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Iruka woke up, half sprawled on his stomach with a warmth pressed against his back.He snuggled against the arms along his neck that wrapped around his shoulder. His eyes began to drift closed, but felt the older man shift behind him, a knee parting his thighs before settling back down. He sighed and closed his eyes, opting to sleep in. The hand on his stomach pulled him onto his side and pulled him closer. His eyes snapped open when he felt a hardness nudge his backside. The steady breaths hitting his neck told him that the older man was still asleep. The hand smooth up his abdominals before slowly dragging back down. He caught it, entwining their fingers right above his hardening member. Kakashi slowly rocked against and sighed in his sleep, his breath ghosting along his neck and ear.

"Kakashi," he sighed and slowly rocked back.

Kakashi grunted and woke up, blushing when he realized the situation. He made to shift back but the breathless call of his name and a soft whisper stopped him, "Don't…," he relaxed at his lover's plea and kissed the chunin's neck, hugging him closer, "Ruru," he sighed against his lover's neck. A tan leg hooked behind his, invitingly. Kakashi smoothed his palm along the thigh before hooking his hand under the knee and raising it.

Iruka kissed the pale arm around his shoulders and felt Kakashi's erection nudge his entrance before slowly pushing in. Iruka relaxed into it, moaning low in his throat as soft lips kissed his neck. He placed his hand on a pale hip, feeling the muscles contract under the unmarred skin. Kakashi groaned as he fully seated himself, feeling the sweet twitching around him. He nibbled on the shoulder in front of him making Iruka sigh and lean his head to the side, giving his more access. Kakashi took the open invitation and began to rock his hips. Hitting deep inside the younger man in a slow, tender pace. Iruka rocked back and felt the older man remove his hand from below his knee, hooking his leg behind his own and instead placed his hand on his hip, following his rocking and caressing the sensitive skin.

Kakashi nuzzled the crook of Iruka's neck and gripped the tan hip firmly. Iruka arched away from him, arching his neck and resting his head on his pale shoulder. He turned Iruka's face towards him and pressed his lips against his lover's, licking the bottom lip, feeling the younger man's hot breath against his own.

"'Kashi," he whispered before the older man kissed him, passionately as his hips quickened making him moan into the kiss. He brought his hands up to the back of the older man's neck, deepening the kiss as his hips rocked eagerly against the other pair. They broke the kiss, their hot breath mingling as their lust filled gazes locked, "'Kashi," he breathed, his eyes closing with the pleasure, "P-please…"

Kakashi rolled them over, pressing the younger man onto the mattress. He lifted the tan hips and spread the younger man's legs wider, and drove faster into the younger man. Iruka cry turned into a loud moan, gasping for air as the older man hit his prostate with every deep thrust.

"'Kashi," he said in something between a moan and a whimper, gripping the sheets under him as his hips rocked against the older man, pushing back at his lover's forward thrust. A hand dragged along the curve of his spine, before the pale hips slowed their movement to a stop, and swiftly pulled out. Iruka whimpered but warm hands turned him over onto his back.

Kakashi smiled down at the blushing younger man, "Now I can see you better," the younger man's blush deepend. He raised the tan hips and pushed back in, the younger man wrapped his legs around him, urging him deeper. He leaned forward, and hovered above his blushing lover and put his back into the thrust, plunging deeper than before.

Iruka cried out at the penetration, his back arching off the bed as his prostate met the deep thrust, "K-Kaka – aahh!" he gasped and panted for air as Kakashi continued to drive into him, the erotic sound of their hips slapping together fueling his lust, "Oh god-," he whimpered and clung onto his lover's shoulders.

Kakashi looked at the chunin in alarm, thinking that he hurt his lover, he slowed his pace, but the heel that dug into his back and the choked "D-don't s-stop", made him growl and hungrily kiss the younger man. He raised the tan legs higher and felt himself thrust to the hilt.

"'Kashi…'Kashi..," Iruka said his name in whispers, barely audible, "P-please-," he gasped as the older man seemed to have read his mind and grasped his sobbing member, stroking and caressing it, a high contrasting rhythm to his lover's thrust.

"Ruru," he groaned and gasped when he felt Iruka flex around him, "Oh god - ," his hand quickened, brushing his thumb on the drops of precum from the slit as his other hand reached around to squeeze the round, firm muscle, feeling himself slide in even deeper.

"KAKASHI!" he cried out as he came, hard, onto his stomach, splattering a large amount of semen onto his stomach, his body jerking and arching off the bed as his orgasm raked through him.

"Iruka," Kakashi moaned and grunted his hands moving to the tan hips, pressing hard against them as his own orgasm took him. Feeling himself shudder and jerk as he released his seeds into his lover. He collapsed into his lover's arms. The younger man's inner muscles spasm around him. He felt boneless and perfectly content in his lover's arms. He shifted and pulled out of the younger man, who made a noise in protest. He smiled against the chunin's chest and planted soft kisses, "Shower?"

"I don't think I can move," Iruka said lazily, nuzzling the silver shock of hair.

Kakashi chuckled, "I was hoping you'll say that."

