Shawn left the shower and returned to the still abandoned dressing room.

He thought that Kevin might be back by now, but guessed he probably got talking to somone. Shawn sat on the bench, towel wrapped around his waist and decided that drying himself off right now was too much effort. His mind was on other things. Like Aimee.

He didn't like it that she was the one thing on his mind. Not when he had other things that should be more pressing. Like his marriage failing.

Sometimes he wondered why he went through with his marriage to Teresa. He felt like after he accidentally proposed to her he had to go through with things all the way and maybe everything would end up being perfect. That they'd fall helplessly in love. That she'd be supportive of his job and he'd want to be with her when he was off work. But it never happened. They never fell in to true love. She never enjoyed wrestling and he would rather spend his time away from his home and with his work buddies that with her. Especially now. Things were very different now than they were just one year earlier. Then he had work friends but no one he'd call a friend out of work. Since Kevin had coma along it had changed. They just clicked. Everything about them seemed to gel so perfectly and Shawn felt like he'd known Kevin for years, not only months. He was always cool about everything and he looked out for Shawn like he was one of Shawn's own brothers. He wasn't sure he offered Kevin enough back in return. There wasn't much he could give back. He wasn't smart enough to offer good advice, he wasn't strong enough to look out for him. Short of that, he wasn't sure what he could do for the big guy. So he decided that the best thing he could do was to at least be honest with him. And at least he'd be a good friend.

Kevin was that as well, of course.

The door to the dressing room opened and Bret Hart walked in. That wasn't a shocking thing, this wasn't exactly a private dressing room. Shawn nodded a greeting at the man, and Bret made some slight head movement to acknowledge the other man. Just behind him came Bob Backlund. He was someone that Bret occasionally hung around with. On the rare occasions when he didn't want to be by himself, which was most of the time.

Shawn carried on sitting where he was, but pulled his bag closer to him as he started to search for clothes to change into. He was pretty dry by now and he quickly chnaged into some jogging pants and a t-shirt. Their work here was done for today and it was time to go home now. As Shawn changed, he could here the casual conversation between Bret and Bob. They were both critiquing the others match, what bits went well and things the other felt could have been better.

Shawn had changed and started packing his bag up when he heard Bret call him name. He looked across the locker room at the two men looking his way.

"Have you seen that new girl?" Bret asked. Bob started to sort through his bag, clearly not interested in the conversation the two younger men were about to have.

"Aimee? Yeah, Vince bought her by." Shawn said casually.

"Yeah, she looks like a real nice piece of work, huh?" Bret said.

Shawn frowned at the comment, but before he could reply to it, a voice called to him. He turned to see Kev peering round the door. "You coming?" He asked.

Shawn reached down and picked up his bag and Kevin's and walked out of the room.