Hey guys! This is something I wrote a while ago but never updated it. It´s just a small piece of an idea, but I would write more if you like the small text I´ve already written.

It´s about Max trying to deal with Logan´s death. Of course it´ll be a Max/Alec…at least friendship…maybe more. We´ll see. ;-)


They were in the small room that was Max´s office. Joshua crouched in one corner howling quietly. Alec was sitting on the desk trying to calm down and assimilate what had happened only an hour ago. They got in an ambush of White. They were on the way back to TC when suddenly multiply gunshots where fired at them. Logan got shot. Alec knew in the second the older man fell to the ground that there was no way he could help him anymore. The shot went straight through his heart. Max was screaming and tried to bring Logan out of fireline, but it was too late. Alec tried to convince Max to leave, but she didn´t want to let go of Logan´s dead hand. So he grabbed her and brought her back to TC. Alec knew she had a shock. Since they entered her office she hadn´t said anything. Now she was standing in the middle of the small room trembling uncontrollable. He didn´t know what to do. Even Joshua didn´t dare to comfort her. Suddenly Max seemed to awake out of her paralysis. She looked in horror on the small bloody piece of cloth in her hands she had ripped out of Logan´s shirt when Alec forced her away from him. Max shaked her head in disbelieve.

„It´s not true. It´s not true." She whispered with tears starting to run down her face.

„Max…"Alec made a step into her direction uncertain what he should do. When Max noticed his presence she totally lost her self control.

„You!" She screamed. „You did this!" She tried to push him away, beat against his chest but shivered so much that it hadn´t a big effect. Alec didn´t do much against it. He was too shocked because of her emotional outburst.

„You made me leave. I could have helped him. Why?" Her screams decreased on sobs of unbearable pain. Alec tugged her into his arms, trying to calm her down. Max stopped struggeling. She was too exhausted, too tired, too hurt to fight anymore.


I think it´s pretty sad…but of course I want to know what YOU think about it and if I should go on or throw it in the next dustbin. Best wishes, Lily