The music was blaring loud, to the point where you could barely hear yourself think. Josh and I got there before Raye and Darien, and with me being in a situation that I still wasn't totally comfortable in, I couldn't wait for them to show up.

Once they arrived, they came right over to where we were and we just started talking.

"Drink?" Josh asked, holding the cup out to Raye.

"No thanks," she said with a smile. Did Raye just turn down a drink?! She must not be feeling okay, because everyone knows Raye's the life of the party.

Jokingly, Darien asked her if she was feeling okay, and much to my surprise she said she kind of wasn't. She kept on talking but I lost concentration on her when I noticed the front door swing open, and walking in hand-in-hand were Chad and Beryl.

Before I had the chance to distract Raye she had followed my stare and was now looking at what I was looking at. Immediately my heart started to pound, because I knew this wasn't going to be pretty, before anyone really had a chance to say anything to Raye, Beryl was on the floor holding her cheek

When Raye walked away I stopped and looked at Josh, wanting to see his expression, Excitement, then it quickly turned into hurt. I followed shortly after, I wanted to find out what she was talking about, if she was actually pregnant, and… for who. Chad was already talking to her when I was close enough to hear.

"… and your perfect new life…" Raye said so quietly that I had so strain to hear what she was saying. I could tell that she was close to tears, something that was still new to me.

"And the baby, how are we going to deal with that?" Deal? Did he just say deal? If Raye don't flip on him then I will.

"Deal? What do you mean by deal Chad?" I can tell that her attitude shifted big time, now mad more then anything. "You say deal like as if it's some kind of problem."

"It kind of is," Chad meekly said

"Oh really, well you don't have to worry about how we'll deal with it, because there is no we here Chad, it's not yours!" watching her storm off again, I was frozen in place, now that Chad is out of the picture, that only leaves Josh for the dad…

Pushing past the crowd, a hand came out and wrapped around my wrist. Chad.
"So, Uh… whats going on? Is she only saying the baby is not mine because I made her mad?"

Honestly I didn't know the answer to that.

"Mad? Oh no, I think I would be a little more then mad if someone told me that my CHILD was a problem we had to DEAL with!" with every word that I spoke, I became louder, but I didn't care, I had a point to prove.
"I didn't mean it like that!" he said with a little desperation.

"No? well that's how it came out, go back to Beryl, cause right now, it seems like she is the only one who wants you around."

"But I don't want Beryl! I never did…"

"You obviously wanted her sometime because you ended up with her." stomping past him with a little shove, I went to go find Raye.

"…if someone told me that my CHILD was a problem we had to DEAL with!

" remembering what I said, I realized that I would not have said anything remotely close to that in the beginning of the semester, I've changed I thought with a smile, I like the new me.

"Hey, did you see where Raye went?" I asked a random girl.

"Yeah, she just went into the bathroom,"
"Thanks," I said with a smile, Another thing I would never have done, I am so pushing my comfort zone. Knocking on the door, I waited for a response, after knocking a few more times, I finally got one.

"Go the fuck away, the door is clearly locked, meaning the washroom is occupied," Raye shouted through the door. Laughing a little I knock lightly again.
"Common Raye, its only me, I have a story to tell you, your going to laugh!" Hearing a click, singling that the door was just unlocked.

"Well.." Raye asked hinting at the fact that I mentioned a funny story

"ohh, funny story… right, umm… the thing is, there is none… I just wanted in," I mumbled as I gave a small shrug. At my action, Raye laughed a little, which was exactly what I was looking for. "common, lets get some ice cream, its on me this time, next time you're not so lucky,"

After Raye was done laughing, we made our way out of the bathroom. "Hold on, I wanna get the guys,"

"Welcome to Very Dairy what can I get for you?" the young teen asked from behind the counter. It was clear that he was annoyed, and didn't want to be there.

"Uhh, yeah, I'm going to get… 2 scoops of…umm, Moose Tracks in a waffle cone, Raye?" after ordering what I wanted I realized that I have no clue what she likes.

"Birthday Party for me in a cup," Raye said back with a slight smile on her face.

"…but its blue... and other colours…" I replied with a small giggle, "Well, you heard the lady; she wants Birthday Party, 2 scoops. Josh, you still like Rolo right?" I turned around and caught his small nod, he was to busy staring at the back of Raye's as if it was eventually going to give him all the answers.

"Alrighty, also in a cup," I told the young teen behind the counter.

"2 scoops?" I nodded at him, than turned around to look at Darien.

"2 scoops of Cookies & Cream in a waffle cone," he said with a slight smile.

After we all got what we ordered, we left the booth and walked to the small stream on the other side of the park, it was a quiet walk, but the tension was thick. Everyone knew that Raye was pregnant, and that Chad was not the dad, but then that would leave Josh as the dad…right?

"Darien, can I talk to you for a moment please?" I slowly ask, trying to give him the hint that Josh and Raye need to talk. Alone. Apparently they did because they got up and walked over to the bridge.