Chapter 2 The Way it Ended

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Chapter 2 The Way it Ended

A mouth later after Trent's death, Kira went to say her goodbyes to everyone before leaving for New York. She was going to try to get a recording contract. It was going to be heartbreaking telling them all goodbye.

"Kira, we're going to miss you," Ethan said.

"Oh, and… I am too," she sobbed.

Kira shook her head and pull him into her arms. She released him and her eyes met Conner's.

"Take care of yourself, girl," Conner said.

"I will, Conner," Kira half smiled.

Conner looked down as she laughed.

"Come here," Kira said.

He took hold of her waist as Kira flung her arms around his neck. When Kira got to Tommy, she was at a loss for words. She didn't know what to say to him yet there was so such to say.

"You have fun in New York," Tommy said.

"Dr. O, you've always been like a father to me," Kira choked.

Tommy didn't know how to react when she threw herself in his arms. He patted her on the head. He hadn't realized just how much of an influence he had had on these three teenagers.

"Get that record deal, Kira," Ethan said as Kira walked towards the door.

"You'll be the first to know," she smiled.

With that, she left.

"She'll be alright, won't she," Conner asked.

"Of course," Tommy said.


Kira sat on her bed the night she got into New York. It wasn't big, but she didn't mind. It was only her anyway.

"Oh, Trent," Kira sighed.

It still hurt thinking about that day. Kira found herself reliving the day in her dream that night.


Trent smiled as he saw that Ethan and Conner hadn't gotten to class yet. This was the time to ask Kira. She was sitting there silently waiting for class to being.

"Hey you," Trent said, kissing her on the cheek.

"Hey, Trent," Kira smiled.

She couldn't help but look in Dr. O's direction to see if he had seen them. He was too busy looking at a paper to have even noticed.

"So, has anyone asked you to the prom yet," he asked.

She rolled her eyes and laughed.

"Trent…" Kira began.

"Do you want to go with me," he asked.

"Why are you asking? We are dating," Kira said.

Trent looked down and also laughed.

"I don't know. It'd just feel weird not asking," he said.

Kira smiled and hugged Trent.

"You're so sweet," she said.

Forgetting that they were in a class room, Trent and Kira leaned in to kiss each other.

"Get a room you two," the voice of Conner laughed.

Kira's face turned red and they broke apart.

"Conner… Ethan. Didn't see you guys there," Trent said.

"Apparently not," Ethan laughed.

"Be nice you two," Kira said, still trying to pull herself together.

Conner threw one arm around Trent.

"Trent knows we're joking with him," he said.


Kira, Trent, Conner, and Ethan ran into the lab after being called by Tommy.

"What's going on," Conner asked.

"It's Zeltrax. He has that civilian," Tommy said.

When Trent turned to the screen, his mouth fell open.

"Guys, that's Elsa," he said.

They all looked at him in shock.

"No, way," Conner gasped.

"She must've been under Mesogog's influence," Tommy said.

Ethan finally turned from the screen.

"We got to help her," he said.

Kira, Trent, Conner, and Tommy nodded.

"Let's do it," Tommy said.

The four went to the middle of the floor. Kira glanced over at Trent.

"This may be the last time we morph," she whispered.

He gripped her hand tightly.

"Then lets make it count," Trent said.

"Ready," Conner asked.

"Ready," they said.

"Dino thunder power up," they all yelled.


Conner, Kira, and Ethan had just destroyed all the Tyranndrones.

"We got to get out of here," Ethan said.

He grabbed Kira's hand and started running. She pulled it away and stopped. Ethan and Conner turned.

"Come on, let's get back to Hayley and Tommy," Conner said.

Tears swelled in her eyes.

"No, we can't! Trent's still in there," Kira cried.

She pointed to the building where Trent was rescuing his father.

"Kira, there's an invisaportal in there, remember? They'll make it out," Ethan said.

Kira shook her head violently.

"No, I'm staying," she said.

"Kira…" Ethan began.

He touched her shoulder, but she pulled it away.

"Please," Ethan begged.

Kira looked away and didn't say anything for a while.

"Guys, are you coming," someone asked from Conner's communicator.

"We're on our way, Dr. O," Conner said.

He turned back to Kira.

"Well," Conner asked.

Kira looked from his gaze.

"Let's go," Ethan said.

He and Conner began to walk away.

"Fine," Kira snapped.

She gave a heavy breath and began to follow them.


Kira was being pulled into the big rig by Conner. The island was about to explode and they needed to leave. The only problem was that Trent and Anton had not got out of the building yet.

"Let go of me," Kira yelled.

"Get in," Conner commanded.

"I need to get them out," Kira cried.

"They'll get out of there," Ethan told her.

"Please get in," Tommy said.

Kira's eyes never left the building as she got in. She was the first one out after they passed through the invisaportal.

"Where are they," Kira asked.

She was soon joined by the rest.

"It's not like they're going to fall out of the sky," Ethan said.

Tommy's eyebrows lowered as Conner, Kira, and Hayley rolled their eyes.

"Seriously," Conner asked.

"It worked last time," Ethan said.

Kira shook her head and turned back from them.

"God, please let them be alright," she prayed.

She closed her eyes, hoping Anton and Trent would be in front of her she they opened.

"Anton! Trent," Tommy yelled.

Kira opened her eyes and smiled. Something wasn't right though.

"Dr. Mercer," Ethan asked.

"No way," Hayley gasped.

Kira put her hands over her mouth.

"Trent," she cried.

"Kira…" Ethan and Conner said.

They tried to pull her back, but they couldn't.

"Trent, wake up! Wake up your ass up," Kira yelled.

Anton fell to the ground, Trent still in his arms.

"Kira, he's gone," Tommy said.

She buried her head in Tommy chest as he pulled her up.


Kira woke up in an cold seat.

"Damn it," she moaned.

She couldn't sleep for the rest of the night.

The End


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