Summary: Ten years after finding out about their powers, the Ducks have set up a new life for themselves, and others. But shadows from their past never completely go away.

Author's Note: Finally, I found a good way to do this. I went through so many different ideas about how I wanted to set this up. But I like this, a lot has happened in the ten years since Superducks and bit by bit those kinds of things will be revealed.

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Chapter 1: Charlie: Ten Years Later

Ten years. Ten years and I still dream about it. I still get the vision. I wake up at night and the room's shaking, I'm shaking, and that's when she calms me down. She puts her hands on my head, touches her forehead to mine and tells me to breathe deeply. She doesn't say a word. She doesn't need to.

I should explain, my name is Charlie Conway. Ten years ago me and my friends discovered that we have super powers. I know it sounds kinda lame but it's really not. It's also not as cool as some people (us ten years ago) might think. Lately, we've been doing something different, we find others, we help them, teach them. That's what we do, we teach kids with powers how to use them.

Me? I'm a power sponge, at least that's what we've always called it. If I'm around someone else with powers I gain that power. If I focus hard enough, I can then use that power. We've only ever seen one other person who's like me, Rick Riley, but I'll get to that later.

My girlfriend, Julie Gaffney, she's a psychic. She can read minds, project her thoughts into other people's minds, move things telekinetically, levitate and occasionally she gets these visions, I get them too, they aren't fun. She's extraordinarily powerful, but she can very easily lose control and as a result she straddles the line between arrogance and insecurity.

Fulton Reed and Dean Portman both have super strength, but it works differently. Portman's kind of like the incredible Hulk, he has these fits and can destroy just about anything in his path. Fulton focuses his energy and can release ridiculous amounts of strength, it's pretty cool. In both cases, loath though I am to admit that Portman's useful.

Goldberg and Averman have teamed up, since Goldberg has ice powers and Averman's what we've started calling a firestarter. Firestarters are the most common others. He's even found a few who've moved past him power level wise.

Connie can fly, and Guy can shapeshift and multiply. Their son, Justin, he's only three, so we don't know if he has any powers, and if he does, what they are. He's always been carefully watched, and always will be. He's important, we don't know how yet, but he is. Guy's been away lately, working with them, now that he's finished med school. His specialty is genetic therapy. Our own Mohinder Suresh, we've always called him that, now he's actually doing it. He found a way to map out and track down manifestations in patterns, it's not foolproof but it helps.

Luis has super speed, and his girlfriend, Jackie, can heal. She's invincible. They met because the other side sent her to spy on us. Then they asked her to kill Luis, and since she refuses to kill, she joined us. To this day she won't do it, kill that is. Even in a fight, she'll always stop short, because of her power, she knows exactly when to stop. They're a pretty great team.

Kenny creates tornados when he does any kind of circular motion. Dwayne can teleport. Adam can turn himself invisible. And together we're a team. The Super Ducks, that what we call ourselves.

We're not alone anymore. Jackie was the first from the outside who we let in, but there have been others since. Kids mostly, who are afraid of their powers or want to learn to control them, and we teach them. Our senior year of high school, Eden Hall was shut down. We took it over, and turned it into a training facility and school for these kids.

"Julie," I hear shouting one night, we both pop up. There's banging on the door.

"Parker," She says and jumps out and opens it. Parker Pierce, one of our kids, sixteen years old, a powerful psychic like her, is standing there, trembling. "Parker, what is it?"

"They killed her," He gasps, his eyes are glazed over, he's having a vision, or just had one, I'm not sure.

"Charlie, the bed," She says, I nod and pull the covers off, she guides him over and lays them down. "Parker, who?" She says softly.

"Kaylee," He's gasping for air pushing the words out.

"Who's Kaylee?" I ask.

"This girl he's been having visions of," She explains, "Parker, where are they?" He shakes his head. "Parker, please you have to tell me." He gasps for a few more breaths and then wakes up.

"Where am I?" He says sitting up, "What happened?"

"You're in our room," I say. He looks at me, "You had a vision."

"Kaylee," He whispers, "They're going to kill her."

"Did you see where she was?" Julie says, pushing his long, surfer cut blonde hair out of his eyes. He shakes his head. "Come on, let's get you something to eat, we'll talk it out." He stands up and she walks him out of the room. A few hours later she comes back in.

"Anything?" I ask, she shakes her head and sits down.

"I don't know what else to do Charlie," She says, "I can't help him anymore, but he's not getting any more stable either. I think we need to,"

"I'm not sending any of our kids to them if we can help it," I say.

"I know you don't want to," She says sympathetically. "But Guy's there, he'd make sure he was safe."

"They wouldn't stabilize him either Julie," I say, "They'd just stick him in an empty room, and monitor his brain activity to try to figure out what makes the visions happen. They wouldn't try to figure out what they mean, or try to save this girl."

"How can you be so sure?" She says softly.

"Because I was there," I snap, "I was there, I was in that room, they tried all that with me!" I close my eyes and sit down, she sits down and kisses me.

"It was five years ago Charlie," She whispers, "Maybe it's changed, with Guy and Bombay there. I don't want to send Parker away anymore than you do, you know how I feel about him, he's the only other real psychic we've ever seen."

"Besides Scooter," I say. She laughs lightly.

"Yeah, besides Scooter," She whispers. "Give me a few more weeks with Parker, maybe we can crack this Kaylee thing."

"I doubt that," I say, "Julie it's been ten years and we still don't understand,"

"No," She sighs, "We know what that means Charlie." She says quietly. "We just don't know, when or how, but we know that means, especially since you've that vision, I've had it, and Parker's had it." She swallows and kisses me. "I love you, know that." I'll always be here. I kiss her gently.

"Let's get an apartment," I smiled, "Be a normal couple." She laughs.

"Yeah," She smiles, "I like that plan."

"No more missions, or super powered teenagers," I say, "Just me and you."

"We could get jobs," She smiles, "Like I could be a receptionist, and,"

"I could work at the bank," I laugh. She giggles.

"We'd be miserable," She says. I nod. "You have to save the world."

"Ten years," I look down, "And I'm still not sure how I'm supposed to do that."

"That's why I'm here," She says, "To believe in you."

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