Katara-Age 12

Zuko-Age 14

KaTaRaBeBe5673: HEY!

Risingfire838: hi

KaTaRaBeBe5673: havent talked to u in 4ever, wassup?

Risingfire838: nuthing

KaTaRaBeBe5673: u ok?

Risingfire838: no

KaTaRaBeBe5673: zuko wats wrong?

Risingfire838: family issues...

Risingfire838: don't feel lyk taking about it.

KaTaRaBeBe5673: zuko what's wrong


KaTaRaBeBe5673: zuko?

Risingfire838: you heard about the car accident

Risingfire838: the one with my mom...

KaTaRaBeBe5673: oh...yea

Risingfire838: and you know how i told you the side of my face got burnt

KaTaRaBeBe5673: umhm?

Risingfire838: well the doctors said the burn is much worse then they thought

Risingfire838: and it gonna devople into this scar type thing

KaTaRaBeBe5673: ouch

KaTaRaBeBe5673: so what's this have to do wit your family?

Risingfire838: well


Risingfire838:no, i don't wanna talk about it

KaTaRaBeBe5673: ZUKO!

Risingfire838: no i'm leaving

Risingfire838 is away

KaTaRaBeBe5673: zuko stop acting like this

Away Message from Risingfire838: if this is katara go away...

KaTaRaBeBe5673: ZUKO!

KaTaRaBeBe5673: ZUKO!

KaTaRaBeBe5673: ZUKO!

KaTaRaBeBe5673: ZUKO!

KaTaRaBeBe5673: ZUKO!

KaTaRaBeBe5673: ZUKO!

KaTaRaBeBe5673: ZUKO!

Risingfire838: god ur annoying

KaTaRaBeBe5673: tell me!

Risingfire838: alright fine

Risingfire838:i'm living with my uncle iroh from now on


Risingfire838: what?!

KaTaRaBeBe5673: come on zuko! iroh is awesome

KaTaRaBeBe5673: he's got awesome stories

KaTaRaBeBe5673: plus coming to hang out with you will be more fun

KaTaRaBeBe5673: i dont think ur dad likes me much...

Risingfire838: it's not good!

Risingfire838: my dad said i won't be able to take over the company anymore

KaTaRaBeBe5673: zuko u r 14. you dont need to worry about things like tat

KaTaRaBeBe5673: plus i thoguth u wanted to be a writier

Risingfire838: well i guess now i hav to b

KaTaRaBeBe5673: stop bing a drama queen!

KaTaRaBeBe5673:HEY why don't you come over here and stay a night??!?!

Risingfire838: no


KaTaRaBeBe5673: im pouting

Risingfire838: ur father anf ur grandmother wont like that

KaTaRaBeBe5673: ive had aang over pleanty of times

Risingfire838: sokka?

KaTaRaBeBe5673: he wil leave us alone

Risingfire838: no...im cant

Risingfire838: my uncle here g2g

KaTaRaBeBe5673: ohhhhh...k ttyl?

Risingfire838: ill c

Risingfire838: bye katara

KaTaRaBeBe5673: bye zuko...

Risingfire838 has signed off

KaTaRaBeBe5673 has signed off