"You know…" he trailed off, stroking the jounin's back, "I was thinking of a way to get back at Anko."

The jounin perked up, propping himself on his elbows, "Oh?"

Iruka grinned, and Kakashi knewit was going to be good.

Two weeks later…

Iruka sat behind the mission desk, reviewing reports and filing them. He hid a smirk when he felt a timid presence outside of the mission room's entrance. After a few minutes, Anko walked in. He could practically see her trying to regain her composure.

"Hey, Iruka," she chirped.

"Hey, Anko, how was your mission?"

"Good good," she handed him the mission report.

Iruka took it and looked it over, "How's Ibiki?" he asked nonchalantly.

Anko grinned, "Haven't seen him in a while, so I'm guessing lonely."

"Hmm, he told me that he had a really bad headache today," Iruka mentally grinned, the headache was proof that his jounin accomplished his task, to go in for a 'psyche evaluation'. Iruka could barely imagine what the man must of talked about to have Ibiki…Ibiki, get a headache.

Anko quirked an eyebrow, "Oh? Was he alright?"

"Yeah, said that he was going to go home and get some rest."

Anko nodded, "Strange, that man hardly gets headaches."

"True. Good thing he has aspirin at home."

Anko froze, "…what?...how would you…know…" she trailed off, gulping.

Iruka looked up, an innocent look on his face, "Hmm?"

I'm being paranoid, there's no way he could have gotten those drugs. Little did she know, that Kakashi actually broke into Tsunade's office, took two happy pills and left without a trace. Sure, Iruka thought it was absolutely wrong, but this girl needed to be taught a lesson. And a horny Ibiki? The thought alone made Iruka shudder unpleasantly.

She smirked, "Then he won't have that damn headache once I get to him."

Iruka smiled at her, "True." He looked over the report again and stamped it, "Thank you for your hard work, Anko."

She lingered at the mission desk for a while, until Iruka looked up, "Uh…I wanted to apologize…for…you know. The happy pills."

Iruka held back a twitch, and instead forced a smile, "No harm done."

If Anko wouldn't have been so relieved to be left off the hook, she would have noticed that Iruka…let her off the hook too easily, "Well, I'm going home to lover boy, see you later Iruka-kun!"

Iruka waved and looked at the clock once she was out the door, Right about now…he thought, a grin growing on his lips.

Iruka entered his apartment a couple of hours later. His lover leisurely sitting on his couch, orange book in hand. A lone blue eye fixed on him as he entered, a smile tugging on the older man's lips.

Iruka shed off his vest before joining his lover on the couch, "Did you plant the pills?"

Kakashi nodded a grin on his lips, "Sure did."

Iruka felt frisky, chuckling, "You know, I have to ask, what did you talk to Ibiki about? Because when I bumped into him," he laughed, "He had a pretty bad headache."

Kakashi laughed, "It was fun, I'll tell you that," he laughed again as he remembered the meeting, "Told him that my dogs talk to me."

That broke Iruka's reservation, he began to laugh, "You-," no he couldn't talk, the image of a dumbstruck Ibiki hit him.

"He thought I was kidding, but when he noticed I was serious, he asked me why they 'talk' to me," he made the gesture of quotation with his fingers, "I told him that they tell me how much of an ass I am."

Iruka couldn't stop laughing at that point, because it was partly true. Nearly every time he would summon Pakkun, the pug would made smug remarks and wouldn't let a good measure of time pass without giving him some piece of sarcasm or witty remark.

"He then asked me why I think they would tell me those things," he laughed with the younger man who was wiping his eyes, "Told him that 'to probably let me know how much of an ass I am," he snorted as the chunin nearly fell off the couch, "Then, he asked me 'how does that make you feel?'" he broke into a laugh, the chunin gasping for air, "'Like an ass'" The living room filled with laughter.

"Oh my god," Iruka leaned against the back of the couch his knees drawn up, chuckles rising up in his throat.

"No, that's not the best part," he chuckled, "he then asked me 'have you ever confronted yourdogs?'" his eye filled with mirth, "I told him 'why, yes I have', he then asked 'And?'," he broke into a hearty chuckle, " 'I proved their point'"

Iruka burst into laughter, "Oh my god."

"Oh, but there's more," he rested a hand on the chunin's knee, " he then asked me if I plan to do anything about it," he chuckled at the memory, "Told him that it's been going on for years, the look on his face Iruka! You should have seen it!" Iruka clutched at his sides as laughter bubbled up again, "Wait…that's not the end of it, he then tried changing the subject and I interrupted him saying 'hey, I'm not done talking about my dogs'."

Iruka's eyes blurred with laughing tears, as he gasped for air and swiped at his eyes, "Oh god, you're terrible."

Kakashi laughed, "I think his headache started up about ten minutes into the session, but I couldn't help myself, I held out the session for a good hour."

Iruka's eyes widened, "Really? What did you guys talk about?"

Kakashi's eye filled with mirth and a wide smile of his lips.

"Wait…you didn't," Iruka gave him a disbelieving look.

"My dogs accusing me being an ass, is quite a serious issue, and deserves an hour of discussion," he chuckled as the chunin began to laugh again.

