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Chapter 1 – School's Out!


I could not concentrate on my Spanish teacher as she was explaining what we needed to do to be ready for our college classes in the fall. All I could think about was that it was finally the last day of school. I am finally graduating. Oh my god, I am REALLY graduating.

I really didn't think this day would ever come. I already knew this summer was going to be the best summer of my life because I would get to spend it with the love of my life, Edward Cullen, without any worries from school or work.

He had told me that he had some ideas for what to do to keep us occupied during the three wonderful months that we could spend everyday together, but he refused to let me in on the ideas. The idea of just laying together in our meadow everyday was the best suggestion I could come up with.

Finally the bell sounded, signaling that it was time for lunch; my favorite part of the day because it was half an hour of uninterrupted time with Edward. Well, normally it was uninterrupted, unless Edward's "siblings" had some type of joke to embarrass me or someone else.

I was gathering up my books as fast as I could when I felt a tap on my shoulder. It was Jessica. She was all smiles as I turned to face her.

I knew she was still dating Mike, much to his displeasure. He still wasn't accepting the fact that I was dating Edward, but he would have to get over it.

As I said, "Hello," to Jessica, I was wracking my brain trying figure out what she wanted to talk to me about. Finally, I remembered that Edward had told me she was going to be spending part of her vacation with Mike in California.

She probably just wanted to gloat. That was so much like her. We hadn't really gotten along since she realized that Mike wanted me more than he wanted her.

"Hey Bella. I just wanted to tell you to have a good summer vacation," Jessica said with a smug little grin on her face. She knew I didn't have any big plans like she did.

"You, too Jessica," I decided to indulge her since I probably wouldn't see her for a while. "Do you have any big plans for break?"

"Well," she started, trying to hold in her emotion, "Mike and I are going down to California for a couple of weeks. His parents have a time-share on the beach. I am going to sunbathe everyday! I hope I have a really great tan when I get back."

"Tell Mike I said hello and have fun. Be careful not to get sun burned. Bye," I said as I was leaving, knowing Edward would be right outside the door waiting.

Sure enough, as soon as I turned the corner I saw him standing there with that crooked little smile and his topaz colored eyes that I loved so much. I walked quickly over to him, stood on my tiptoes and gave him a little kiss. His cool lips felt like ice next to mine, but I decided I liked ice a long time ago.

"What was that for?" Edward asked as he wrapped his arm around my waist and started to walk towards the cafeteria. "Not that I am complaining. I enjoy when you surprise me like that."

I knew I could surprise him often since I was only person whose thoughts he could not read. I loved the way he would hold me close enough to him when we walked that I could feel his granite muscles beneath his shirt.

"I am just so glad that it is almost summer break. Although I wish you would fill me in on what we are doing this summer; it would be greatly appreciated."

"Bella, if I told you that, it wouldn't be a surprise, now would it?"

I had to giggle. I had been trying to pry this information out of Edward for weeks, but for once, he remained tight-lipped. Normally, if I bugged him long enough, he would give in and tell me. Unfortunately, it became blatantly apparent that I was not going to get it out of him this time.

"Alright, I give up. You don't have to tell me now, but eventually I will get it out of you."

"And how exactly do you propose to do that, my love?"

"The same way you persuade me to answer your questions. I will dazzle you with my… 'talents'," I winked, but blushed when I realized what I had just said. Edward just smiled at me.

We were standing in the lunch line now, even though I was too excited about this summer to eat and Edward obviously wouldn't be eating the food.

I glanced over to the table where his family was sitting. They were all trying to hold in their giggles. It then hit me that they had heard what I said. Stupid vampire hearing.

I became quickly frustrated with Edward as he started laughing when I realized his family was listening. I pried myself from his grasp, which wasn't as easy as it sounded.

I had already warned them about listening in on our private conversations, but I guess they didn't take the hint. Edward and I were going to have to come up with something to get them back.

"Sorry Bella, but you should have seen the look on your face. I thought you would know by now that they are always listening to us," Edward said and looked at me with his enchanting eyes and flawless crooked smile.

"Stop dazzling me, Edward, or I won't go with you this summer," I said defiantly, hoping he would take the hint and not call my bluff. There was no way I was going to miss this summer with him.

We took our trays to the table and sat down next to each other.

"Listen up," I said to Edward's family in the same tone of voice that I had just had with Edward.

"I am going to warn you one more time. If you do not stay out of Edward's and my conversations, there will be hell to pay, and I mean it. I will spend the rest of eternity coming up with ways to torment you. Am I clear?"

