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Chapter 14

The bear demon picked up on Nev's distress, and stared as a small, dark human boy was roughly shoved into the cell with him. He heard a strange female's voice say he was going to eat the child and heard Neveah cry out.

He looked at the boy as the bolt slid into place. The boy looked him in the eye, "You must be Kuma. You are who my Mom has told me about. She calls you Kuma, because she doesn't know your name."

"My Mom is in trouble and Sesshomaru-sama is not home. So, it is up to us to save her. Will you help me or kill me?", he asked, his eyes hopeful.

"The Lady was in danger?", he lifted his hands, showing his shackles.

Daniel took a deep breath, he knew what he was about to do was very, very dangerous and it was his only choice. He slipped his hand into his pocket, and pulled out a paper clip.

"I hope you won't hurt me and that I can make this work.", he said. Taking a tentative step toward the demon, then indicated for him to hold his arms out.

"I'm going to try to get those off, and then we can figure out about the door.", fear shined from his eyes.

As the boy got closer, he could smell Neveah on him. He grinned at his words, not knowing how to tell the boy the reason he was shackled, was that he could get out of this room.

He watched as the boy straightened the paper clip and slipped it into the lock on his shackles. He heard a click and a triumphant cry from the boy. Quietly the boy laid down the first cuff of his shackle, then went to work on the second.

Daniel grinned at him as the second lock clicked open, again the cuff was caught and laid to the ground quietly.

The demon went to the door, and began to push at the wood, causing it to crack. Immediately, he stopped pushing and looked to Daniel. He could see he was thinking, then Daniel broke into a huge grin.

He indicated for Kuma to push on the door, as he did, Daniel screamed to cover the sound of the cracking wood.

Neveah heard Daniel's screams and began to cry quietly for her son and Kuma. Kagura laughed wildly.

The door finally gave way and luck was on Kuma's side. The only guard left there was leaning against the wall, listening to Daniel's screams. Kagura had sent the rest to keep Sesshomaru busy while she took care of her business. Kuma's claws dug into the guard's throat, tearing it out and splattering Daniel in his blood.

The man slid silently to the wall, and Daniel knelt pulling a .38 caliber gun from a holster at his side and the cell door keys from his pocket. His eyes met Kuma's, "You are stronger and better able to fight than I am. Go find Sesshomaru-sama and bring him to us. He does not know of this place."

Kuma nodded and headed up the stairs, to find the one who could help them. Daniel turned and went to the door that Kyo was locked behind. "Kyo, are you okay?", he whispered.

"Daniel-chan, how did you get out?", Kyo asked. Daniel opened his cell door, allowing both Kyo and the feral raccoon demon free. Both nodded at him and one by one Daniel opened all the cell doors. Allowing all the pups free, and sent them to help Kuma get out of the house.

He told Kyo and Ken to stay with him. Then went to release the Lady Chiyo. "Where are the pups?", she demanded.

"I set them on who would hurt us.", he said and Chiyo could hear human screams. Daniel looked at her matter of factly, "They will come back. They love Mom."

Sesshomaru landed outside the gates of his ancestral home, his heart thudding in his chest. He was so worried for his angel, nothing must happen to her. He could hear human screams, and smelled human blood, but none belonged to his family.

He jumped up and over the gates, his claws ready for battle. As he landed a bear demon appeared before him. Sesshomaru caught a faint whiff of Neveah's scent and growled at the demon.

Kuma shook his head and turned walking toward the house, then broke into a run. Sesshomaru took off after him, feeling the need to follow this demon he had never met.

As they ran, he saw all manner of young demons killing and mutilating humans that seemed to be swarming his house.

"Wait.",he called to the bear demon and ran into his study. He grabbed Bakusaiga and Tenseiga, then nodded for him to continue. Unsheething Bakusaiga he backed up this demon who seemed to know where to go.

They ran across a couple of humans, each of the demons took on a one. Dispatching them quickly.

Sesshomaru's eyes widened as the ran into his Mother's apartments, and he saw the open hatch. The demon looked at him and headed down the stairs, as Sesshomaru walked to the opening he could smell his mother, mate, and the pups.

