by a look of confusion. "What…What do you mean?" He asked, his voice failing him ever so slightly.

"Face it Bastion, you just aren't the man I thought you were. You're starting to bore me, and I'm in desperate need of a man who can properly meet my needs, that is not you, dear."

"You…you don't mean…" the mathematician trailed off, he was completely lost. His mind couldn't - didn't want to - comprehend what was happening. He was being dumped!

"One chance Bastion," Tania reminded him as she readied herself at the other end of The Coliseum, watching Bastion mechanically do the same, as both their Duel-Disks registered the starting Life Point count of 8000. "Don't waste it."

The golden coin shimmered into existence and Tania gestured to Bastion, "You can call it," she offered.

"I choose Tails," Bastion declared, before he watched the coin flip. Sure enough, it came down showing Tails. "Looks like I go first then," Bastion noted, before he and Tania both drew their starting hand of five – Bastion, of course, then drew a sixth card from his deck, signalling the beginning of his turn. "I'll start by playing my Shining Angel, (ATK 1400/DEF 800), in Attack Mode," Bastion said before placing one card from his hand on one of his Duel-Disks' Monster Card zones.

The ground erupted with golden light and a bronze woman with golden wings shimmered into life before taking flight, to hover calmly in the air, shimming wings outstretched. She was clad in white cloth and had golden wristbands on both her arms and legs. Her eyes narrowed ever so slightly as she critically surveyed Tania.

"I'll place three cards facedown," Bastion continued before sliding two cards from his hand into three of his Duel-Disks' Magic/Trap card slots, and leaving him with a hand of two cards. "That'll end my turn."

"A Fairy-Type monster, Bastion?" Tania queried. "It's no wonder you bored me easily, if you're willing to defy science, mathematics and reason this easily. Well if that's all? I'll be taking my turn." Swiftly she drew a card from her deck to give her six in total. "I'll begin by playing Amazoness Paladin, (ATK 1700/DEF 300), in Attack Mode."

The feminine warrior that appeared on the field as Tania slapped her desired card down was simply magnificent. She was clad in simple light brown material, it was adorned with a mixture of golden and purled that matched her outlandishly spiked head of hair in the colour it was dyed. Her brown body radiated in the light that the early mooring sun cast on the playing field as she idly twirled a long one handed blade with a golden hilt – encrusted in which was a small pink gem stone that sparkled ever so slightly.

"Next," Tania continued, "I will be activating the magic of Brain Control from my hand, and, by paying 800 life points, I shall now gain control of your Shinning Angel – a man should never be allowed to command a female, should they dear?"

"No," Bastion answered quietly as he watched Tania's life point count dip slightly to 7200 before a pair of ghostly hands grabbed his only monster and dragged her over to Tania's side of the playing field, "they shouldn't." He watched his monster try to fight the forceful control employed by the ancient and mystical brain, but her attempts were subdued with ease.

"Before I continue allow me to explain the special ability of my Amazoness Paladin - they gain 100 additional Attack Point for each monster with "Amazoness" in its name, or is named "Amazon Archer", (ATK1400/DEF 1000), on their controller's side of the field! Now," Tania continued, "Finally, before I attack, i will be discarding Ancient One of the Deep Forest, (ATK 1800/DEF 1900), in order to activate Double Attack - allowing my Amazoness Paladin to attack twice this turn. Now however, I shall attack you directly with your own Shinning Angel. Shinning Angel attack Bastion with your Heavenly Burst!"

Golden light erupted from the body of Bastion's former monster and eclipsed Bastion's side of the field, knocking Bastion back slightly as his life points dropped to 6600. As the golden light faded Bastion regarded Tania critically – waiting for the second inevitable attack to come and knock him to the stone floor for the thousandth time, and sure enough, he did not have to wait too long.

"Amazoness Paladin slice a chunk out of Bastion's life points," Tania ordered, and as the Amazonian Warrior's sword connected with Bastion's chest, making him stagger back in pain, his life points dropped once again. They now rested at 4900, however Bastion was not about to let Tania's second strike on his life points end with a well thought-out counter attack, and one of his two facedown cards flipped up as a response.

"I activate the trap card – Damage Condenser!" Bastion intoned loudly and Tania's eyes couldn't help but widen as comprehension of what was happening dawned on her. "This trap card allows me to Special Summon one monster from my Deck to the field in Attack Position," Bastion explained, "the only downside is I must first discard one card from my hand to activate it, and the monster I choose to Special Summon has to have an Attack Power that is equal to, or less than, the Battle Damage I just received." Bastion quickly decided one card from his hand to the Graveyard, leaving him with one card in his hand, as the air around him began to pulse and crackle with energy.

"So what?" Tania retorted. "It's not like you can play anything that will be able to take down my Amazoness Paladin."

"Oh, but I can," Bastion assured her confidently. "For the monster I've chosen to Special Summon is the technological might known as Satellite Cannon, (ATK 0/DEF 0), in Attack Mode!"

Bastion's exclamation echoed around the entire arena, but the seconds slowly ticked by and nothing happened, the energy that had moments ago hung in the air vanished and a calm wind rushed overhead.

Nothing happened.

"That's it?" Tania finally managed to make her vocal cords move; previously she had been too shocked that Bastion's move had accomplished nothing - something very uncharacteristic of him indeed - that was why her voice held an extremely heavy amount of astonishment when she spoke that simple phrase.

"Guess again," Bastion said smirking ever so slightly. "Go on, take a look at your Duel-Disks' overhead two dimensional display, so that you can clearly view every card currently on the field. You'll see my last move was no joke."

She did. He was right.

She found herself looking at the image of a sleek metallic object, silver panels that were designed to not only keep the machine aloft, but also to take in solar energy jutted out from the back and sides, as a fifth set of panels jutted out of the middle of the satellite on both side, most likely to amplify its firing power, or act as a targeting and focus lens. Perhaps the final set of panels accomplished both. It was positioned at an angle, over an image of the earth and it shinned brightly, as though it was illuminated by the sun – though that was just the rarity of the card shinning through their – but, Tania considered that Bastion's machine had to be high enough to get illuminated by the flaming ball of gas that gave life to the Solar System.

"Now," Bastion spoke again, "I'll be activating Inferno Reckless Summon. This card could only be activated when a monster with an Attack Power of 1500 or less was Summon to my side of the field, whilst you had a monster on your side of the field. I am now allowed to Special Summon all available copies of the Summoned card from my Hand, Deck or Graveyard to the field in Attack Position. So, from my deck, I'll be playing two more copies of Satellite Canon!"

On Tania's displayed appeared two more copies of Satellite Cannon, but despite that fact she found herself smiling. "I assume that you know that once you've Special Summoned your monsters that the opponent, in this case yours truly, is allowed to select one monster on their side of the field and Special Summon all other copies of it from their Hand, Deck or Graveyard? As luck would have it, I happen to have two more copies of Amazoness Paladin, currently in my Deck, and they shall be Special Summoned to the field to do battle right now!"

As the two other monsters appeared on the field, their Attack Points increasing to 2000, along with the Amazoness Paladin that was already on the field, due to their effect –Bastion smirked once more.

"Since you have Summoned monsters with an Attack Power that is greater than 1500, I can activate my Bottomless Trap Hole," Bastion called out as the ground underneath the newly summoned females began to crumble away into nothing. "This trap allows me to destroy, and remove the Summoned monsters from the game permanently."

Tania shook her head and let out a pitiful sigh as way of response, before she slipped one of the cards in her hand into one of her Duel-Disks' Magic/Trap card slots. "That, my dear Bastion, was your last mistake. I counter with My Body as a Shield!"

Bastion couldn't help letting out an exclamation of "No" at this point, for he knew he was about to lose once more.