God, did I really just say that? I sounded like my mother when she was trying to be parental, better yet, I sounded like Esme.

"We're sorry Bella. We just couldn't help it. Edward looked like he was going to burst at any moment, so we had to know what was going on," Alice said smiling at me. "By the way, you will get it out of him with your 'talents'."

I giggled and Edward just smirked. He knew Alice was right. No one ever bet against Alice; she could, after all, see the future.

"Thanks Alice. Any chance you will just tell me now so I don't have to keep guessing?"

"Not a chance," Alice and Edward said in sync.

Edward continued, "I keep telling you it's a surprise. Plus, I love it when you pout like that when you don't get your way. It only makes you more beautiful."

I was pouting, but I knew it wasn't going to get me anywhere right now. I was actually somewhat glad they wouldn't tell me now, but I didn't want them to know that. If it were similar to what I was thinking about, I would want to be alone with Edward when he told me so I could thank him for coming up with such a wonderful idea.

I still wasn't too comfortable with displays of affection in front of his siblings, and I doubted we would ever be as comfortable as Rosalie and Emmett were about their relationship.

Edward and I witnessed this just yesterday when we caught them 'in the act' in the garage. I had had nightmares because of it. I hoped they would be more considerate about where their 'romps' took place, but I seriously doubted it. They didn't really seem to care who saw what.

"Don't worry Bella. You will love it. I am sure," Alice said as she tapped her temple. "You will find out really soon. I promise."

Before I knew it, lunch was over. Edward and I were on our way to biology, walking together with our arms wrapped around each other's waists. I really didn't mind this class because I spent it with him, but today was probably going to be an exception.

We had been informed yesterday that today we would be having a guest speaker from Planned Parenthood. She was here to discuss the various kinds of birth control and our options should a "problem" arise.

I had to laugh when I heard about the speaker because I knew that would never be a problem with Edward, and even though nothing like that has happened between us yet, it would still be embarrassing to sit next to him while listening to it.

We had discussed taking our relationship to the next level, but Edward was still too cautious to even consider anything that could hurt me. I tried to reassure him that I wasn't going to get hurt, but he was being stubborn.

When I complained to him last night, Edward said I had nothing to worry about and that I just got embarrassed too easily, though that is true.

I grimaced as we walked to our lab table. He put his hand in mine as we sat down and said, "I will be on my best behavior. You have nothing to worry about. I promise."

It made me smile to know he would do his best to make this as painless as possible. "I love you," I whispered into his ear quickly before the teacher started to introduce our guest speaker.

He leaned over and brushed my hair that had fallen in face behind my ear. He smiled and mouthed, "I love you too" before turning his attention to the speaker.

His hand on my skin had caused my heart to start beating a little bit faster. Edward looked over at me and smiled. He had noticed the change in my heartbeat, as always.

It made him proud to know he still had that effect on me even though we had been together for almost a year and half. He thought I would get over it, but I didn't think that would ever happen. He was too intoxicating.

The speaker was generally an average woman although she was wearing an unflattering dress that made her look ten times older than she probably was and 20 pounds heavier.

Her hair was sandy blonde and had a little wave to it, but her eyes were almost black, just like Edward's were if he went too long without hunting. I knew other vampires existed, but I didn't think I would ever encounter another one in normal life.

Edward must have felt me tense up because he scooted closer to me swiftly and asked, "What's wrong?"

"The speaker," I hissed without anyone around us noticing, "is there something you need to tell me about her?" Hoping he would get the point and fill me in if, I was in danger.

"What are you talking about?" he retorted.

I rolled my eyes and said as loud as I could without drawing attention to us, "Her eyes, they look like yours when you need to hunt."

He laughed silently before answering, "Oh, is that what you are worried about? There is no need to be concerned. She is human."

I sighed with relief, relaxed a little bit, and turned my attention back to her. She was going on about the Pill, the Patch and intrauterine methods available to prevent pregnancy in addition to the use of condoms.

I couldn't keep still. I just kept looking at Edward and the clock, then back to Edward. Edward looked so sexy in that shirt. How I could be thinking about that at a time like this was a mystery to me. This couldn't, no, wouldn't, end soon enough. Only one more period left and I would be free from this forever.

The speaker spoke up and brought me out of my trace as she asked if there were any questions. Before anyone could raise their hand, a box was thrust at her. It was the questions we had written anonymously yesterday for her.

She pulled out one but looked flustered by the question. I looked quizzically at Edward. He just grinned. I could tell from his reaction that this was going to be good.

