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Iruka came home with a throbbing headache, Kids. Kunai – he groaned and shed off his vest along with his hitai ate and hair-tie, reliving some of the pressure. He went into his bathroom, looking in his medicine cabinet for some aspirin. The bottle had two pills left in it, and if Iruka wasn't so desperate, he would have noticed that he pills were not exactly circular. He downed the pills and made his way into the kitchen. A knock at the door made him groan, he walked to it and unintentionally glared at the guest. Kakashi had lousy luck sometimes.

"Uh, should I come back?"

"No, sorry, come in," he walked back into the kitchen, the jounin shedding off his own vest and hitai ate as he followed. Iruka turned to offer him tea, but his mouth went dry when he caught the jounin slipping off his jersey, revealing his body tight, sleeveless tank that connected to his mask. Iruka swallowed. Kakashi caught him staring and slipped off his mask revealing his grin.

"Like what you see?" he teased.

Iruka suddenly felt hot. Really hot. And his pants began to feel uncomfortable. He blushed hotly and his knees nearly gave out.

"Iruka?" a note of concern in his voice. That deep voice that went straight to Iruka's groin, making him let out a strained noise.

"Iruka - ?" Kakashi was cut off as Iruka hastily locked him into a heated, desperate kiss, nearly taking him by surprise. Iruka backed him into the bedroom, his knees nearly giving out again. Kakashi held him, wrapping his arms around his waist. They broke the kiss, Iruka eagerly pulling off Kakashi's tank before pulling off his own.

"Iruka," he growled as the chunin began to take off his pants. Iruka's flushed face and lust filled eyes had Kakashi pinning him against the mattress.

Iruka arched off the bed as their arousals grinded against each other, the friction nearly driving him off the egde. His body felt extremely hot, making him pant for air, "Kakashi," his voice sounding desperate.

Kakahsi locked him into a deep kiss, Iruka hungrily kissed him back, spreading his legs invitingly and rocking against him.

"'Kashi," he said breathlessly, "'Kashi-please-," he whimpered when he felt slick fingers at his entrance, the questioning thought of when the older man got the lube only lasted for a second. "'Kashi," he nearly whimpered, "Please – I need you," he couldn't wait, he felt too desperate, too needy to wait.

Kakashi looked at him, surprised by the desperate tone coming from his lover, but he didn't want to risk it. He added another digit, crocking his fingers to massage the younger man's prostate. Iruka arched his back with a cry as he came, spilling his seeds on his taut, flat stomach. The sight made Kakashi take a sharp intake of breath, but what made his own member ache was that Iruka was still hard, panting for air and rocking against his fingers.

"'Kashi," he said in mix with a moan, "Please -," he felt like if he didn't have control over his body, he ached for his lover, and just simply needed him.

"Ruru," he growled, withdrawing his fingers, What has you so heated, love? He lifted the tan hips, positioning himself at Iruka's welcoming entrance. Iruka gasped as Kakashi entered him, the feeling of being filled made his sobbing erection twitch. The older man brushed his prostate, making Iruka blush even hotter as he came again.

Kakashi marveled at Iruka's heat, his inner muscles twitching around him, "Ruru," he said in a strained voice, "What -," he groan when Iruka began rocking against him, wrapping his legs around his waist, urging him to move. He thrust deep and hard into the younger man, eliciting loud moans that only fueled his lust. His hands trailed over the hot body, making the younger man shiver. Iruka pulled him down for a deep kiss, rocking with the rhythm, feeling himself close to climax again. His mind was too far gone to think about being embarrassed for coming so quickly. His nerves were on fire and everything seemed to be multiplied.

"Ka-aahhh!" his body twitched and shuddered as he came, adding to the mess on his stomach, he whimpered as the older man slowed his pace.

Kakashi would have come, but his self-control told him that he needed to hold out. For Iruka. That the younger man's body needed release. Apparently more than three times. He was suddenly rolled over with Iruka rocking against him, desperately riding him. Pale legs rose, giving him better leverage as he rose and allowed gravity to pull him back down. His mismatched eyes never left the sweat, glistening, tan body, and it wasn't helping him to hold his release back. Iruka blushed hotter as he took his own sobbing erection into his hand and began pumping, falling in sync with their rhythm.

"Ka-Kakashi – I – I - ," he gasped as the pace quickened, pale and tan hips slapping against each other, " I c-can't s-stop – mys-self -," he was flipped onto the bed, gasping for air as the older man thrusted hard and deep into him, hitting deeper than before. He arched his back as his whole body flushed as he came. Kakashi came with him as the resulting contraction was too much, not making it possible to hold back anymore. His hips jerked, filling Iruka deep within. He caught himself on his hands, hovering over the flushed panting man. He took in the sight, half lidded chocolate eyes filled with lust, dark strands sticking onto the sweaty forehead, the blush on the scarred cheeks deeper and redder than before. He shifted and pulled out, making Iruka whimper at the loss.

"Kakashi," his voice was strained, and was close to sounding much like a whimper. He began to pump his hand again. Kakashi's eyes widened and gawked, looking at the younger man pleasure himself. He placed his hand over the tan one, stopping it and pulling it away to replace it with his own. Iruka gasped and rocked against the warm, pale hand, falling into rhythm.