"At the cost of 1500 life points, I can now negate the effect a card that has an effect to destroy one, or more, of my cards and destroy it. So, the effect of your Bottomless Trap Hole now disappears and my two new monsters will be free to attack," Tania informed him easily as her life points dropped to 5700.

"But that would mean," Bastion began slowly, "…that would mean, that…I would…lose!"

"Correct," Tania informed him. "For even if I can't physically attack your monsters, when my monsters attack you the difference between the Attack Points of your monsters and the Attack Points of my monsters will still be deducted from your life points as if my monsters and yours had indeed engaged in combat – and since none of your monsters currently have no Attack Points, it might as well just be a Direct Attack on your life points anyway."

"But I…" Bastion stammered, however, before he could continue Tania interrupted him.

"Amazoness Paladin # 2 attack Satellite Cannon #1!" She called out before her monster followed through with the order and rushed towards Bastion, striking him squarely in the chest, making him stagger back and the wind was knocked out of him, his life points falling to 2900. As he clambered to his feet however, he was quickly knocked down again; for once again Tania had ordered one of her monsters to attack him and, as the staff impacted against his chest for a second time his life points dropped to an abysmal 900.

Clutching his chest, Bastion struggled to his feet, his bleary eyes barely able to focus on Tania, though his eyes still shone with adoration and his face couldn't help but reddening – even now she was a beauty that was beyond compare.

"Finally," Tania called out, "Amazoness Paladin #1, using the power of Double Attack - finish this duel by following in your sisters footsteps - attack Satellite Cannon #1 one more time!"

As the attack hit Bastion cried out, his body ached with pain, as his life points were completed depleted, and he once again fell to the floor – still holding onto the one card that remained in his hand. He didn't have time to get up however as he was picked up by the mouth of Tania's pet tiger, its sharp and deadly teeth gripping his jacket tightly. He was also vaguely aware of the portcullis that had sealed him in for the entirety of the previous night was lifting; the grating sound it made was absolutely dreadful, though he was deaf to most of it.

Slowly the tiger moved towards the entrance of The Coliseum, Bastion could just about see that Tania was following. He tried desperately to speak, but what came out was not coherent and even if it was, he doubted Tania would listen, anyway.

Suddenly, time seemed to slow, he was thrown onto the ground with an audible thud and he collapsed in a heap. He didn't let the pain and delusion stop him from furiously stretching out a hand, as his body jerked forward, and grasping at Tania's leg, furiously begging her to give him a second chance. It took him a whole minute to realize she hadn't heard him, and that her attention was devoted to something else entirely.

If it hadn't been she might have told him to "stay out", knowing full well that he was too devoted to her not to try and get back inside. She would have undoubtedly forced him to release her leg.

"I'm not interrupting anything, am I?" a voice asked from behind him – a voice he recognized instantly.

Slowly Bastion turned his head round and found himself staring up at an all too familiar figure.

Jaden Yuki.

"You can't be serious!" Chazz screamed, slamming his fists down against the desk of Chancellor Sheppard – his anger burning eyes boring into Sheppard's own - making the benign man change his calm expression to one of slight exasperation and worry. Considering the circumstances Sheppard had to admit the reaction was reasonable, in truth it wasn't as bad as it could have been, and Chazz was reigning in his anger – that would not have been the case if there weren't other people present.

"Unfortunately, I am" Sheppard replied with a sigh and, for the first time, Chazz realized how tired Sheppard actually was - as did Alexis Rhodes, who was currently standing calmly by the door watching the exchange with intently – recent events had been as strenuous on him as they had been on any of the chosen guardians of the Sprit Keys.

"They would be no safer with a Private Detective then they would be with any of us," Chazz responded quickly glaring at the man who sparked this entire argument.

The man in question was a lanky grey-haired detective that stood before them wearing a long brown jacket of leather and a simple brown hat – and around his left eye he wore a brown band of leather, attached to which was large a golden eye. It could be said that it was a substitute for an actual eye, though of this no one that had laid eyes on the man could be sure – they had yet to see it move, it was as though it was fixed, and yet not fixed, to the man's head – a fact that called into question why he needed the band in the first place.

Everything about the man was wrong, or so Chazz had quickly come to believe. In fact, in the short while he'd been present in the room, Chazz had grown to dislike the man with an intensity that he normally reserved for his brothers. He was not what he claimed to be – of that Chazz had been sure of since he had introduced himself.

"If I may interrupt," the mellow voice of Detective Zaloog cut in, making Chazz's attention move away from Sheppard, much to his relief. "But how would keeping those Sprit Key things help? They'd just make you more of a target. Surely, hiding them in a secure place would be better than looking over your shoulder every five seconds."

"Whatever these Shadow Riders are after, they won't be able to get it if they can't get your Spirit Keys, will they?"

"So, we'll defend them by duelling!" Chazz retorted.

"What if you fail?" The man asked simply. "Your Chancellor has told me how strong these Shadow Riders are, what power they have at their disposal. If you have a Spirit Key with you when you duel and you happen to lose said duel, you'll lose the Spirit Key. If you loose but don't have a Spirit Key to forfeit then you will still have a chance. They wouldn't be able to defeat an army, which you have at your disposal in the form of your peers."

"We were chosen because we are the best duellists in the school – Zane only lost because of a cheep trick and Bastion, well, Bastion was smitten," Alexis cut in. "No one else would stand a ghost of a chance against the Shadow Riders. Crowler was the strongest teacher in the faculty in terms of duelling prowess and he was ripped apart.

"Please, try to understand," Sheppard spoke up again, "whilst I don't doubt any of your talents. The Board of Governors will have my head if I'm not seen to do anything – students are already beginning pulled out of school for fear of what is happening and parents wouldn't trust students – the majority of which are first year students - with the safety of their sons or daughters."

"The world is at risk here and you're worried about your job?"

"I hadn't believed that are engagement with the Shadow Riders would cause this much trouble – I hoped the other students wouldn't become aware of what was going on. However, now I must be seen to act or we could face a problem much worse than the complete destruction of the world."

"I fail to see how anything could possibly be worse." Chazz grumbled.

Coming to stand in front of Sheppard's desk, Alexis tried to put a stop to the roundabout argument by softly asking Sheppard whether or not they could have time to discuss and digest this new information. She received an affirmative from Sheppard.

It was better than nothing Chazz admitted as Alexis steered him out of the room, all the while his eyes were fixed on those of Deceive Zaloog. He was positive he saw the man smirk as they exited the door.

Something was very wrong here and Chazz was going to find out just exactly what

As the doors to Sheppard's office closed behind them, Chazz turned to Alexis. "We're not really going to hand them over are we? After everything, no safe or hiding place will be good enough."

"Do you have your PDA on you?" Alexis asked as if she hadn't heard Chazz's previous statement.

"Off course," he replied before producing a small silver electronic device.

"Pass it here for a sec," Alexis said holding out a hand.

Chazz did so and watched as she flicked the little machine into life, whilst detaching a small silver stylus from the side of the contraption, before tapping the screen several times and waiting. Soon the Duel Academy logo that had appeared on the screen vanished and the face of Zane Truesdale appeared in its place. The briefest amount of surprised passed across his face before it became the neutral mask of calmness he usually wore.

"Alexis? What's wrong?"

Quickly Alexis filled Zane in on the details of their meeting with Sheppard and Deceive Zaloog and, if Alexis could decipher Zane's facial expression, for a moment Zane looked pensive, before he finally responded, "Have you contacted Jaden yet?"

"No," she admitted, "but considering he wasn't with us, there is only one place he's likely to be, isn't there?"

"I'll get Crowler and meet you there then," Zane said before ending the conversation and, by extent, the call.

As the screen went back to showing Duel Academy's log on a dull grey background, Alexis handed the device back to Chazz, who was quick to pocket it once again.

"I really need a handbag to carry my own PDA," Alexis muttered to herself, "add to that, a new pair of boots and a mini-skirt. It's a pity there's no basic shopping facilities on this Island."