"Oh god, I love you so much," he started laughing again, he found the image of an irritated Ibiki hilarious at the moment.

"Did you see Anko?"

Iruka nodded, a grin on his lips, "Didn't expect thing."

"Perfect," he leaned in a kissed the scarred cheek.

"I'll give her a few more hours until she comes over to accuse me…or us," he chuckled at the thought.

Kakashi's smile turned into a grin, "A few hours, huh?"

Iruka returned his grin, "A few hours."

"Hmm," he leaned in and brushed his lips against the younger man's, "I have a few ideas of how to pass the time."

"Are you sure you wouldn't want to talk to your dogs?"

Kakashi snorted.

If on cue, there was knock at Iruka's front door. Iruka opened it to a disgruntled Anko, her dark violet hair mussed and her brows furrowed.

"What. Did. You. Do?"

Iruka raised an eyebrow, "What are you talking about?"

Anko walked into Iruka's apartment, eyed the silver haired jounin that was peering at her over his book, effectively hiding his grin. She turned back to Iruka, "You planted those happy pills in his apartment didn't you?"

"Oh? You didn't enjoy it?"

Anko gave him a disbelieving look, and her eye visibly twitched, "You…you actually…"

"I...we thought you would have fun," a small smirk was on his lips.

She turned to the jounin sitting on the couch, his visible eye expressing a passive mood, lowering his book to show the wrinkles on his mask, showing that he was, indeed, grinning. She whipped back at Iruka, "I can't believe you did that!"

"Really? Like I thought you wouldn't?" a side of his mouth frowned.

She looked at Iruka, at the jounin, and then back at the chunin. She gave a defeated sigh, "I guess I deserved that."

"You sure did," he grinned, "No harm done."

She gave him a blank expression, "I should go before Ibiki comes after me."

"Oh right the side effects," Iruka said in an amused tone.

"Have fun," Kakashi commented, making her turn and glare at him, "Hey, don't glare at me, you asked for it!"

Her eye twitched, before grinning, "If you don't see me in a couple of days that means I'm stated and too sore to move."

Iruka's eye twitched at the mental image.

Anko left, grinning madly and shut the door behind her.

"Why do I get the feeling that she's enjoying this?" Kakashi said, slipping off his mask.

Iruka chuckled, "She might be, but remember, its Ibiki…I think he has some kinks."

Kakashi waved his hands, trying to avoid the mental image, "Don't tell me that!"

Iruka laughed and walked over to his lover, and sat on his lap, "Though, I think we taught her a lesson."

"Good," he huffed.

Iruka removed the older man's hitai ate, and kissed the pale forehead, "I never really thanked you," he said and cupped a pale cheek, "For being there for me."

"Ah, that's because you don't have to," he planted a chaste kiss on his lover's lips, "but if you feel that you need to…," he trailed off and grinned at the younger man.

Iruka blushed, and smiled, "You pervert."

Kakashi kissed the chunin's jaw, "Your pervert."

Iruka chuckled, "I would have it no other way."

4 days later…

Kakashi slipped on his mask and tied on his hitai ate. Making sure his travel bag was secured and double checked his hoister. The chunin watched him from the bed, aided by the moonlight pouring in through the window. He looked at his lover, knowing that under those sheets, was the tan body he made love to not too long ago. He noticed the solemn look in the chocolate eyes and it made his heart ache. He walked over to the bed, chocolate eyes following him. He sat on the bed, slipped his mask down to his chin, and leaned down to kiss his lover, tenderly and lovingly.

"I won't be gone long," he whispered against his lover's lips. Iruka nodded in understanding. His lone blue eye lingered on his lover and stood back up making his way to the bedroom door.


He turned back around and watched the chunin wrapped the throw, that ended up on the floor through their lovemaking, around his waist before going over to the dresser. The younger man pulled out a dark gray cloth and walked over to him, unfolding it and wrapping it around his neck. He then noticed that it was the scarf the chunin was knitting while trying to fight off his libido. He felt a smile tug at his lips at the memory.

"I finished it…not too long ago," he smoothed his hands over it, "It'll keep you warm." He looked up at the older man, a small smile on his lips.

Kakashi smiled at the younger man, "Now I won't stop thinking about you…not that I couldn't anyway," he stroked the tan scarred cheek.

"Be careful," Iruka said softly, and looked down at the older man's neck instead. Pale fingers tipped his chin up to meet a soft, tender kiss.

"Of course," he whispered against his lips, pulling his mask back up, "I have to go."

Iruka nodded, and downcast his eyes, not being able to watch the older man leave. He heard the jounin walk away and bedroom door click shut. He walked to the door and placed his hand on the solid wood, leaning his forehead against it. He shut his eyes and heard the front door click shut. There was a tightness in his throat that he always felt when the older man left for a mission. He shook his head and walked back to the bed, letting the throw pool around his feet as he slipped back under the covers. He rubbed his face into the pillow that smelled like his lover, the distinct scent lulled him to sleep.

Sixteen days later. The jounin stumbled through his bedroom window. The gray scarf still around his neck, as he slipped down his mask and tiredly smiled at the chunin, "I'm back."

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