"Gods, Ruru," he growled, his hand quickening. Iruka gripped the sheets, desperate for something to hold on to. The skilled pale hand tightening and loosen its, keeping him on the edge. Kakashi met his lips in a hungry kiss, the older man's tongue delving into his mouth as the pale hand increased it's speed.

"'Kashi – 'Kashi -," he said between pants, feeling the tightness in his stomach again. His whole body was on fire making his skin sensitive to every touch, "I -," his back and neck arched as he came, hard. His body went slack, finally feeling relaxed and spent. He panted for air, and tried to relax his frantic heart. Hazy chocolate eyes looked into the mismatched pair. He reached up, gingerly stroked the older man's blushing cheek. Kakashi leaned down and kissed him softly, chocolate eyes drifting closed. He didn't open them when the older man pulled away. He felt Kakashi climbed off the bed, and heard his soft footsteps wander off. His sensitive skin felt a damp towel wipe him clean, the gentle touches keeping him on the borderline of sleep and wake. He felt strong arms cradle him and reposition him among the pillows before the warm body slid next to him, making him roll over onto his side, ending up half sprawled on top of the paler body while his head rested on a bare shoulder. The blanket was pulled over him. A kiss on his forehead coaxed him into sleep.

Iruka woke up laying on his stomach, sore, and stated. He blinked until his eyes became focused. He blearily looked around, and winced when he tried sitting up. He opted into laying back down. He heard the door open and soft footsteps, and something being placed on the nightstand.

Kakashi kissed a temple, "Are you awake, love?"

"Hmm," was the only response Kakashi got.

Kakashi chuckled, "Are you hungry?"

"No," came the tired response, "sleep." He felt the older man crawl over him to get onto the side he was facing.

"Are you alright?" soothing fingers ran through his hair.

"Hmm," he relaxed further into the touch.

"Ruru, look at me," he fingers withdrew, and Iruka opened his eyes to look at the older man, "Are you alright? You had me a bit…concerned earlier." He admits that he enjoyed it, quite a lot, but Iruka's body seemed to have been forcing him through release, and after the first two orgasm, he had him concerned.

"I…I don't know what came over me," he said dropping his face, resting his cheek further into the pillow. Kakashi laid on his stomach, his cheek resting on his folded arms, "I came home, took some aspirin for a headache…I don't know."

"Wait, aspirin?"


"You ran out of aspirin a couple of days ago," he frowned, "I know because I took the last two."

Iruka furrowed his brows, "But the bottle was there."

Kakashi's frown deepened, suspicious now in his expression, "I threw away the bottle."

"Then…what did I take?"

Kakashi rolled onto his side and rested his cheek on a propped elbow, "I'm guessing the pill was white since you mistook it as aspirin…"

"Pills," Iruka corrected, "I took two."

Kakashi went into deep thought before a surprised look took over, "Wait, were they circular?"

"Uh…" Iruka thought back, "Maybe?"

"Iruka, think were they circular, like aspirin?"

"Why does it matter?"

Kakashi rubbed his face, and let out a deep sigh, "Sometime ago Anko gave me some pills," he shrugged, "I have no idea where she got them, but she said something making the person's libido go crazy."

Iruka frowned, "What did you do with those pills, Kakashi." It wasn't a question.

"I threw them out," he narrowed his eyes, "Don't you dare think I would drug you, Iruka."

Iruka averted his gaze guiltily, before looking back at him, "What does this have to do with the shape of the pills?"

"The pills she gave me were white, and where shaped like diamonds or squares."

"But you threw them out."

Kakashi gave him a steady gaze, waiting for him to put one and one together.

What does the shape – Iruka's eyes widened, "You mean –" Kakashi nodded, "Anko –" he nodded again, "I'm going to kill her!" he growled and tried to roll over, but his body jerked instead, making him drop back onto bed.

"Hey, easy now," Kakashi pulled him back towards him, "You practically exhausted your body, you need rest."

"Stupid Anko," he grumbled.

Kakashi sighed, "What has me worried is that you took two of the pills instead of one, maybe that's why…" he trailed off and groaned in frustration, "God, what was that girl thinking?"

Iruka slumped, how could I overlook a detail like that? "I'm sorry."

Kakashi nuzzled the back of his lover's neck, "Hey none of that," he gently rolled Iruka over onto his back, "Good thing I was here, right?" a smile, that looked suspiciously like a grin, on his lips.

Iruka blushed, "Shut up, you pervert!"

Kakashi laughed, "Hey," he stroked a tan cheek, "You're going to rest and I'm going to make of it, alright?" Iruka smiled softly at him, his blush coming back into his cheeks, "So get some sleep," he kissed the younger man's forehead before rolling off the bed, but Iruka's tugged on his wrist. Kakashi gave his a questioning look.

Iruka gave him a coy look, "You told me to sleep right?" Kakashi blinked, and a smiled tugged at his lips. He settled back into the bed, wrapping an arm around the chunin's shoulders as he rested his head on his shoulder. He pressed his lips against the crown on the brunette's head, and whispered against the chocolate hair, "I love you." He felt the younger man smile against his chest.

"I love you too."

He threaded his fingers into the chocolate strands, coaxing the man into deeper sleep. Planning out ways how he can make Anko regret she ever messed around with his chunin.