"Were in the world would they put a department store?" Chazz wondered aloud.

Alexis just shrugged, she had no idea.

"And also, where exactly is there?" Chazz continued.

"Isn't it obvious?" Alexis responded as they walked out onto the grounds of the Academy.

Chazz just grumbled and glared at her by way of response.

"The Coliseum," Alexis informed him simply. "We know Bastion is still there, and Jaden didn't show up. It's just logical that he's there."

The continued their journey in silence, both of them caught up in their own thoughts.

Jaden and Tania stood facing each other, in the customary duelling parameters.

"Since I've already seen your deck of Knowledge," Jaden stated. "You're most advisable opinion would be to use the deck of Courage. Since I have not seen it, I have no thought out counter strategy, but considering the cards you use. It won't matter either way. I'll win with ease."

"Overconfidence will be your downfall," Tania noted smiling as she readied herself for the battle that was to come, watching her opponent silently do the same. She was surprised he refused to respond.

"Since I'm the challenger, I'll get to call the Coin Toss," he stated simply as both duellists' life points registered the starting score of 8000 and a golden coin shimmered into existence between them. "I think I shall call...Tails," he decided after a momentary pause.

His right eye flickered to where Bastion who was sitting in the stands, a look of complete adoration on his face. Even after everything that had happened he was still infatuated with her. It was only because of that infatuation that Bastion had crawled back into the arena and seated himself in the stands.

Jaden couldn't help but groan.

Why was he doing this again?

He was vaguely aware of the coin being flipped and it was only due to a cry of frustration from his opponent that he noted that all important fact – he was making the first move.

Moving his thoughts away from the smitten genius that he had grown accustomed to conversing with he drew his opening hand of five cards, watching as Tania did the same, he was also swift to draw a sixth card from his deck – signalling the start of his turn.

"I'll begin by playing three cards facedown," Jaden said, slipping his selected cards into his Duel-Disks' Magic/Trap card slot swiftly, "and to finish off I shall play one monster face-down on the field in Defense Mode."

"My move then," Tania said looking critically at Jaden's side of the field, before she drew a card from her deck. She was wary of her opening move, in her duel with Bastion she had taken the first blow; she wasn't going to let that happen again. "I'll begin my turn with this." she declared after examining her hand, "The activation of a magic card known as Cold Wave!"

Jaden cursed and his eyes narrowed as the ground beneath him became covered by a thin layer of ice, he was thankful that it didn't make him loose his balance and him fall onto his backside – if he had, Yubel would have delighted in tormenting him with the occasional reminder – he was however very disgruntled by the fac5t that the temperature had dropped greatly, he couldn't stop himself from shivering slightly.

"I would be more occupied with its effect," Yubel murmured softly her voiced laced with amusement, "besides, if I wanted to embarrass you I would of course reminded you of the time when you were twelve and..."

"Go to Hell," Jaden snapped back, his face darkening with embarrassment. "And I already know its effect – it can only be activated at the very start of Main Phase 1 and it stops both players activating any Magic or Trap cards, or playing them face-down on the field until the start of the next turn of the player that originally activated it. Put simply, this is not the most welcome of predicaments."

"I concur," Yubel said, "but it isn't like it is a play that will affect the outcome of this Duel. Her attacks will still be blocked, everything considered, it was a weak, almost desperate move that will cripple her actions more than yours."

"You make a valid point," Jaden admitted, though he still felt irritated by the situation, he hadn't wanted to give up his monster just yet, and once he had the cards he currently had in play would become redundant.

"I'll just have to punish her," Yubel commented idly. "Do you have a problem with that?"

"Why would I?" Jaden queried confused.

"You seem to be in the process of developing a conscience," Yubel informed him matter-of-factly.

"Well," Jaden murmured, glancing unknowingly at Bastion, "we'll have to put a stop to that."

"Since none of your traps can now be activated I shall by playingmyAmazoness Chain Master, (ATK 1500/DEF 1300), in Attack Mode."

On the field appeared a bronze skinned woman, her upper body adorned with light coloured bronze armour, with dark shoulder length hair. As with all other Amazoness monsters her build was both athletic and exotic. However, the long chain she had wrapped around her entire body - attached to the end of which was a deadly metal claw, currently resting unmoving on the floor, undoubtedly made her appear more instantly threatening than her sisters.

"Amazoness Chain Master attack with Binding Chain!"

Jaden wasn't particularly sure how it happened; it had too fast for that. All he saw was the monster pick up her chain, swinging it as one would a lasso, abate horizontally, then her grip on the chain must have loosened for the metal clawed end of the chain snaked towards his only monsters with lightning speed, curling around the image of the card back once. Suddenly the face-down monster was completely wrapped in chains, chains that were gradually constricting. There was a curdling scream as the card broke to pieces and the monster it had been was spliced in two.

Within seconds the chain had sped backwards and was once more wrapped around the body of its owner, the claw was covered in orange liquid. Its owner looked at it before glaring at Jaden – obviously she was displeased by the fact her weapon was covered in something other than blood, something that ever so slowly made her squirm as it dripped off her weapon and onto her right foot.

"The monster you just destroyed," Jaden informed Tania, "was my Mystic Tomato, (ATK 1400/DEF 1100), and when it is destroyed by way of battle and sent to the Graveyard I can search my Deck for a Dark monster that has an Attack Power of 1500 or less, and Special Summon it to my side of the Field in Attack Position...and I've got the perfect one in mind. Come forth Yubel, (ATK 0/DEF0)!"

Tania watched as a winged creature shimmered into life behind her opponent, its wings folding gently around his body as the creature regarded her with its different coloured eyes and by its stance alone Tania would assume the creature cared more for the protection of its master than it did about battle. How could it possibly fight with 0 Attack Points? However, as it regarded her she couldn't help but feel wary, for upon closer inspection the creature's eyes gleamed, lips twitching slightly in unison. It was though it was daring her to attack. Well, she was certainly more sensible than to fall for the oldest trick in the book, or one of them at least. The creature blatantly had some hidden talent that would most likely activate when it was attacked and whatever it was it most certainly disadvantage her greatly, of that she was now sure.

Switching her attention from the creature she looked once more at her opponent, who for the first time since she'd seem him appeared relaxed – he was leaning back into the creature, his head lightly resting against its chest. His eyes were still sharp and focused yet there appeared softness within them that hadn't been present moments before. It didn't take Tania long to figure out the nature of their connection, it was as powerful as the morning sun, and most certainly made things interesting.

"Even if you are taken, Jaden," She thought, "As per the rules of this engagement, if I win, I will make you mine!"

It was then a most unsettling of things happened, the creature glared as though she – for it most definitely appeared to be female – had heard Tania's previous thought as clearly as if she'd spoken aloud.

"I'll end my turn," Tania said at last. She was unable to do anything else at this precise moment anyway and she reckoned her opponent was getting irritated with the slow paced nature the turn had adopted – she was proven right moments later – she also ached to see Jaden's best monster, for it most definitely was, in action.

"Finally," Jaden murmured, grumpy tones laced throughout his statement, before drawing a card from his deck to give him three cards in hand. "I'll Normal Summon Samsara Lotus, (ATK 0/DEF 0), in Attack Mode." Jaden continued before placing the card he'd just drawn down on his Duel-Disk.

Out of the ground sprouted a tiny lotus flower; Tania observed it a bemused expression appearing on her face.

"That will end my turn," Jaden said, and as he did so a faint orange glow surrounded Yubel. "During the End Phase of my turn I must sacrifice one monster on my field to keep Yubel in play," Jaden explained. "So, I shall be tributing my Samsara Lotus in order to do that."

As the tiny lotus gave out a cry of pain it disappeared from the field and the glow about Yubel ceased.

"Your move," Jaden informed Tania, she was sure she could detect slight traces of smugness in the teen's voice.

