I felt like writing something crazy and pointless!!!


Kanda hated moyashi. Simple as that. He hated his stupid kind-hearted ways. He hated his idiotic smile that was always implanted on his face. He hated everything about him.

Perhaps that was why they always went into arguments. They were usually ended by Lenalee though, who simply couldn't stand the ruckus they made.

However, one day, the fight was especially bad...

'How many times do I have to tell you to not to rush when you attack the damned akuma?! Look at what happened now! You practically destroyed the whole building!'

They were at a mission in Denmark and it wasn't going very well. They had being sent to check out some paranormal events but all they had found was a couple of kids playing jokes all around the city. Kanda had nearly sliced them all up for wasting his time if it was not for Allen.

And that got Kanda VERY pissed off with Allen. You can probably imagine the radiant face Allen must have put up when the akuma came. In fact, he was so happy to get away from a fuming Kanda that he simply shot at every akuma he saw, regardless of where it was.

How sad that they happened to be inside a hotel…

'Well, it's not my fault!!! It's you who's so scary! I had to go away… and…' but the mistake was made. He had blamed it on the terrifying Kanda. Kanda growled his fury and lashed out everywhere, destroying the whole hotel and Allen tried to get out of his way – which also helped destroyed the hotel.

After Kanda calmed down a bit and saw the mess, he then started panicking. Inside, of course. For they had recked the hotel. Literally. The people had to evacuate and there were some rumours floating around that there were two ghosts fighting each other.

When they got back to HQ, they found a furious Komui waiting for them outside. He was wearing a huge scowl and both Kanda and Allen knew that they were going to be in big trouble.

'What… simply What gave you the right to blast the hotel up into shreds!!???? The repair cost will go into your salary!'

Then, his whole expression changed. He broke into a wide grin which looked ridiculously malicious. They felt that they were treading in dangerous grounds here. They all knew what would happen when he looked like that.

'And as extra punishment… you will both be forced into a game of dares!'

Kanda and Allen both sweatdropped. Trust Komui to twist this into ways that would only benefit the idiot chief monitor. Oh god, what rules have he made for this?

'All exorcists, including bookman, Lenalee and Lavi and yourselves, of course, will be able to dare you two's with whatever they, or you like. Time limit: zero.'

Although his explanation was confusing, they got the gist of it. And they did NOT like it. Kanda swore under his breath and looked away, furious at Komui while Allen also looked the other way, worried at what Kanda would dare him.

'What's wrong? This should actually be fun for you two!'

Yeah sure.


A few days passed and the news started to spread about the dares. Quite a lot of people felt jealous of the exorcists, for who wouldn't want to be able to dare Kanda to do something without getting sliced up by mugen?

The exorcists were ecstatic about it, especially Lavi. Kanda seriously didn't want to think about what he would dare him. Today was day of the first dare and it would be his go first to dare Allen. At least there is one upside towards this. He gets to kill Allen slowly and painfully without any consequences.

His mouth curled into a small evil grin and he slowly made his way towards the hall where all the finder, exorcists and scientists were waiting. Today would be an interesting day indeed.


Who can guess what Kanda's dare for Allen is?