Then Sesshomaru picked up Inu Yasha's voice as he worked his way through his house, hunting his brother and pup.

Sesshomaru, went to the opening and got the attention of the demon. "Another comes to help. He is my brother and one of those pups is his.", he said.

Chiyo ran to the room that Kagura held Neveah in, Ken and Kyo on her heels, Daniel a little farther back. She burst through the door and jumped between Neveah and Kagura. Kyo right at her side, Ken attacked Kagura with a fierce scream.

Kagura threw the young boy off and into the stone wall. He slid down it, and lay unmoving on the ground.

Nev cried out, "No." Unthinking she ran out from behind Lady Chiyo and to Ken. She fell clumsily to her knees, at his side.

"Little one, oh little one. No", she said. Ken looked up at her with pain filled eyes, and she began to quietly cry.

Kagura turned to her, "Bitch, there is your mistake." She used her Fuujin no Mai, sending it to kill Nev. Before they could get to her the pup jumped up between Nev and the blades, being cut down instantly.

Nev screamed and threw herself on top of the boy. "No baby, you have it wrong. I was supposed to protect you, not the other way around.", she began sobbing.

"Kagura, you must still deal with me.", Chiyo's voice was ice. Suddenly, the sound of a gun cocking brought silence.

Daniel stood beside Chiyo, a small .38 special in his hands, evidently taken from their human guard. He grinned at her, "You know, my real mom showed me how to use one of these. Maybe she knew I would have to use one to save my Mom." He squeezed the trigger and got lucky, the bullet hit it's mark, right between her eyes.

Kagura looked at him, shock registered on her face, and crumpled to the ground dead. Daniel dropped the gun and ran to his mother's side. "Mommy, it's okay. He loved you and wanted to protect you.", he wrapped his arms around her, trying his best to comfort her.

Sesshomaru and Inuyasha burst through the door to see Daniel comforting Nev, Lady Chiyo standing there stunned look on her face, and Kagura dead.

Chiyo looked at Sesshomaru, "Daniel shot her."

Sesshomaru sheathed Bakusaiga and walked over to Daniel, saying, "Daniel, move Neveah away from him."

Daniel nodded, "Come on, Mom. We need to get you out of here. I'm sure Sesshomaru-sama, will make sure he is taken care of."

Nev stood using Daniel's arm for balance, her center of gravity off from her advanced stage of pregnancy.

Chiyo hurried to her side, giving Daniel a wide smile. The pride in her gaze made Daniel stand a little straighter and to hold his chin higher.

He looked to his friend and wanted to cry. Daniel hoped with all his heart that he was with his parents, who he missed so much.

Daniel didn't understand why Sesshomaru would remove his other sword and wave it over Ken's body. His eyes grew wide at the sudden movement of his chest and the little moan that came out of him.

Daniel's eyes grew huge, "Mom, look." Awe evident in his voice and on his face.

Nev looked up as Ken was standing up and she cried out. She ran to him and pulled him tight to her. "Why did you do that? I thought I lost you forever.", tears streamed down her cheeks.

Then slowly, starting with the bear demon, pups of all ages made their way into the room that Nev was in.

Sesshomaru's eyes grew wide as he realized that these pups were all feral pups, some of their eyes still a dangerous red. Each came in and stood in front of Nev. As she saw each one, she began to cry harder. Thankful that they all were safe. Impatiently, she wiped at her eyes, "You should not have done this. You could have been killed, then what would I do?"

She opened her arms and each pup was hugged, receiving a whispered chiding. Until, she got to Kuma. Tears filled her eyes again, "Look you are free. I told you that you could do it, and I'm honored to have helped you to gain it." She threw her arms around him and hugged.

Kuma's eyes flew to Sesshomaru, who suddenly seemed to be looking away. He knew his mate was hugging Kuma as a thank you, nothing more. Still, Kuma felt uncomfortable and stepped away from her as fast as possible.

"Would you like to stay here? At least for a while, until you are ready to live on your own? The world is vastly different than you would remember. If you remember at all.", Sesshomaru offered.