Drawing to five cards in hand and ignoring Bastion's cheers, or at least trying to, Tania critically analysed the current situation. Whilst it was true that it would definitely not be good to attack Jaden's Yubel if she did not the nagging worry over what her true effect could be would grow. It would be better to find out sooner rather than later. Besides, even if it did cost her Jaden would be hit by an attack and his monster destroyed. At the end of the exchange she would likely have the advantage.

"I play Amazoness Blowpiper, (ATK 800/DEF 1500), in Attack Mode."

As the battle-ready female warrior appeared on the field, blowpipe held tightly in hand, Jaden raised an eyebrow.

Her intention was obvious – calculated.

"I'll attack with Amazoness Blowpiper," Tania said before the blowpipe the aforementioned warrior held in her hand moved up to rest against slightly parted lips. As the blowpipe was blown, Jaden activated one of the cards he had previously played on the field – he would have to activate it now for the small tiny dart that had been fired from the blowpipe was impossible to see. There would be no building of dramatic tension with this particular exchange.

"I activate Dimension Wall!" Jaden called out moments before a shimmering, and yet at the same time swirling and lacking shape or form, mirror appeared in front of him.

As the dart made contact Tania clapped her hand, reflectively, to the back of her neck – a sharp pain had just filled her being. It was with an angry scowl that she watched her life points drop from their original 8000 to 7200.

"I'll end my turn by placing two cards facedown," Tania decided before doing so. "Let's see how long you can keep paying that cost, shall we? Without your Samsara Lotus, I doubt that'll be very long."

Jaden gave a shrug of the shoulders as he drew a card for the start of his turn. "That's your plan? To not attack me until I have no option left other than to destroy Yubel due to her own effect?"

"Yes – I guarantee that the two cards you have in play in your Magic/trap Zone can't be activated unless I attack. Since I won't do that you can't bring your Samsara Lotus back to continuously pay for her up-keep during each of your End Phases, meaning you'll have to get rid of your other monsters to keep her around – you'll have no choice but to get rid of her eventually, your monsters will run out - and when that time I'll have an army of monsters here to crush you."

Jaden couldn't help it – he exploded into an almost hysterical laughing fit.

"What's so funny?"

"That you seem to think I would sacrifice Yubel in order to win a duel. Let me tell you something – that is never going to happen. I admit, I might occasionally change tactic slightly, but only if she agrees, and even then I would never send her willingly to the Graveyard…"

"Well, that isn't entirely true Jaden, and you know it." Yubel murmured softly, interrupting him - her voice was laced with amusement.

"…Unless, it makes her easier to Summon to my side of the field." Jaden amended, glaring at Yubel. "I said sorry for it afterwards," he muttered to her quietly.

"And I forgave you for not warning me," Yubel said in an equally soft voice.

"Then why do you have to be so correct about it?"

"'Cause it amuses me to irritate you every so often – why else would I do it?"

"I'll play Dark Crusader, (ATK 1600/DEF 200), in Attack Mode." Jaden stated, ended the banter with a sigh and frustrated shake of the head, a small smile gracing his features for a brief moment.

Upon Jaden's side of the field a warrior clad in rusted black armour and an old and tattered - most likely blood stained - red cape, wielding a large black sword in one hand. When his red eyes focused on Tania they narrowed and he took up a battle stance.

"I'll have my Dark Crusader attack your Amazoness Blowpiper," Jaden stated before the warrior rushed forward.

"I'll activate one of my two facedown cards – the trap card, Dramatic Rescue!"

As Dark Crusader neared the its target a rope appeared in the air above the Amazoness Blowpiper and coiled round her right wrist, before yanking her high up into the air and out of range, in her place was Tania's pet tiger – its claws gleamed menacingly as it looked at Dark Crusader. Lunch had come early.

Jaden watched all this with a baffled expression.

"Allow me to explain," Tania said, "Dramatic Rescue can be activated when a monster with 'Amazoness' in its name, or a monster called Amazon Archer, (ATK 1400/DEF 1000), is selected as an Attack Target. The monster in question is then returned to its owner's Hand. Another monster is then Special Summoned to the field to take the attack instead. The monster I chose to take the attack was my Amazoness Tiger, (ATK 1100/DEF 1500), and it has an adorable effect – for each 'Amazoness' monster or 'Amazon Archer' I control my friend gains 400 Attack Points, so that is a grand total of 800 Attack Points, giving him an Attack Power of 1900 – which is more than enough to cut down your Dark Crusader…"

"Not good," Jaden commented in annoyance.

"…and since the Damage Step is now occurring I'll be activating the other card I placed on the field – Shrink!"

"Really not good."

"Now your monster has its Attack Power cut in half!"

As Dark Crusader's Attack Points dropped to an abysmal 800, the sword was parried half heartedly by the tiger's claws, before it leapt on its attack- and after much biting, slashing and screaming – courtesy of Dark Crusader – it destroyed its pray in a shower of sparks, and Jaden's life points dropped by 1100 to 6900.

As Amazoness Tiger calmly loped back to its rightful place on the field – Jaden glared, cursing loudly as he did so. Though whether it was directed at Tania or Bastion – who was busy whooping and shouting in praise, all of which was directed at Tania – Yubel couldn't determine. More than likely it was directed at either both of them or himself for making such a foolish move.

"What'll you do now?" Tania queried, both her voice and eyes were challenging, "With your Dark Crusader gone, you have no monster to give up during your End Phase to keep Yubel on the field. You'll have to get rid of her."

"Not a chance!" Jaden responded passionately. "I enter Main Phase 2 and Play Premature Burial –allowing me, at the cost of 800 of my life points, to Special Summon one monster in my Graveyard back to the field in Attack Position, and the monster I'll be choosing is none other than my Samsara Lotus."

The ground at Jaden's feet split open and a pale hand threw the tiny lotus flower up from the depths. It might have been happy at its current predicament, but it was still clutched tightly by the pale hand and it knew what would happen to it in roughly about thirty seconds time.

"That will end my turn," Jaden said," and sure enough Yubel glowed orange and Samsara Lotus disappeared from the field, leaving the pale hand to wither and drop back down into the dark depths from which it had came – the ground sealed itself back up as it did so.

Drawing to three cards in hand, Tania made her move. "For this turn I'll place one card facedown and play my Amazoness Blowpiper again."

As Amazoness Blowpiper appeared on the field for a second time, Amazoness Tiger let out a growl as its Attack Points rose to 2300.

"My move then," Jaden said drawing to two cards in hand, "and I'll play my Armageddon Knight, (ATK 1400/DEF 1200) in Attack Position."

On Jaden's side of the field appeared a knight with lengthy and wild black hair garbed in a red cloak, which covered the bottom part of its mouth so that only the warrior's eyes were viable, and heavy steal armour, dented and scared from many a battle. In its left hand it wielded a thin, yet very long, sabre.

"When Armageddon Knight is Summoned in any way I can send one monster from my Deck straight to the Graveyard and the monster I'll be sending there is my Doom Shaman, (ATK 2400/DEF 2000), and finally, I'll activate Veil of Darkness, before ending my turn."

Once more Yubel's cost was paid and Armageddon Knight disappeared from the field.

"I'd commend you for your courage and determination when it comes to not giving Yubel up, but in truth it is rather foolish."

"Just make your move!" Jaden said irritated.

Tania however did not seem to here and continued on talking. "Sure it might be courageous from where you're standing, but to everyone else it looks like the scared little boy hiding behind his mommy. Is that what she is Jaden, your mommy? 'Cause if she is that makes you rather disturbed in the head and not in a good way – I definitely don't want someone with those kinds of fetishes as a husband!"

"Shut Up!" Jaden snapped.

"Come on," Tania coaxed, "be a man and step out from behind mommy, literally, what's the worst that could happen? Let her go and prove you can be a man for once. I didn't come here looking for wimpy boys who hide behind their mothers!"


