Chapter 2: Misunderstanding

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The two birds were sitting on top of a hill, just enjoying the wind and scenery.

"Raven?" "Yeah?"

"What if… we broke up because of something?" Robin stuttered. "What?" Raven said. "No, we'll never break up." She ended with a smile. "Right…" Robin muttered to himself. He was pondering whether Starfire would do anything to break them apart. "Uh… Is this about Star?" Raven asked him. "S… Starfire? Heck, no!" Robin replied anxiously. He knew Raven knew he was lying.

"I know that Starfire has a enormous thing for you…" Raven answered. "But, that doesn't mean it'll break us apart." Robin looked up at her. He wanted to shake off this whole topic. "Raven, you know how beautiful your eyes are?"

She blushed. "Why this topic?" she said softly. Robin caressed her face. "Because I love you." He replied. Raven blushed more. "Robin…"

Robin simply smiled at her. "You're the only person I will love in my life, I promise." Raven smiled back. "Same here." And they ended in a kiss.


"You back?" Cyborg said as the two birds entered the Main Room. "Yea." Robin replied. He turned to Raven. "I'll put the stuff down first. I'll be at your room later."

The Goth nodded and headed for her room. Robin watched her go. He smiled and placed the items into the kitchen. He approached Raven's door and knocked on it. "Just a sec." The voice inside the room answered.

As Robin waited for Raven to open the door, Starfire walked up to him and grabbed him by the collar. "Star? What are you…" Robin didn't have the chance to continue speaking as Starfire seized him in a passionate kiss, which Robin didn't want. Unluckily, at that same time, Raven opened the door.


Raven immediately slammed the door shut. Robin pushed Starfire away. "What were you doing?!" Robin hollered at her. "Breaking apart. You and her." Starfire stated coldly. She turned and left quickly. His attention turned towards Raven. He knocked on the door. "Raven! Let me explain! You've misunderstood!" Robin shouted as he banged on the door, but to no avail. Soon, Raven opened the door.

Although the gap was pretty small, Robin could see that she was crying. "Raven… I need to explain… It's not what you think it is!" "No! Get out. Get out now." Her words fell on deaf ears as Robin grabbed her. "I really love you. Starfire… she… she just kissed me… I didn't-"

"Get out!!"

With tears streaming down her cheeks uncontrollably, she used her powers and shoved Robin out of her room, locking the door while he was out. Robin hit the wall opposite and fell to the floor. "She does know how to injure someone…" he muttered under his breath. He picked himself up and continued to bang at Raven's door.

"Please open up! Raven!" he called. No response, only sniffing. Eventually, Robin was having his back leant against her door and slid to the floor.

Raven was doing the same. Her tears were practically enough to wash her face repeatedly. "Robin…"


"I love you…" they said simultaneously.


"You back?" Raven asked as she saw Terra coming in from the door. "I'm fine. I'm back." She replied. "It's great to be home!"

Terra threw her haversack onto the floor and plopped onto the couch beside Raven. "Still into your herbal tea?" "Yeah…"

"Where did you go?" Raven asked.

"Oh, out. As usual. To the huge world out there. It's just lying there, waiting for people to admire it." Terra said. "Mother Nature is really oh-so-talented to weave such a wonderful creation." Terra smiled.

"You should have been there. It's too pretty. Anyway, how's everybody?"

"Fine." Raven answered. "Except Beast Boy."

"What?!" Terra shrieked. "What's wrong??"

"He's missing you." Terra laughed at that. "Ah, I knew that. Cy?"

"He's good. Including his love life."

"What, he's got a girlfriend?"

"Maybe. Ask him instead." "How's Starfire?" Raven's heart sank when she heard that. "Uh… She's okay."

"What's wrong?" "Nothing…"

"You and Rob? You both steady?" Terra asked. The Goth could feel her heart shatter into a million pieces. "He…" she stuttered. Tears began to form in her amethyst eyes.

"Raven?" Terra said in concern.

"We… we broke… up." Raven managed to finish off her sentence. That bitter feeling inside her, the feeling of sadness, pain and remorse. Robin was her first love, and her deepest one too. Is this relationship going to end like this? She had a gut feeling no.

"Wh… why?"

"Starfire… she was… kissing Robin…" her heart ached further when she said the word 'kissing'. "…You know how it feels. That… pain… He promised that I'll be the only person he'll… he'll ever love…" A single tear fell from her eye.

Terra pulled Raven into a hug. "I felt as though… my heart… was stabbed…"

"Are you alright?"

Wiping away a teardrop with the back of her hand, she forced a faint smile, "I'm alright… Really…"

"Listen. I'll talk to Robin about this. Including the rest." Terra reassured her. "This relationship is not ending. I'm sure Robin is not that kind of person. He loves you so deeply…"

Raven smiled and nodded silently. "Thanks."

"It's no problem, Rae."

Terra picked up her haversack, which was on the floor. Raven watched as her friend walked into the corridor and being embraced by an excited Beast Boy. Raven smiled as she saw that.

"I hope she can really stop our break up." She thought to herself.

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