Kuma bowed to them, turning he went back to his cell and sat on his Futon. Neveah smiled at Sesshomaru, "I think he means yes."

"Mother and Neveah, what is this place and where did all these feral pups come from?", he demanded.

His Mother smiled at him, "It is a very long story and begins with a secret. I will be happy to tell it to you, but first things first. There is a huge mess here, and I don't know where to begin."

"I say we start by getting out of here. Come on, everyone. I think the pups will be okay, but if the show signs of stress we can bring them back here. This is a familiar place for them.", Nev said. She didn't wait for an answer, just turned and strode out of the door and down the hall.

She stopped by the door of Kuma's cell, "Come Kuma, let's get you into the real world." Dutifully, he stood and followed. They all did, up the stairs and into the living room. As they arrived the first of the servants began returning from their hiding spots, and began the clean up.

While the servants worked, Chiyo and Neveah spent the next several hours explaining about the feral pups and the secret of the castle. "My son, this has been going on since this castle was built. I think at one time the master was told, but then it became a secret kept by the Lady of these lands.", Chiyo said.

Sesshomaru nodded stunned that there was a part of his home he didn't know about. "What are we going to do with twelve pups and a full grown demon, no better than a pup?", he asked.

Neveah smiled at him, "Why keep them of course. Unless, they meet someone they would rather live with."

Sesshomaru grew pale at the thought of sixteen pups under his roof. Nev reached up and stroked his cheek, "You Mother wanted grandpups. How can we refuse her? Besides, I know we can do this."

Sesshomaru could refuse his angel nothing and nodded his agreement. She threw herself into his arms, "Thank you , my love."

Three weeks later...

Chiyo, Nev, and all the pups sat in her sitting room. They were working on language with the pups, trying to get them to communicate with words instead of grunts and gestures.

Nev squirmed in her seat again, looking for a more comfortable position. Her back had been hurting all day, and now was feeling cramps in her belly. Suddenly, she had to pee and right now. She groaned and stood up, then rushed to her bathroom.

As she closed the door, a huge gush of water poured from her. "Mother!!", she called out. Worried for the pup.

Chiyo opened the door and saw the water and smiled. "How long have you been having pains?", she asked.

"I've had a back ache all day, and just a little cramping for about an hour. Then this, what's wrong?", she demanded.

"Nothing, you are in labor. It's time to see your daughter.", Chiyo announced. She reached out and grabbed onto Nev's arm.

"Come, Neveah, we must get you to bed and call the doctor.", she said.

"We have to call Sesshomaru first.", Nev announced, causing Chiyo to smile. Her son was never far from Neveah's thoughts.

Chiyo helped her change and into the bed. Then handed her the phone, Nev grinned and dialed.

Sesshomaru answered it two rings, "What is it, Neveah?"

A pain gripped her belly and Nev moaned, "The pup, it's time."

"I'll be right home.", he hung up and looked at the board members. "I must go home, my daughter is on her way.", he stood and strode out of the meeting.

Several hours later, Sesshomaru sat in the sitting room waiting for word about his mate and pup.

Inu Yasha looked at him, "They will be fine." He looked over at Kagome surrounded by pups, and Chiyo fussing over his twins. He was a bit surprised by that, considering how he came into the world, but Sesshomaru's mother seems to have changed toward Kagome and him.

A loud wail was heard and all the adults looked at each other. The doctor came out of the room grinning, "Come and meet you daughter, Sesshomaru-sama."

Sesshomaru was heading into the room, before the words were completely out. He opened the door and stepped inside. Nev looked up at him and smiled, "Come see our pup, my love."

He walked over and sat on the bed beside her. Then looked down into the bundle in her arms. She bore his coloring and had a tiny quarter moon in the center of her forehead. The pup opened her eyes and he saw that they were his as well, but the pup's facial features were just like her mother's. The pup let out a tired sigh and closed her eyes.

Sesshomaru kissed Nev, many times. "She is beautiful, just like her mother. Let's name her Hana. It means flower.", he said. Neveah nodded and smiled at him.