Yubel, who had turned to look at Jaden when he shouted, was troubled. She was absolutely sure Jaden's eyes had just flashed golden, and if that was the case. Nothing good would come of Tania's move – well Tania would end up being nothing more than a mangled pulp and she wanted to grind her bones to dust and scatter it to the winds for what she had just said. However, even the thought of that delectable though it was, was outweighed by her concern and worry for Jaden, caused by his sudden burst of anger and his surging yet erratic powers.

Perhaps she had gone about this all wrong, perhaps she should have told him as a child. If she had she would've had more time to train him to use his powers and therefore when he was old enough and they were unlocked he would be able to control them fully and the spirit inside him would be kind and want to destroy the Light of Destruction straight away instead of going of on a rampage and subsequently killing as many people as he could before she could calm him down – she was still trying to work out how exactly she was going to do that, she hoped when his powers did emerge fully that the two sprits within Jaden could merge successfully and everything would continue as it had been before, though that was very unlikely.

The spirit within him had every reason to hate humanity.

The only reason she didn't want everyone dead was because people living now didn't need to suffer for past mistakes, and she wasn't a cold hearted bloodthirsty monster like so many had believed back in her previous life. Not to mention the fact that it would smell horrible and be awfully messy. Yet she was sure if she'd done that the universe would have done something to balance out the fact that Jaden had fully control over his power at a young age – like make the Light of Destruction ten times stronger, or something.

Besides, she wanted Jaden to live a life of happiness, and though he may disagree with her, his life now was a lot better than the one the spirit within him had been, it was infinitely better. If he'd been aware of things early on that would never have happened, and she very well might have been sent into space as a result, regardless of what Jaden said in her defence.

It wasn't that she didn't want the spirit within him to awaken, take over and hopefully merge with him; she just didn't want it to happen when his was in a rage like he was now. That was why when Tania spoke again Yubel decided to do something she seldom did.

Help someone besides Jaden

"Fine, you leave me no other choice! I want a man and you show tremendous promise. If you won't get rid of her on your own terms, than I'll make you get rid of her on mine."

"I would advise against that if I were you – Bastion won't be able to hug the mess you would become."

"Oh I'm not worried about any abilities you might have," Tania said as she drew a card, signalling the long overdue start of her turn, and giving her two in her hand "I have already got a plan to neutralize them."

"This does not sound good," Yubel muttered, casting a glance back at Jaden who was busy showing a mixture of anger and worry.

"I play Pot of Greed allowing me to draw two cards from my deck," Tania said before she did so to give her three cards in hand. "Next, I'll be playing my Amazon Archer in Attack Mode."

A woman dressed in a simple brown dress with a head of long flowing brown hair and carrying a bow appeared on Tania's side of the field. On her back was a quiver loaded with arrows, and with a slender hand she pulled two out and placed them both in the slots provided by her twin-arrow shooting bow – pulling back on the bow when she had finished. She was ready to fire.

Her appearance on the field raised the Attack Power of Amazoness Tiger to 2700.

"Next I'll play the magic card Mist Body and equip it to your Yubel," Tania explained, sliding one of her two remaining cards into one of her Magic/Trap slots. Along with activating the trap card Trap Stun – which prevents any trap cards you might want to activate from activating until the end of the turn.

A thin veil of white mist surrounded Yubel before Tania spoke again fully aware of the intense glare and scowl Jaden directed at her as the body of mist appeared and his two facedown cards were frozen in ice. "I'm being nice. She won't get destroyed."

Jaden's and Yubel's eyes simultaneously widened in absolute and unimaginable terror, both of them knew what was about to happen.

"NO!" Jaden screamed. "You can't! Please, I'll surrender. I'll marry you; I'll do whatever you want. Just please, don't do it," he collapsed in that instant, shaking uncontrollably, hot tears streaming down his face in desperation. "PLEASE STOP!"

"Finally, I activate Forbidden Chalice!"

"NO! DON'T! STOP!" Jaden screamed, the tears falling more rapidly than they had before, his screams of anguish reverberating around the entire Coliseum.

The screaming plea was so loud that it echoed around the entire island, making birds fly from their trees and any student that was outside the main teaching complex freeze in place completely, all of them wondering what could possibly be happening to cause such a powerful emotion from the one all who heard it knew as Jaden Yuki. Everyone silently agreed they never wanted to see what was happening, or ever know what happened.

Unfortunately, the holders of the Spirit Keys would not be so lucky – and one of them would be forever traumatised by the events that were unfolding in The Coliseum, due to his ringside seat, that of course is not to say that any of the Spirit Key would ever forget what unfolded next – for fate chose that moment to allow all those who weren't already present at The Coliseum to appear outside of it.

"Is that Yuki crying?" Chazz wondered allowed.

"What in the world is going on?" Crowler demanded as he looked at the scenes unfolding inside.

"Is that Yuki crying?"

"This is not good," Zane noted when he saw the golden and jewel encrusted chalice floating in front of Yubel.


"Is that Yuki crying?"


"Yes it Jaden crying!" Alexis snapped. "Now shut up!"


"Will someone please explain to my why Jaden is crying his eyes out like it's the end of the world?" Crowler asked.

"For Jaden, it might very well be," Zane explained gravely.

"He's got Yubel in play," Alexis said. "How could he possibly lose?"

"I never said he would lose the duel," Zane said, "but he might very well lose the one thing he cares about the most - all Tania's monsters are about to attack Yubel!"

It was then that Chazz noticed the chalice floating in front of Yubel, persistently pushed closer by an invisible hand urging Yubel to take a sip. She was continually shaking her head and furiously batting it away with a hand.

"Yuki's going to be pissed," Chazz rightfully declared. Zane shot him a withering glare. "What?" He responded. "It's true."

"I'm afraid I fail to fully comprehend the situation," Crowler said. "Why would Yubel have Mist Body equipped to her? She can't be destroyed by battle whilst in Attack Position."

"But she can only survive and battle, taking no damage from it, and redirect the damage back at the opponent when her effect is active." Zane explained.

"Why would it ever be negated?" Alexis asked bemused.

"The chalice in front of Yubel is the holographic representation of a card known as Forbidden Chalice," Zane explained.

"Never heard of it," Crowler and Alexis said in unison.

"You wouldn't have," Zane informed them. "It surpasses even the Ancient Gear Golem in its rarity. Some say it is as rare as Black Luster Soldier – Envoy of the Beginning, (ATK 3000/DEF 2500), I wager its even rarer then that.

"You have got to be kidding me," Crowler exclaimed.

"I know of someone who has it," Zane said as if to verify the fact.

"Who?" Chazz demanded eagerly.

"I've been sworn to secrecy."

"Figures," Chazz grumbled.

"Your family tried to by one, didn't they" Zane queried.

"Yeah," Chazz admitted. "As you can imagine, we were un-successful in that particular venture and then we to where sworn to secrecy it is like everyone who has one is part of a secret society or something."

"Perhaps they are," Zane muttered.

"What'd you say Zane?" Chazz asked.

"Oh nothing," he responded quickly.

"So it's rare, big whoop," Alexis interrupted, "that doesn't explain why it has Jaden begging for the duel to stop."

"First, remember that it is a Shadow Duel and therefore any and all damage is inflicted as real pain. Second, from what we know, when participating in a Shadow Duel, Duel Spirits – or at the very least Yubel take on a physical form."

"None of that matters though due to Yubel's effect," Alexis said. "Neither he or she can take any damage."

"Thirdly, remember what I just said about that only being true whilst Yubel has her effect activated. Forbidden Chalice negates the effect of one Effect monster until the end of the turn, and whilst it is true that the monster in question gets an additional 400 Attack points for being rendered without its effect, in the current situation that isn't going to do much good. It appears that Tania has activated Trap Stun against him, so for this turn, he is completely helpless. The fact that Yubel can't be destroyed by battle just makes the situation even worse, if that is at all possible, for she will remain on the field for each attack, and Jaden will watch as she takes each individual one, along with the pain that comes with it."