From the stories, I had heard following prom, I knew there were a few people that were worrying about what had happened that night. I had a feeling she had pulled out one of those questions.

The speaker stammered as she read the first question aloud, "The first question is about the technical definition of losing ones virginity. Well, there really isn't an absolute definition of 'losing ones virginity', but normally it involves," she winced before she could finish her sentence, "penetration during sexual intercourse. I hope that answers the question.

Okay, next question. 'If someone is 'late', how long should she wait until she takes a pregnancy test?' Normally if her menstruation is not on time and she takes a test within a day or two after realizing she is late, a pregnancy test should confirm or refute any suspicions, but to know for sure, she would have to visit a doctor."

As she finished her answer, the bell rang. The teacher said quickly "Sorry we didn't get to all your questions. If you still need an answer to your question, you can contact Ms. Burns by email. It is on the board. Have a good summer."

Edward and I immediately got up out of our seats. He gathered both of our books, and we were out of the room before he finished talking. "Only one more class, then I am free, but unfortunately it is gym. Hopefully we don't have to do anything too strenuous today," I said as Edward was leading me away from the room.

Once we got the gym, he picked me up in his cool, muscular arms so he could give me a kiss. It was one of his deep, sensual kisses that made me long for more. I wished he trusted himself enough to prolong the enjoyment, but he still wasn't sure about the boundaries.

Frankly, I didn't care about the boundaries anymore. I just wanted his stone lips to stay on mine forever. It would be so much better when I was a vampire because then we wouldn't have to break apart for me to breathe.

He set me back down ever so gently and held me there for a moment as if to make sure I was okay. He knew what his kisses could do to me, and this one was certainly no exception. My heart was beating faster than a hummingbird's wings flapped. He gave my hand a little squeeze and smiled, and then he was gone.

I turned to go into the locker room to change, but noticed that everyone was sitting on the bleachers in their normal street clothes. This was great, I thought to myself. I wouldn't even have to break a sweat. I am sure Edward would also appreciate that I hopefully wouldn't get injured or injure anyone else today, but I wasn't going to make any promises just yet, knowing how clumsy I was.

The teacher walked into the gym carrying what looked to be a first aid kit and a poster board. There was a kid behind him wheeling in a TV cart. I started to panic.

Was there going to be any blood involved in this training? If it is just in the movie, I am okay, but what am I going to do if I have to do something with real blood? I can't have Edward come and get me; the smell of the blood will make him go insane. I would just have to ride it out, but Edward had gym earlier and he hadn't said anything about blood. Hopefully that meant that I had nothing to be worried about.

Last time I was around blood at school, I had to be escorted to the nurse's office by Mike, but luckily, Edward came to my rescue before Mike could do anything that I wouldn't approve of.

"So since it's the last day, I thought it would be nice if we learned about something other than sports today. With that being said, we are going to learn a little about CPR and first aid," the teacher said as the students groaned.

"First I need you to break into pairs, and then one person from each pair needs to come here and get an instruction sheet. I will start the video, and once it has finished the first section, I will demonstrate the proper techniques again for those of you who won't pay attention during the movie, and then you guys get to try it."

I knew instantly that Mike would want to be my partner. Even though he knew I was perfectly happy with Edward, he kept trying to convince me that Edward was wrong for me and that I should be dating someone like him. Well not so much someone like him, he wanted me to date him specifically. I reluctantly agreed to be his partner, mostly because there was no one else left to choose.

"Hi, Mike. Thanks for being my partner today," I said as he grabbed the instruction sheet and came to sit next to me on the bleachers. I tried to sound as convincing as possible without sounding overly excited about being this close to him.

He must have got the point because he said without much enthusiasm, "Me too."

The video started. The first part was about first aid and how to properly assess people's needs and how to treat them to the best of your ability until a doctor or paramedic arrived if needed.

The movie ended, and the teacher got up and handed each pair a compress wrap. He said, "Take turns wrapping each others ankle correctly. I will be coming around to make sure it is done right. Once you are finished with that, read over the sheet I have given you and start working on the proper techniques of the Heimlich maneuver." The teacher made his way around as Mike started applying the wrap to my ankle.

"So, Bella, do you have any big plans for break?"

I knew where he was going with this. He was trying to do the same thing Jessica tried to do. "No, not that I know of." It wasn't a lie because I really didn't know what we were doing.

"I heard you and Jessica are going down to California. I hope you two have a good time." He had finished wrapping my ankle, so he undid it and handed it to me to start wrapping his ankle.

"Yeah, I am pretty excited. Actually, I invited Angela and Ben and Lauren and Tyler to join us too."

