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Kanda woke up feeling a strange itch in his hair. He struggled in the chair but found he was still bound. Those barstards…

He felt a bit strange and somehow a bit tight in his pants yet at the same time a bit exposed. He wished he could sit up and scratch his hair but the ropes made it purely impossible. Was it just him or were was his hair a bit… heavier…

He could hear a strange shuffling noise and craned his head to take a look. There was a man in his early 30's bending down, looking through what looked like a bag. 'Oi,' Kanda said loudly. The man looked up and his eye's widened. 'Ah… You are awake…it seems…'

Kanda rolled his eye's. Well… what the old man think he was? Asleep and dreaming? Che. 'Untie me,' he ordered. The man winced. 'Ah I can't do that, you see…'

He ran out of the room, leaving Kanda behind, cursing and swearing. A few minutes later, Allen came in, along with Lenalee, Lavi and Komui. The younger one's jaw's dropped while Komui's hands flew to his mouth.

Kanda could see anger in all four of them and had no idea why they would be angry with him. He hadn't done anything wrong had he? In fact, it was THEM who tied him to the damned chair. Poor Kanda… he had no idea what the word lust meant. Well… this didn't really apply to Komui. Yes, he was quite surprised but that doesn't mean that he would fall in love with a 18 year old boy…

'Where's mugen?' he asked coldly, referring to the katana that they had stole. This seemed to stop their jaws from falling to the ground but sadly, just as that happened, a stream of blood dropped down from Allen's nose. Kanda looked at him in a disgust.

'Stupid moyashi getting sick,' he thought. A tiny twinge of concern fluttered across his face but none of them noticed. They were too busy staring to even answer Kanda's question. And that made him quite pissed.

'WOULD YOU MIND UNTYING ME!!' he roared, nearly bursting their eardrums. This woke them up.

Ahem Komui coughed. 'Right. Allen's dare has not finished yet and the second part of the dare is to stay in those clothes for the rest of the day.'

Kanda looked at them in confusion. Clothes…?

He was about to look down but Komui stopped him. He tilted his head and smirked. 'No, not until you get to a mirror.' Kanda scowled, but couldn't kill the man because of the now infuriating ropes. 'Well…' he growled threateningly, 'Untie me then.'

At this Komui sweatdropped. Ok… that was definitely not a good idea to say that… Komui looked at the other's for support but found they had already fled the scene. Traitors. They were probably standing behind the door, listening and ready to run as soon as he was free.

He walked slowly towards him, trying not to look at the glare that was directed straight at him. He undid the knots quickly, and then took a deep breath. 'It's… um… finished?'

Kanda took a deep breath, and then stood, glaring at everything he could see. He banged the door open to reveal a very shocked Allen standing in the doorway. Poor Allen. For one thing, he was staring at a Kanda that looked as if he was itching to murder someone and the other was that this Kanda was wearing… Ohh…

So what does Allen do in this situation? He faints of course.

But just as he was about to fall onto the floor, Kanda caught him on the shoulder's. He cursed under his breath. 'Stupid moyashi…' he muttered. He lifted him up bridal style and fled to his own room. He would accept the dare yes, but that didn't mean he would let everyone ogle at him for the rest of the day because of whatever he was wearing. He still had his pride to think about.

Once in his room, he laid Allen gently on the bed wondering what was wrong with him. He then went into the toilet to have a good look at himself.

His mouth twitched once. His mouth twitched twice. HE WAS GOING TO KILL MOYASHI.

He was wearing skin tight black leather pants that only went only knee length. It was torn in a fashionable way and had a humongous zipper on it's side. A belt with a silver clasp lay on top. The rest of his knee was bare as well as his foot.

He was wearing a sleeveless shirt that match his pants and was equally tight fitting. A voodoo necklace had been placed on his neck and was going to choke him sooner or later. But the thing made him seriously want to murder was his slicked hair.

It was let out and messed into a disarray that certainly didn't look like him. A fluffy pink pair of bunny ear were put there too. It stood out… a LOT with the leather that filled his body. He marched out, preparing to kill him there and then.

Allen was already awake and on the bed, looking around, confused. When he saw Kanda coming out of the bathroom he started drooling again, looking at the shirt which certainly didn't hide Kanda's well developed muscles well. He kept on staring until Kanda stormed in and hit him on the head with the nearest item he could find; a pillow.

'Ow!' he moaned, rubbing his head even though it didn't hurt. He certainly needed something to disturb him from Kanda's body shape and clothes. He felt as if he wanted to take the boy here and now. And… well… quite frankly, that would resolve to him being chopped up into minced meat.

Wait… Allen's mind cogs turned a bit… Kanda didn't have mugen… So he couldn't get chopped up. But that doesn't mean that he wasn't equally as lethal. But still he would have a better chance at it if he - Allen shook his head. Why the hell was he thinking of tactics to screw Kanda… Not to say that it wasn't very tempting…

Oh screw that word…

Ignoring his instinct to run, he leapt on top of the glaring but now surprised boy and pushed him onto the bed. Oh god… What was he doing? He looked down at the wide eyed Kanda. He was so going to get killed now…

But Kanda didn't move. He looked into Allen's lust filled eye's and suddenly he understood the word. He grinned a very un-Kanda like smile and pushed Allen down towards him. He gasped and Kanda took that chance to slip his tongue into Allen's mouth.

Even in his already hazed mind, he could still feel the warmth radiating from him and he let out satisfied moan. He ran his finger's into his hair and crushed his lips on Kanda's in turn, turning the tables drastically. He traced the insides of his mouth, tasting every corner of it.

When they finally parted, Allen leaned on Kanda, panting. But he didn't get to rest. Kanda pounced on him again, with a sexy smirk on his lips. Instead of kissing him of the lips though, he turned to the neck. Laying little butterfly kisses on his exposed skin, Allen only realised then that his coat was on the floor and his t-shirt half open.

Kanda must have took them off while they were kissing. Allen must be very immersed if he hadn't noticed that. Honestly. Not allowing that to disturb him, he started on his shirt's zipper. He pulled it down slowly and stared at the muscles that lay underneath. He trail his abs with his finger's. Oh god, they had being oiled.

Aroused, he slipped it off his shoulder's and dropped it onto the floor. He leaned forwards a bit and sank his teeth into Kanda's neck. He moaned, 'It better not leave a mark…' he mumbled.

Allen laughed and licked the slowly reddening spot on his neck. 'I really wish I could untie your hair you know,' he breathed, 'it was really silky before.'

'I think that's the only complaint I have about your looks…'


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