"Dear God," Alexis breathed. "That's horrible." She had been in a similar state when she had first seen her brother. She wished she'd known earlier and could've prevented what happened. Jaden's situation was far worse. Here he was already knowing exactly what was going to happen and unable to do anything to stop it."

"I reiterate," Chazz said, "Yuki is going to be pissed."

"Yes," Zane agreed as they all watched the scene with sorrowful expressions. "He most certainly will be, and Tania will be his punching bag."

Another pair of invisible had forcefully taken hold of Yubel's head tightly and her mouth had been forced open by a third and finally pair. Once more the chalice came to rest before her lips, the black liquid it contained bubbling madly- and ever so slowly the chalice was tipped up and the liquid flowed into Yubel's open mouth.

The screaming began. The liquid burnt at her insides as she tried hopelessly to get it out of her mouth. She didn't care that for the first time ever she had an Attack Points, 400 weren't that many anyway. As the liquid burnt her inside she watched with terror filled eyes as the goblet emptied and finally disappeared, desperately trying to wipe away the black bile from her lips when it had – only to howl in yet more pain as the liquid burnt at her skin.

"It'll only last a turn," Tania reminded him as if it would help. "I'm trying to help you become stronger, there are after all better dualists than me out there, ones that could crush you instantly as you are – my husband can't be weak."

The weeping Jaden felt Yubel's arms about him, and looked up meekly into her pleading eyes. A look of sorrow and regret was the only warning he got before he was pushed hurriedly to the left – tumbling to the ground heavily – out of the way of the on coming attack. His side pulsed with pain, but he ignored it as he watched helplessly.

"Amazon Archer, fire!"


The archer let fly her two primed arrows and they soared through the air gracefully before piercing Yubel's wings, brought round her like a shield to defend herself. Her agonising screams filled the air, as blood poured from the wounds, small though they were and her entire body exploded with pain.

Jaden didn't even notice when his life points to 5100.

Dropping to the floor in agony she glared at Tania. Her speaking silently through her cries of anguish.

"You will regret this for the rest of your life."

"Perhaps, but I want a husband who as a strong will, if this is what I have to do to get one then so be it. Amazoness Blowpiper fire."

She didn't even feel the next attack, the pain from the first far outweighed it, though she did notice a small hole appear above her left breast, and begin oozing blood. Her body convulsed violently as she spat out the black bile that was tearing her insides apart. Her vision was blurring in all three eyes. She wanted to sleep. Yes sleep, a long deep sleep would do her a world of good and make all the pain go away. All she had to do was rest her head on the blood covered stone and close her eyes. Peace would come to her.

"YUBEL!" Jaden's screams had increased in volume – a tired glance in his direction didn't help matters. His life points, now completely forgotten, had dropped to 4700.

"Amazoness Chain Master, attack Yubel with Binding Chain!" Tania ordered.

The chain wrapped around Yubel's abdomen and arms and tightened swiftly, cutting at her now vulnerable flesh leaving her body a tormented mess of blood, burns and lacerations. Her screaming had stopped, as slowly her body shutting down. The pain was too much.

Jaden's life points now stood at 3600.

"Why doesn't she stop?" Alexis whispered quietly.

"She believes the lesson will do Jaden good," Zane said. "You heard her. We also have to take into account that she is a Shadow Rider. She wouldn't be one if she let up easily, and besides she has competition. If she wants Jaden, she'll have to eliminate it. She won't get Jaden if she stops her attacks."

"That's sick," Alexis stated quite clearly disgusted.

"Is anyone else beginning to think we were sent into the task of protecting the Spirit Keys woefully underprepared?" Chazz asked.

"Can you just shut it for a moment," Alexis hissed, "this is serious."

"Well sorry if trying not to make myself throw up in disgust is not to your liking Alexis," Chazz said sourly, "but you have to admit, I'm right."

"Amazoness Tiger pounce!" Tania commanded.

The tiger however seemed to realise that a frontal assault with its claws would be overdoing it and its target would most likely never recover. It was then that it decided to, once, and only one, disobey an order. Instead of pouncing it quietly made its way up to its fallen target, its feet gliding smoothly over the stone surface, easily adapting to the stone covered in blood. When it was next to Yubel, one claw nicked her creating a small cut on her back and knocking Jaden's life points down to 1300.

"Finally, I'll enter my Main Phase 2 and activate the effect of my Amazon Archer – tributing it and my Amazoness Blowpiper to inflict 1200 points of direct damage to you. That ends me turn," Tania said, not even she could look at what she had caused. She had wanted to stop the minute she had begun, truly she had, but a need, a yearning, drove her to continue. "It's your move Jaden."

Jaden didn't move – he didn't even move when Amazon Archer and Amazoness Blowpiper vanished from the field and his life points dropped to a mere 100 and Amazoness Tiger had its Attack Points decreased to 1900, due to the disappearance of the two monsters - his body just shuck violently. His eyes downcast, one might even suggest that Jaden hadn't heard her. His anguish consumed him. Time passed in silence, all eyes were fixed on the shaking teen and the prone form of his beloved Yubel. The seconds turned into minutes and there was no change. However, after ten straight minutes of silent sobbing and shaking, eventually Jaden began to move, starting with his head which came up and pierced the very heart of Tania for a long moment with there coldness and anger, before glancing at Yubel – worry flashing into the orbs.

That was when the others glimpsed Jaden's eyes.

"What in the…" was their collective thought as they stared transfixed at his eyes.

For it wasn't Jaden. How could it be? Jaden's eyes were definitely not an amber golden colour and most definitely not heartless like the eyes Jaden seemed to posses now. As the person that was exactly like Jaden yet completely different moved to a standing position a harsh cold wind radiated out of him, forcing everyone to brace themselves, as this new Jaden moved towards Yubel – radiating power and anger with every step he took.

As he reached Yubel he bent down and placed a hand on her – she opened her eyes instantly and let out a sharp hiss of pain. As quickly as a fresh wave of pain erupted through her body, it stopped as she was covered in an amber light – all of her wounds healing as her body was filled with an endless warmth.

Yubel smiled faintly as she picked herself up. "He's given in?" Now, truthfully that was not what she should have said considering the situation, but then again, her concern for Jaden always came before her own well being.

There was no response, she'd expected as much. He was too enraged. He radiated silent fury so intent that it held Tania in place as his hand moved off her skin, the warmth his gentle touch had possessed moments before being replaced by an ice cold chill. His gaze held Tania in place as he strode back over to stand opposite her, but it was only as he took up a Duelling Stance once more that Yubel realized exactly why Tania was frozen in place – it wasn't due to shock or fear.

She was frozen in place due to wonderment and excitement.

Tania was captivated by him. This was the man she desired to be her husband – he commanded such raw power and authority and for an impossible reason the coldness she was presented with filled her entire body with fire and passion.

"It's your move," Tania reminded him, her voice full of anticipation for what the man in front of her would do, for they certainly weren't Jaden. That was for sure. Regardless what it was, it would no doubt be exquisite beyond compare.

"I draw," he spoke with a commanding voice that was easily heard by everyone watching the duel, his words held an unnatural calmness which contraindicated the intensity of the anger that radiated from him. As drew a card from his deck an eerie black light shimmered around his Veil of Darkness card. "During my Draw Phase," he explained, "if I draw a Dark attribute monster I can reveal it to my opponent…" which he did in a sharp yet fluid motion and Tania noted it to be a second Armageddon Knight, "…and send it to the Graveyard," he added before quickly doing so. "I can then draw another card from my deck." He hadn't even bothered to register the fact that Yubel had appeared behind him, perfectly fine and ready to fight once more. "Next I'll activate Foolish Burial to send another Doom Shaman from my Deck to my Graveyard." As he completed his play Tania raised an eyebrow in curiosity.

