YAOI WARNING!! IF YOU DISLIKE YAOI, DO NOT READ!! Warnings of slight sorta pedophilia, too.

Conan felt lousy. There was no other way to put it. He felt like crap and no one could understand why. Then again, that may have been a good thing. If they did know, the pain would become physical, and, right now, Shinichi didn't think he could handle a beating.

Usually, when he felt this down, he would go to Haibara. Sure, she was annoyingly sarcastic, but at least she could understand. Unfortunately, the mini scientist was out of town for the weekend, having gone to Hiroshima with Agasa to see some old friends of his. Of course, that left Agasa out, too.

Next on the list was Hattori Heiji. Hattori was irritating, but at least he was someone to talk to that wouldn't treat him like a little kid. As it figured, he was also unavailable; he had taken Kazuha to some police party down in Osaka.

So it was that poor Conan was left to lock himself in a bathroom at the Beika museum just to escape the questionings of 3 concerned children. Conan sat on the counter next to the sink, moping with his head in his hands.

He was, therefore, surprised when the locked door opened with a click and a slim figure drifted into his line of sight. Conan squinted his eyes to get a look at the figure and groaned when he recognized the teen.

"Go away." He mumbled.

"No." Kaitou Kid said defiantly. Conan groaned and Kid sighed. "You don't have to be alone, Kudo." Kid said in a voice that held none of Kid's usual sarcasm and playfulness.

"And you plan on enforcing that?" Conan glared.

"If need be." Kid said softly. Kid moved closer to the small boy, slowly so as not to alarm him. Conan didn't respond. "I can help you, Tantei-kun." Conan snorted. "I'm serious. I can be a listening ear, and right now, you seem to need one."

Conan stared for a long time. "I'm just… tired, I guess." He muttered, finally. He hesitated another moment before everything just spilled over his lips. "I'm tired of lying, tired of hiding, tired of just being useless, tired of seeing Ran cry, seeing all the hurt I've caused, I'm just so damn tired with life, but no one'll leave me alone. If it's not Mouri, it's Ran. If not Ran, then the kids or another of those goddamn murders that seem to freakin' follow me around and I'm tired of constantly seeing death and of dealing with other people's sob stories when they can't get over themselves and realize that life could be a helluva lot worse. I just want five seconds of peace and quiet and maybe something enjoyable, ya know?" Conan brought his rant to a close and calmed down slightly. He looked up at Kid who stood there with a small smile on his face.

"Somethin' enjoyable, huh?" He asked, a mischievous grin placing itself on his face.

"Yeah, just- " He was cut off when a warm pressure fell on his lips. It took him a second to realize that that pressure was a pair of soft, silky lips and that those lips could only belong to the room's only other occupant. Then it clicked. Kaitou Kid was kissing him. Kaitou Kid was KISSING him!!

With that realization, Conan jerked back. "What're you doing!" He half yelled, cheeks flaming.

"Something enjoyable." Kid said simply and captured his lips once more. When Conan began to shake, he pulled back. "Tantei-kun?"

"I'm a kid." Conan whispered. "A freaking child! I-you… I have the body of a seven-year-old!"

"So what?" Kid demanded. "Your mind is still seventeen. That's what matters!"

"No! That's not… well, yes it is, but… why're you even here, anyway?" Conan asked suspiciously.

"Do I need a reason to check up on my Tantei-kun?"

"You do when the meeting place is a public bathroom! And what makes you think I'm 'your Tantei-kun'?"

"What makes you think you're not?" Kid challenged, ignoring the first statement.

"I'm not your anything!" Conan exclaimed, glaring.

"You're my first kiss." Kid said simply.

"I- What? Your first kiss!? Kid's never been kissed before?" Conan chuckled slightly.

Kid glared. "I have now." He said.

"Nuh-uh. You kissed me, I didn't kiss you."

"Oh?" Kid had a teasing grin now. "I'm sure you felt something. Pretty sure you responded, too."

Conan's face heated up. "Did not!"

"Oh? Me thinks you protest too much." Kid grinned. "Besides, you should be glad. You've probably never been kissed before today."

"So?" Conan's face was now tomato red. "I'm not a ladies man, either."

"Hmm? Surely a Meitantei like Kudo Shinichi has a fanclub or two. That qualifies you as a ladies man."

Conan glared. "So, what are you trying to say? That I'm immature? Your one to talk."

"Well, that is one point." Kid said.

"Fine." Conan threw himself forward and crashed his lips against the Kaitou. Kid 'hmphed' in surprise, an exclamation that turned into a moan when a warm tongue slid over his lips. He complied eagerly and pushed Conan against the wall. Conan wrapped his short legs around Kaito's waist to stay up and bit down in surprise when Kid pushed against him. Kid groaned as Conan's teeth came upon his bottom lip and growled when the ex-high schooler began to nibble.

The pleasure ended abruptly, though, when the still unlocked door swung open and the two boys flung away from each other, one mysteriously vanishing. Mitsuhiko walked into the bathroom Conan had locked them out of to see the black-haired boy panting slightly, his face magenta red.

"Conan-kun? Daijobu? (Are you okay?)" The freckled boy asked, concerned.

"Y-yeah." Conan panted. "J-just fine."

"Are you sure? You seem awfully red. Do you have a fever?" He led Conan out of the restroom hesitantly.

"Eh?" Ayumi exclaimed. "You're sick, Conan-kun. No way!"

"I-yeah. Yeah, I think I'll go home. Ja ne." Conan seized the already-made excuse and clung to it. He waved to the three kids and ran off. As soon as he reached the detective agency, he went straight to the closet he was using as a room, passing by Ran without so much as a word.

The closet was small, but than again, so was he, and it was certainly better than Kogoro's booze-reeking room. He'd even been able to put a bookcase in there and a file cabinet for his case notes. All in all, it was a nice cozy room that he could call his.

Of course, he hadn't expected the bed he'd intended to flop down on to be occupied.

"K-Kid!" He gasped, face turning red.

"Hello again, Tantei-kun." The white form on the bed responded, sitting up and grinning. "You know, you're pretty cute with that blush on your face."

Conan blushed harder. "Sh-shut up! It's your fault, anyway!" He cried, indignantly.

"Oh?" Kid grinned in delight. "I made you blush, huh?"

"N-no!" Conan's face grew even redder, if that was possible. Really, messing with people's heads was so underrated.

"Really?" Conan could feel Kaito's breath on his face; the thief had gotten so close all of a sudden.

"No…" Conan whispered, eyes half-lidded just before Kid's lips met his once more. He moaned. He hadn't realized how much he'd missed the teen's heat.

Kaito pulled Conan up into his arms, pressing the boy closer to him. Conan's hands plunged into Kaito's hair, brushing the silky locks.

Kid groaned and pushed the boy down against the bed, moving his head to tongue the child's neck. Conan groaned in response, shivering.

"K-Kid." The detective moaned.

"Hmm?" The thief now occupied himself with Conan's growing-sensitive-by-the-minute earlobe.

"R-Ran…downstairs…" He mumbled.

"I know." The thief whispered in a husky voice. He captured Conan's eager lips once more before pulling away, chuckling at the detective's pout. "I have to go." He planted another kiss on the pouting mouth before vanishing in a cloud of smoke.

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