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Chapter 1

Pittsburgh International Airport was deserted, all except those stranded by the winter storm.

Sesshomaru was livid, there were to leave yesterday morning, when the storm hit. They had already had delay after delay, been told they were cleared to leave, and had given up their rooms. Now, he could find no accommodations, because of the holiday. It wouldn't matter to him; but Inuyasha, Kagome and their son, Kyo was with him. Kagome was heavy with pup, and needed a bed.

The lanky, young, black man, dressed in an Army uniform sitting across from them was obviously waiting for someone. He looked over at them from time to time, watching as Sesshomaru made call after call. Suddenly, he stood up and looked at the young woman heading their way.

She wore a hooded parka, jeans, and hiking boots. Her hood was down and Sesshomaru could see she had dark brown hair, it was cut short and curls framed her face. She had delicate features, except her lips which were quite full. Her eyes were light brown, but had an inner warmth that seemed to come directly from her heart.

"Nev!", the young man said, "It's so good to see you. I've missed all you guys."

She hugged him, "Denzel, we have missed you too. Welcome home!"

He talked to her quietly, looking over at them from time to time. She turned and walked to them smiling.

She stopped before Sesshomaru and said, "My name is Nevaeh Danvers and my friend Denzel seems to think you are stuck in this god forsaken place. Have you been able to find rooms? If not, and you don't mind a long drive, you will be more than welcome to come home with us and stay until the weather allows you to leave."

She gave him a smile that was open and honest. She posed no threat and obviously just wanted to help. Her smile was like a shot to the gut, but, he thought about Kagome and knew that he would not refuse if Inuyasha agreed to it.

He nodded and said, "My name is Taisho, Sesshomaru and this is my brother Inuyasha, his wife Kagome, and their son, Kyo. Let me speak with my brother a moment and I will have an answer for you."

She walked back to her friend and waited while they discussed it. She heard the word Christmas and the little boy said something about Santa, and she smiled. "Don't worry little one, you won't be missed by Santa. If, I can get the grown ups to agree.", she thought.

Sesshomaru and the others finished talking and he came over to her. "We would be very grateful for the room. We were not looking forward to staying here.", he said.

Her smile seemed to light up the room, "Great. Do you have anything to bring with you?" He nodded and pointed. "Come on. We have a long way to go, and it's getting worse while we stand here.", she said.

Everyone gathered their things and she led them to a Chevy Suburban parked in the pick up zone. She opened the door and Inuyasha helped Kagome and Kyo get settled inside. Then, she walked to the back and opened it for Sesshomaru and Denzel to store their bags.

As she shut the back, she looked at Sesshomaru, "Tell your sister-in-law not to worry about Christmas, it's covered." She grinned at him. She excused herself and pulled out a cell phone.

"Hey, Cookie. We are on our way, do me a favor though. Put another cot up in the boys room and make up the other spare bedrooms. I'm bringing home some people who were stranded. See you in a few.", she said.

She slid into the driver's side and wasn't surprised to see Sesshomaru sitting in the passenger seat. She looked into the rear view mirror, "Goodnight, Denzel. I'll wake you when we get there.", mumbling was all she heard. She chuckled and looked at Sesshomaru, "Ready?"

At his nod, she dropped the truck into gear and pulled away. Sesshomaru was surprised at the confident way this woman handled such a big vehicle on ice and snow covered roads. She glanced over at him, "I grew up around here. I drive on roads like this all the time. I also, live in what's called a snow belt. We get more severe snow storms there. You'll see what I mean."

"Where do you live?", he asked.

"I own a small farm outside of a tiny town named Brookville. It's close to the Allegheny National Forest.", she said.

He became silent, so that, she could concentrate on driving. He did notice how the roads were becoming worse as they traveled northward. She pulled off once and put chains on the tires. Then, she called her house again.

"Cookie, I'm in Clarion. We're almost there. How's Daniel?", she asked sounding anxious. "Put him on. Hi, sweetie. Yes, I'm on my way. I promise I'll be home. Soon, very soon, baby. I have to go slowly, it's snowing pretty bad. I know, Santa comes tonight. Love you.", she soothed him.