"That's it?" She asked confusion evident in both tone and facial expression.

"No." His statement was simple and for a moment Tania was sure she detected anger in his words, but it was gone too soon for her to be certain. "I activate one of my two facedown cards. The trap An Unfortunate Report."

"Why on earth is he letting me conduct my Battle Phase twice during my next turn, surely he knows that I won't attack…" Tania mussed to herself, "but there has to be a reason for his last two plays. He wouldn't just give up." It was then she looked at her opponent last facedown card, eyes widening in understanding. "He has a way to draw more cards! He was sending cards to the Graveyard to meet the activation requirements of whatever draw card he is about to use. Still, it doesn't matter. He still has to draw something impossible to win. There is no way he'll succeed in doing that! Even if he does, I won't attack. This game is mine no matter what he does."

Still she watched as the card she was staring at flipped up, her opponent calm intones filling her ears.

"I activate The Beginning of the End. This card could only be activated if there were seven or more Dark monsters in my Graveyard, by removing five Dark monsters from the game, I can draw three cards. So I'll be removing my Mystic Tomato, both copies of Doom Shaman and both copies of Armageddon Knight from my Graveyard from the game in order to draw the aforementioned three cards."

Tania watched silently as the five selected cards were ejected from her opponent's Duel-Disk and he placed them in his jacket pocket, eyes focused intently on his deck as he drew three cards, and as he looked at them satisfaction gleamed in the depths of his eyes.

"I place two cards facedown on the field," he intoned doing so with his usually swiftness, "and then I shall Special Summon Grinder Golem, (ATK 3000/DEF 300), in Attack Mode."

"Tania's lost," Chazz declared, "or at least, she is about to lose and it is not going to be pretty."

The others could do nothing but nod silently in agreement. Jaden's plan was completely transparent, even a beginner could probably guess his next play – a play that would begin when he ended his turn and Tania's began – but they would not be able to stop it. No one could. The transparency of his next move just made t that much more infuriating when the opponent could do nothing except watch their monsters battle and, as a result, make their life points drop finitely to 0 – Tania wished she had a copy of Mystical space typhoon set at this particular moment.

"Grinder Golem's own effect prevents it from being Special Summoned to my side of the field and instead forces me to hand control of it over to my opponent. However, two Grinder Tokens are Special Summoned to my side of the field, each possessing 0 Attack and Defense Points, in Attack Mode. They are classed as Level 1 Dark Fiend-Type monsters."

As a large metal golem with a large and powerful spinning saw imbedded in its chest appeared on Tania's side of the field, two smaller versions of the same creature appeared on her opponent's side of the field, their larger counterpart towered over them as it clamp-like fist opened and shut in anticipation – red eyes focused on Yubel. It knew what was about to happen.

"I end my turn," he said and Tania watched as one of the tokens disappeared from the field – used as fodder for his prized monster.

Despite the inevitable, for she had easily determined the cards e had in play, fate drawing her next card would bring her she couldn't help smiling – eyes flashing with intense enjoyment. She had more fun in the past two das than she had had in a very long time. If she was going to lose, she would make sure she went out with a bang. Letting out a small chuckle of amusement, she drew her final card.

In the very same instant her opponent's plan went into motion.

"I active the trap Battle Mania – so for this turn you will be forced to conduct your Battle Phase and you will have to attack with every single monster on your side of the field," her opponent called out – his voice changing from a calm tone into one of anger the level of coldness it held increasing. "No one hurts Yubel and gets away with it, but since you seemed so eager to attack her earlier you won't mind me forcing you to do so again, will you? Since you have now entered your Main Phase 1 I can activate my second trap card – Taunt!"

"Brilliant," Tania marvelled. "Absolutely brilliant, this is the type of duel I wanted. I've had you on the ropes from the very beginning, yet from the start you had this strategy planned, why I didn't see it earlier I will never know. Marvellous, you are superb -absolutely magnificent. Taunt allows you to select one monster you control – Yubel – and if I attack I can only attack it and with Battle Mania I have to attack and because of you're An Unfortunate Report trap I attack twice."

Her opponent just stared at her. She shouldn't be happy, she was about to die.

"Very well, I shall attack Yubel with everything I have. I enter my Battle Phase!" Tania declared reverently.

Her army of monsters charged – the grinder Golem although slower managed to keep pace because of its colossal size – and Yubel's wings slowly followed around Jaden. Her eyes devoid of any sympathy for what she was about to do. Regardless of intention, nobody did what she did and got away with it.

The attacks collided with her body, the impact absorbed easily but the memories of what pain had been like made her cry out in completely rage as massive spiked vines erupted from the ground as Tania's army was repelled, snaking their way past them until they wrapped around Tania's body, cutting into her sides severely, blood trickling out from a multitude of different sized lacerations obtained that appeared over her entire body – the armour she wore was carelessly shredded by the power the vines possessed – as she was lifted up off the ground and thrown heavily back down upon it, her body making a very unpleasant sound as it did so. Several bones had been shattered.

From the backlash of her attack Tania had taken 6400 points of damage, her life points had dropped to 1300 – though nobody really cared about the scores anymore. All eyes were transfixed on Tania's limp form, her moans of agony cascaded over them like a tormented waterfall. It was completely silent – though Bastion had snapped out of his daze as the attack hit, and, out of everyone, showed true concern and worry for Tania, for despite their downcast faces everyone else stood firmly behind Jaden – she deserved what had been done to her, though none would ever say it aloud.

It was her reaction as the attack hit that the onlookers found most shocking about the entire situation, for in such a situation no sane person would ever be smiling, let alone laughing.

Tania's reaction had been one of happiness and it irked Yubel greatly – she should not have felt happiness, she should have felt fear and regret.

That was why, as the monsters attacked for a second time and she countered, she intended to hurt her even more. She would regret what she had caused her beloved to go through – she would regret it dearly. Yet as the vines went to grab Tania's body for a second time Yubel's attempts at vengeance were thwarted, for they did not constrict around the blood coated form of an Amazon, no, they connected violently with the body of Bastion Misawa – how he had managed to get onto the playing field without her noticing and having avoid Tania's monster Yubel would never know – and sent him sprawling across the floor with a sharp cry of agony, he crashed into the wall hard.

Jaden gave a grunt of annoyance and for a moment it seemed it seemed like he was going to verbalise his disgust at Bastion's act but he reframed from doing so. Instead he turned his head slightly to look at Yubel – his gaze ordering her to resume her attack.

Or at least he tried to. For as he looked at Yubel the gravity of the situation seemed to fully dawn on him and his eyes flashed multiple times, flickering between their normal calculating, brooding brown and cold and angry gold, before they settled back to their usual colour.

In a daze he toppled forward, though he was easily caught by Yubel, whose wings folded instinctively around him, her arms and hands gently caressing his now unconscious form. Her third eye glowed dark red briefly and the portcullis began to rise swiftly, the people who had been trapped outside took the incentive to rush in – moving towards Tania and Bastion, each sparing Yubel a glance as they passed. Though she really didn't care about them, all that mattered was Jaden.

It would be alright she assured herself as she cradled Jaden gently in her arms. Somehow it would be all right. She was unaware how long she stayed cradling Jaden, it felt like forever and she wished it had been, but in truth it couldn't have been that long, it was nothing more than elongated moments – time was being kind to them for once. She cursed in frustration as she felt her body fading – Tania's Duel–Disk had been broken and thereby turned off, ending the duel and instantly switching off Jaden's own Duel-Disk – though before she vanished she laid Jaden down gently onto the floor, a small stream of tears falling from her eyes.

Bastion had been helped to a standing position by Zane and Chazz, though to say the position was stable would be completely inaccurate. His was busy clutching his stomach in agony.