Sesshomaru pulled Nev into his arms and held both his mate and new pup in his arms. "Father asked me one time if I had someone to protect. I scoffed at him then, now I understand. Having you and all our pups to protect, gives more meaning to my life.", he spoke.

"Mother always told me that she prayed for someone who would care for me and be there for me. I think her prayer was answered, for I found him.", she smiled up at him.

A knock at the door admitted Chiyo and everyone else in the sitting room. Each of the pups looked at the new pup and smiled. They knew that this was the one who kicked their hands when Lady Neveah put them on her belly.

Except Ken, he took one look at Hana and dropped to his knees before her. "My life for her.", he stated, causing the demons to gasp. After he left, Sesshomaru explained to Neveah that meant that Ken would protect her for life, and he would be willing to mate her, when she is grown.

Neveah looked down at her newborn, "Well, breaking hearts already."

Chiyo looked at Nev, and noticed how tired she was. She walked over and took the sleeping pup, then laid her in the cradle. "Neveah, you need some rest. I will speak with you later.", she turned and hustled all but Sesshomaru from the room.

Nev laid back into Sesshomaru's embrace and fell into a deep sleep.

One Month later...

Nev stood in a blue and gold kimono, representing Sesshomaru's color and house. Chiyo smiled at her obvious nervousness. She held out her hand, "It's time." Nev smiled and grabbed Chiyo's hand.

She led her to stand before Sesshomaru, dressed similarly to her. The ceremony was brief and over quickly. Then, their pup was brought before those gathered there.

Sesshomaru lifted Hana high and announced her name and the names of her parents. Then, surprising Neveah, he named all her adopted siblings. "Please, come and welcome our newest daughter. For we are happy that she has come to live with us.", he said.

The congregation clapped for them as Sesshomaru led Neveah to sit at his side as his new mate.

Slowly, the group came forward to meet Nev and to see the new pup. Many dropped to their knees and swore feality to Sesshomaru and his mate.

Neveah was tired after her day, but had a surprise for her new mate. She felt almost as nervous as that Christmas night, when she first came to him. She came out of the bathroom, wearing a see through nightie of blue, shot with gold.

Sesshomaru looked up to see Neveah standing there in next to nothing and groaned. She smiled at him and joined him in bed. Her lips finding his, he growled and pulled her tight to him.

"It's not too soon?", he asked.

"The doctor said it would be fine.", she pulled him back down to her mouth.

He pulled away from her again, "You must do exactly as I say." She nodded wide eyed. His mouth found hers and his hands roved her body. He found her curves a little fuller after giving birth, but liked it.

His kisses were like a drug, and she shuddered as his mouth moved down to her mating mark. His hands found her breasts and then his mouth. He moaned at the taste of her milk. Her hands found his head and pulled him to her, "Harder." Then, moaned as he did as she asked.

His mouth found it's way down to her mound, and he delved in like a man starved. She cried out and arched her hips into him. She screamed his name as she climaxed and he smiled to himself.

He pulled away from her, he needed to be in her now. He reached up and sliced his shoulder open. "Bite down on me as I enter you and don't let go.", he said.

She felt him slide into her and did as she was told. The taste of his blood set her on edge, it was like he was actually part of her. She could feel how badly he needed her, she growled at him and jerked her hips.

Sesshomaru bit down on the mark he had made on Neveah and he howled through the bite. He could feel the bond growing between them, even stronger than before. He could feel her orgasm building and worked to bring it on. He growled as he felt her climax, he was amazed that he was still hard and kept moving, pounding into her body.

He couldn't stop, he could feel her body meeting his and heard her moans and growls. Again, he felt her hitting her peak and this time he went with her. He regained his senses and looked down at her.

She wore a huge smile, his blood still on her lips. He kissed her, "My angel, forever at my side."

All her love for him in her eyes, "I will always stay with you. You are what I need to be happy."

He pulled out of her and laid down, pulling her into his embrace. "Sleep, angel. Our pup and I will be needing you soon.", he smiled at her.

She closed her eyes and drifted off. Dreams of a boy with his father's eyes in her head.

As Sesshomaru slipped off to slumber, also thinking off another pup in his life.


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