Brave New World
AuthorS note.
Heyy guys, we are starting a new story, but there is a few things that we wanted to get out there first.
There are two of us writing this story, but don't worry, we are writing it together. The thing is the chapters are written in two different POV's and that is because, it is in the eyes of two different characters.
Niicole will always write as Raye Melissa will always write as Serena.

The characters are:
Serena - 18

Josh - 18

Rachel / Raye - 18

Darien - 18

Amy - 20

Lita - 16

Mina - 12

Seiya - 16

Chad - 19

Beryl - 18

The relationships will be explained as the story progresses.

Be sure to review and leave ideas, we will try and incorporate every ones thoughts and ideas.