"Oh, that will be nice," I said as I tried to think of something to ask because I had a feeling I knew where this was going. "Did I do this right?" I pointed towards his wrapped ankle.

"That is perfect. So I was, umm, I was wondering if maybe you wanted to join us in California," he stuttered.

Crap. "Umm, well, I can't. Sorry, I have a lot of reading I need to get done and my dad probably wouldn't let me anyway. He is still a little paranoid that I am going to leave and never come back, but you guys have fun." Hopefully that would work and he wouldn't ask me again or worse, ask Charlie for me.

"That's too bad," he said disappointedly. "You want to work on the Heimlich maneuver now?"

We finished the Heimlich maneuver as the teacher announced that we would now be watching the video on CPR but we wouldn't get to apply the procedure ourselves. I breathed a sigh of relief; Mike sighed too, but I think it was in disappointment.

He would use whatever advantage he could to be near me. I was thankful that we had run out of time. The thought of Mike Newton anywhere near my lips was revolting, and I knew Edward would have something to say to Mike afterwards.

The movie ended just as the bell rang. That was it; high school is finally over. I am free. I hurried out of the gym, jumped into Edwards awaiting arms and excitedly smashed my lips into his. He returned the kiss with just as much enthusiasm. I had a feeling he was just as excited about this summer as I was.

He took me by the waist and led me towards his Volvo at a pace a little faster than human. Luckily, there wasn't anyone except his siblings in the parking lot, so no one noticed our quick movements. They were already standing in between his car and Rosalie's BMW. They were talking, but I couldn't understand what they were saying.

"Edward, what are they talking about?" I snapped.

"Nothing you need to worry about right now," he said with a smirk on his face

I knew something was up, but Edward just opened the passenger door. I climbed in and shut the door as Edward climbed into the driver's seat. He started the car and pulled out of the parking lot without saying a word to me.

"Edward Cullen, what is going on?"

"Nothing." I could tell by looking at his eyes that he wanted to tell me.

"Please just tell me what it is. At least give me a hint. Please?" I begged.

"No," he looked back at me. His eyes said there was something else, but I couldn't decipher if it was fear or excitement.

Edward hasn't been this secretive since he realized that James wasn't going to leave me alone until he had killed me. I started to become scared that something like that was going to happen again.

Last time I had to leave my dad and Forks, trick Alice and Jasper into letting me go so I could save my mom, only to find out was a trick. I thought I lost my one true love, and then I almost died. I really hoped history wasn't about to repeat itself. I may not survive it this time.

I stroked the crescent shaped scar on my hand where James had bitten me, forcing Edward to suck the venom out to save me. It was always just a little bit cooler than the rest of my body.

I had to push all those thoughts from my head. Nothing like that was going to happen. This is going to be the best summer ever, and I wasn't going to let anything change that.

"So what happened in gym today?" Edward said coyly as he brought me out of my daze.

I was so worried with what everyone was talking about that I almost forgot about gym. "You know exactly what happened, so don't play dumb with me. I am sure you were listening in on Mike's thoughts. Why didn't you warn me that we were doing CPR in class today?"

"I didn't think you would care that much. Alice informed me of it this morning, so I skipped. It would be somewhat hard to explain why no one could find my pulse. I asked Alice to see how far your class would get, just to make sure that Mike wouldn't get anywhere near your lips. She saw that you would run out of time and not get to the CPR part. Now if you would have, I would have come in, made up an excuse, and taken you away before Mike could lay a finger on you. You had nothing to worry about. I wasn't going to let anything happen to you."

"Well, thank you for looking out for me, but it would have nice to have a little warning beforehand."

"I will keep that in mind for next time. That way I can be there too. You can practice on me if you want." He flashed me his glistening teeth.

"There won't be a next time," I said sternly. "So I assume you heard Mike ask me to go to California with him."

"Yes. Nice excuse by the way, so I guess if I asked you to go somewhere with me and the rest of the family, you would say the same thing?" he grinned.

"No," I said immediately. "I want to go with you. I was just trying to come up with some excuse not to go with him. So where are you taking me?"

"You will just have to wait and find out, and just to be on the safe side I will have Carlisle call Charlie and invite you so you don't have to ask him yourself."

By this time, we were sitting in my driveway. I hopped out of the car, but not before Edward pulled me into a loving embrace for a kiss. I ran my fingers through his hair as he did the same thing to mine, but I knew this wouldn't last for too much longer.

I pressed even harder into him hoping to distract him, but it didn't work. He released me gently and said, "I will see you in a little bit, my love."

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