The Toad and the Stag used with permission from the story Harry Potter and the Marriage Contracts by Clelle65619 on


Geoffrey walked to the bar slowly the next day thinking hard over what had happened and what he should do next. Potter had said that both he and Candice had jobs here after the remodeling was finished. What exactly they were going to do was not something he was really not sure, what could two barely legal teen wizards want with a run down seedy little joint like this one. He knew one thing for sure, and that was that he was going to at the least grab his stuff from the bar before any contractors started to work on the place, less embarrassing questions that way.

The quite rumble of motorcycles and some loud, crass laughter caught his attention as he got closer to the bar. "Oh great! I forgot its time for the Vipers to show up for their daily watering." He turned the last corner and approached the gang gathered outside the bar.

"Hey its Geoffrey! He will let us in to get something to drink!"

"Sorry Spike. The bar is closed until further notice, new owners are going to start remodeling soon, I am just here to get some of my stuff out of the bar before hand."

"What about our deal with Jack? We drink for free and his place don't get smashed up any, think the new owners will agree to that as well?" Spike was at least trying to be reasonable, although Geoffrey could see that anger was starting to overcome him.

"Well Spike," He tried to sound reasonable, "I haven't talked with the new owners much so I couldn't tell you." He looked around as the rest of the gang turned their bikes off to hear the conversation better. This was going to be real ugly real quick if Spike didn't go away soon, there were only ten of them there at the moment with their girls, but the gang was actually very large and known for its violent actions.

"Well how about you open up for us then and call your new owners and we can have a little talk" Spike growled his eyes going completely cold. "Or me and the boys can use you to open the place ourselves." Spike was used to getting his way with everyone, even Geoffrey, but didn't know that it was because Jack had ordered that Spike and his gang were not to be touched.

"Spike you and your friends need to leave. Now." Geoffrey was really starting to like the idea of stretching his muscles a bit, and there were only ten of them at the moment. His blood was starting to sing its ancient song in his ears of battle and glory. Time seemed to slow down and he watched dispassionately as Spike ordered some of the gang to deal with him.

Geoffrey ducked around the first punch, and caught the chain the other was using as it came at him. He yanked with a fraction of his true power and the thug lost his hold on the chain as he was pulled off his feet and fell face first onto the pavement. He then used the chain to take the legs out from under the first attacker, whose head cracked hard on the ground, neither of the attackers stood back up.

( A few hours earlier, Longbottom Manor)

Harry woke up with a groan for the aching in his head and the stiffness of all his muscles. He groped around for his glasses before realizing they were still on his face. He looked around and recognized the living room of the Longbottom manor a strange aroma hit his nose.

"faugh! I smell like a three knut whore!" he exclaimed. The noise woke the other inhabitant of the room who was lying face down on the ground.

"Please Harry! For Merlin's sake have some sympathy for the dying and keep it down!" Neville groaned and pushed himself up off the ground and looked out the window onto the front lawn

"Harry?" he started "Why is there a muggle car parked on my front lawn?"

At this point Madam Longbottom herself appeared in the room and began a long winded speech on the perils and pitfalls of overconsumption. She did so quite loudly and insisted on having the Wireless playing in the background as well. She kept it up for over an hour before she let the two have the hangover cure and go get showered and changed. While changing into fresh clothes Harry found two documents that brought the whole previous night back. One was a deed to a muggle bar and the other was a cocktail napkin with the name Candice and an address. After showing them to Neville and his Gran, both the boys decided to go and see what their investment looked like in the light of the day. And what better way to start, Neville had declared, than by going to see Candice whom he vaguely remembered as being the bartender last night.

(Candice's apartment)

She never really got to sleep last night after watching her job probably evaporate when jack signed away the bar. "Who knows what the two new owners would do with the place now" she mused silently to herself. "What was I doing when I gave the taller one my address and phone number." She said out loud to the other inhabitant of the apartment, her cat Scritches. The cat just sat on her lap and purred contentedly as she stroked it rhythmically.

The sudden knock on her door startled the cat into flight, as she went to go answer the door she got a hold of the cricket bat she kept by the door. She opened it slowly to see the same two young men from the previous night, looking way to good for the amount of drinking they had done the night before.

"Miss Candice?" The one with the scar said "If you don't remember us, we ended up with ownership of your place of employment last night. We would like to come in and talk with you if we may."

The following conversation with her two new bosses was both frank and enlightening, they wanted her to take them to the bar and show them around! They said they had no real plans at the moment but hoped that she might be able to advise them, it was almost like her dream come true even more so when they said that she would still receive pay while the bar was closed. She had quickly grabbed her coat and led them off down the street to the bar, something nagging the back of her mind like she forgot something important. "Oh its probably nothing" she mused to herself.

(Crumpled Horn Parking Lot)

Harry, Neville and Candice turned the corner of the street in time to see Geoffrey take out the two gang members.

"Who are the bikers Candice?" Harry asked her

"They are a gang that Jack bought off with free drinks, they provided him with some protection from other gangs or the bobby's, and helped him peddle some of his 'winnings'" She replied remembering now what had been nagging her before "Tonights the night they mostly show up for drinks, as Jack's card games always took place the same time each week."

"Well Geoffrey can sure fight!" Neville said in awe as the man in question took another biker out of the fight"Could have used him a few days ago hey Harry?"

Harry just chuckled as they continued to watch Geoffrey fight the biker gang "Candice here's my cell please call the police. Coming Nev?"

"Wouldn't miss it for anything!"

Candice quickly called the police and reported a fight at the Crumpled Horn.

Meanwhile, Harry and Neville approached the crowd around Geoffrey who was finally starting to have trouble with the 4 to 1 odds. The two didn't give their opponents a chance to know they were there, Neville shattered the kneecap of one of the bikers and ducked the startled attack of his neighbor. Harry used his mobility to his advantage and led his opponent to within reach of Geoffrey, who used him as a club against the remaining three combatants. Harry moved in and helped Neville finish off his second opponent with a vicious kidney punch.

Geoffrey had begun to panic there for a moment when he saw Candice and his new bosses come around the corner after the first two thugs went down. He knew he had to finish the fight quickly and put a third down when the remaining five got off their bikes and waded in to fight. "Oh crap!" he had thought to himself. Then Neville and Harry had waded in and cut the odds down to something reasonable. By the time it was all over, 7 thugs were on the ground and not moving, the wail of police sirens could be heard off in the distance.

"Get out of here you guys, I will talk things out with the cops. You don't need to go through that." He had offered only to have them both refuse.

"We are going to be placing charges on them for endangering our employee and property." They had stated

The talk with the constables had gone very smoothly once Lord Potter and Lord Longbottom had introduced themselves as the new owners of the property and the bikers were hauled off for treatment and processing.