Alexis was looking over the Tania concerned, there was very little she could actually do to help, so, it all fell to Crowler who was relaying the current situation to a very worried Sheppard, after several minutes he ended the conversation and turned to the group.

"Assistance should be here momentarily," he informed them before he also went to check on Tania.

"How in the world could they possibly get here so fast?" Chazz wondered aloud. "It took us forever."

"Why do you think the school has a helicopter?" Crowler responded, he really didn't mean to sound as irritated and as short tempered as he had been. "Ms. Rhodes, if you wouldn't mind checking on Mr. Yuki."

"He's just unconscious," she informed them after several moments. "The strain the duel put on him must have been too much." With that statement Alexis had won the understatement of the year award. "He should be fine." She desperately hoped he would be; heaven knew they needed him if they were going to even stand a remote chance of defeating the Shadow Riders.

"Easy," Chazz said as Bastion tried to take a step forward only to stumble. "You really shouldn't have intercepted the attack."

"I couldn't just sit back and do nothing," Bastion responded with difficulty, finding it extremely difficult to stay conscious. "Jaden may be an absolute jerk from time to time, but he is definitely not a killer."

Neither Zane nor Chazz responded to that, they just continued to keep Bastion conscious, Crowler desperately trying to do the same for Tania. Both of them thought the same thing.

After what they'd witnessed, could they really be sure that Jaden wasn't capable of murder? He had certainly seemed more than ready to end Tania's life for her actions. The worst thing though was that no one could blame him for attempting to.

The biggest question on everyone's mind now however was a very simple.

What had just happened to Jaden?

Jaden let out a groan, eyes fluttering tiredly open, before he took in his surroundings to realize he was in a hospital bed. `It took only a moment for his brain to remind himself of what had happened before his entire body shot upright in panic.

"Yubel!" he cried out desperately, even though he could feel her presence, it was a reaction that was done entirely on reflex.

"I'm O.K," her soft voice responded, her image appearing sitting next to him on the bed, a tired smile gracing her lips. Jaden could tell that she'd been crying. "It's you I'm worried about. You shouldn't have had to go through that."

"I could say the same about you," Jaden responded. How he wished he could embrace her at this very moment and tell her everything would be all right. For even though she tried to hide it, with a slight shrug of the shoulders and a smile he could tell it wasn't. "

"You're more important then me," she responded.

No he wasn't, but he refrained from voicing that comment. Instead, he asked. "What happened?"

"You snapped," Yubel responded softly, placing a transparent hand on his, "your other side took control. It wasn't pretty."

It was then he looked to his right to notice Bastion Misawa asleep with his chest bandaged. "He got in the way on an attack," Yubel said answering Jaden's un-asked question. "Tania's condition is much worse."

"I did that?" Jaden breathed softly.

"It was his own fault," Yubel said, not seeming to mind at all that much and Jaden didn't argue with her – she was right. He just didn't think he would be capable of what Yubel was telling him.

"You need to teach me how to control it," Jaden said after a moment of silence.

Yubel wished she could.

"Yes," Sheppard's grave voice made Jaden eyes snap up to focus on him; he'd just entered the infirmary. "Based on reports, that would be advisable. Unfortunately, I have no doubt that the required training would take a great deal of time, time that we do not have."

"You seem to be taking the current situation rather well," Yubel noted apprehensively.

"Given the current situation I can hardly do anything but," Sheppard responded.

"Why do I get the feeling this isn't going to be good," Jaden groaned.

"Because it isn't," Sheppard informed them. "To appease Ms. Fontaine, you will have to stay in bed for at least two days so she can make sure there is nothing wrong with your physical health. Naturally, in that time you will not be able to defend yourself if you are attacked and considering our enemies it is likely that Yubel's protection won't be enough."

Yubel scoffed at that, making Jaden chuckle weakly.

"I've employed a Private Detective to safeguard the Spirit Keys just in case," Sheppard continued.

"You want me to hand over my Spirit Key," Jaden concluded, to which Sheppard nodded an affirmative. He was very surprised when Jaden did so, raising an eyebrow as he handed it to him.

"You wouldn't have allowed me to keep it," Jaden responded, "and right now I'm in no mode to argue. Now, if that's all, I really wouldn't mind some sleep, since I'm staying here with nothing to do, I might as well."

"I wish it was," Sheppard said. "Unfortunately, Chazz's elder brothers have made an agreement with Seto Kaiba himself, allowing one of them to travel here and duel someone – namely their brother."

"I fail to see how a little sibling rivalry could be a huge problem," Jaden said.

"They've put a handicap on him – he's only allowed to use a deck containing monster with an Attack Power of 500 or less, making it near impossible to lose."

"So Princeton gets his butt handed to him by his brothers, sounds rather entertain. I do hope they televise this match it sounds like it will be hilarious."

"Oddly enough, they are." Sheppard informed him. "However, it will be no laughing matter. For if Chazz loses then his brothers will have the power to shut this academy down, and Chazz only has a day to prepare for the match."

"We're screwed," was Jaden's poetic response.

He jerked his head violently aware from the clear glass that showed him his reflection, eyes shutting on impulse to try and screen the image he had seen fro m his mind, they failed miserably. Slowly, cautious like a child in the dark, he opened his eyes again, swiftly turning his back to the glass. Determined to see not his reflection, or the angelic form the rested beyond, the form he craved for more than anything else in existence.

He could already feel that his life was coming to an end, and in truth he had been able to for a very long time, he had just never previously acknowledged them for he knew that worry would more than likely speed up the process and he had wanted to remain living as long as he could. However, when his slender fingers touched his perfect face he felt the inside of it crumble, like extremely weak clay and his face seemed to sag inwards as it tried to desperately fill the gap inevitability had left as cracks started to very slowly line his face like long ago forgotten wounds that had reopened, and indeed they could be seen as such.

His eyes peered out from behind the thin rimes of his glasses; the dark black orbs that had held a bountiful amount of energy were now hollow and dead. His hollow footsteps echoed around the chamber as he paced back and forth restlessly, the small golden key that he wore round his neck gleaming briefly as it was illuminated by glowing green snake eyes that had been carved into the chamber so very long ago.

He stopped his pacing and found himself in the centre of the ancient chamber, he cast a glance to his left eyes once again falling on the clear glass inside which was suspended his long ago discarded form. Lifeless, colourless, eyes stared back at him, long black hair cascading down its back, caressed ever so gently by the clear liquid in which it was immersed, as the stasis tank hummed silently, melding with the harmonic sound the unknowable amount of energy flowing around the room created.

It was waiting for him.

He closed his eyes as the darkness enveloped him, imbuing him with the power of the shadows. Every second the process lasted he had to remind himself he was doing the right thing. Eventually however, when the cold mask of steel appeared upon his face, his resolve had finally hardened. The now armoured man reached down into one of his pockets, pulling out a sleek black mobile phone, already turned on. He looked at it for a long moment before it began to vibrate, his ring tone echoing around the chamber.

Answering the call – the voice of his master echoed around him.

"The current situation displeases me," he said, raspy voice tinted with rage. "Three Shadow Riders have been defeated and your foolishness has cost us Sheppard's trust."

"I could just defeat them all," his now metallic sounding voice responded easily.

"If you did that we would not collect enough Duel Energy to awaken the Sacred Beasts. No, I have a better plan. I will awaken Abidos and bring him to this Island. Once he arrives you will duel him and win, thereby regaining Sheppard's trust."

"I understand," was he only response.

"You will then eliminate two of the remaining Sprit Key holders."

"What about Jaden?"

"Leave Yuki to me, I have a special surprise in store for him."

The phone line went dead, leaving Banner to process his next move. He was concerned for Jaden for there was no possible way he could be warned of what was to come – because, for once Banner did not know all of his master's plan.

Most pressingly however was the answer to how he would defeat Abidos the Third. He was after all one of the greatest duellist that ever lived.

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