She smiled at Sesshomaru, "That was my foster son, Daniel. He's about your nephew's age." She pulled out onto the highway again, as they hit Brookville. She asked Inuyasha to wake Denzel and ask him to sit up and put on his seat belt.

"Things are going to get bumpy.", she downshifted and slowed down the vehicle to a stop at the end of the off ramp. She pulled out onto the two lane highway. "We aren't far now.", she said to no one in particular.

She finally pulled off to a secondary road, then into a long drive way. "Damn, Josh, you didn't plow this. I'm going to kick your butt.", she mumbled to herself. She pulled in front of a huge single story house.

The front door flew open and a small, black boy ran out, carrying a small red fire truck. Kagome gasped when she saw the burn scars that covered his arms and face. "His mother was cooking crystal meth and it blew up. She was killed instantly and Daniel was burnt over seventy percent of his body.", she got out before he almost tackled her.

"Miss Nev, Miss Nev, you made it. I was so scared you wouldn't make it back.", he yelled.

"Daniel, you know nothing would keep me from you. Now why are you outside without a jacket or shoes?", she admonished.

He grinned at her, "I forgot."

"Well, you just forget your butt in the house, before I forget to let Santa in tonight.", she teased. The boy took off for the house at full speed, not stopping until he was just inside the door. He stood staring at the people that came home with his foster mother.

Sesshomaru's eyes widened as the doorway began to fill with children, until there were six of them. They were of all races and ages, no two alike. He had never seen anything quite like it. Behind the children a young biracial male and Vietnamese girl appeared.

Denzel grabbed his bag from the back and ran into the young man's arms in a tight embrace. Both were in tears and it was clear to everyone that they were together. Nev shrugged at Sesshomaru and grabbed one of the bags and said, "Let's go in. No sense standing in the cold."

As she walked in the door, she hit her hip into the couple in the doorway. "Break it up, you two. The kids don't need a lesson tonight, OK?", she teased.

She stopped in the living room and put the bag she carried down, "Josh, you and Denzel carry these to their rooms. Come in and sit. Would you like some refreshments?", she asked. Turning and leaving the room, slipping off her coat as she went.

Sesshomaru couldn't believe this place. Neat as a pin, even with six kids running around. The smells of pine, cinnamon, and pumpkin permeated the air. He could feel the warmth and caring in this place.

He looked around the living room. Comfortable furniture in muted tones sat around a stone fireplace, and large tree with presents already under it sat decorated in a corner. It was a cozy picture, making him feel relaxed and calm.

He saw Kagome look at the tree and tears appeared in her eyes, when she saw the presents. He walked over and whispered Nev's message in her ear. Her eyes widened and she looked like she didn't believe him.

Nev walked in just at that moment and looked at Kagome's face. She smiled and winked at her, "Come on, I've made some tea and sandwiches in case you were hungry."

As they sat eating and drinking their tea, Daniel sat watching the boy that came home with them. Suddenly he asked, "Is he staying with us? Why didn't you tell us someone else was coming?"

Nev smiled at him, "Daniel, Kyo is not here to live with us. That's his Mommy and Daddy right there. They got stuck at the airport and had no where to go."

He looked at her, "Did you call Santa and tell him where he was, so he gets his presents?"

She laughed, it reminded Sesshomaru of tinkling bell, so clear and sweet that it was. "Of course I did. Why don't you go and play for a while?", she asked.

The little boy gave her a serious look and walked over to Kyo, who was unsure about what was happening and handed him the fire truck. He said, "Miss Nev gave me this and told me that as long I had this it would remind me that someone loves me. I think you need to hold this for a while, so you know that Miss Nev would never hurt you or let anyone hurt you." The boy looked at her, smiled and left the room.

Nev jumped up, tears in her eyes, and mumbled, "Excuse me." Turned and ran from the room.

"Well, I'll be damned.", Cookie said. "Nev just got her Christmas wish. In the three years Daniel has lived here, he has never spoken more than two or three words to anyone, but Nev. Plus, he gave up that truck. THAT, doesn't leave his side, ever. She has been praying for a breakthrough with him, and I think she just got it.", she grinned at them.