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Chapter 9: Administration: Fulton

"What have you got super genius?" I laugh sitting down next to Cami Collins, after seeing her quickly minimize an internet window. She looks at me and shrugs, "Come on."

"Government files," She said softly, "On paranormal occurrences."

"I know that you see conspiracies everywhere," I laugh, she nods, "We're not in those files though. But we will be if you keep hacking into the government's filing system." She frowns. "Shut it down."

"Fine," She sighs. "Fulton," I look at her. "Are they all like that?" She nods over to where Parker is heavily engaged in that new girl Kaylee.

"Cami," I look at her, "Don't get overly invested in a psychic. It'll just drive you crazy, OK?"

"OK," She nods. "I really liked him though."

"I know you did," I smile, "You'll find a nice guy, one who won't read your mind and try to use your thoughts to get you into bed." She sighs. "Keep working," I walk away, "And Cami?" She looks up at me, "You're supposed to be fixing the school's wireless, so do that, please."

"Sure thing," She smiles and starts typing. We all have our pets, the kids who we connect with more than the others. Julie has Parker, Adam has Danielle, and I have Cami. I found her, by accident. I was in a coffee shop and bumped into her and we both spilled all over her laptop. I felt bad so I offered to pay her back. She said it wasn't a problem, dried it off and that it was fine. I asked how she did it and her answer was simple, "I've always been good at machines, since I was about ten." It was a red flag, "Since I was about ten." I asked her to show me. She did, it was clear technopathy, and I convinced her parents to let her come to school.

"Hey," Julie walks over to me.

"Catlady," I nod.

"Fulton," She sighs, "Come on," I look at her. "I need to talk to you, please?"

"I took a Swiss position on you a long time ago Julie," I shake my head. "I've got no advice for you."

"That was a very quick conclusion to jump to," She smirks. "Can you sign off on some requisitions please?" She hands me some forms. "I know, OK? It sucks for you."

"I'd have to care about you as more than teammate for it to suck for me," I say with a shrug, I sign the forms. She looks away. "I stopped doing that a while ago."

"You really feel that way?" She swallows.

"Julie," I look at her, "Look, I could out and out hate you, if you think that that would be better. But I think indifference is probably best, for everyone." I walk away.

"We were friends once," She calls after me.

"That was before my two best friends fell in love with you," I answer.

"Hey," Portman walks over, I give him a high five and he walks over to her. "Hey," This hey is deeper.

"Hey," She squeaks and they start kissing. It's pretty gross. One of the problems with living your life out of your high school is that you get stuck in this stunted adolescence. We're twenty five years old, making out pressed against lockers shouldn't happen.

"Ew," Charlie says walking up and then turning around.

"Charlie," I trot after him, he looks at me, "Requisitions."

"Oh, right," He nods, "Because we are actually a school now, technically, thanks to you." I laugh.

"Thanks to Cami," I remind him.

"Yeah," He nods, "Um, listen I don't know if you heard,"

"About Justin," I sigh, "Yeah. We all have, is Connie OK?"

"She's worried," He says, "So that's going to be taking up a lot of my time, and,"

"I can keep a lid on school things," I nod, "I've got your back Captain."

"You always have," He says. "Listen, I know she's not your favorite person, never has been, but, it's as much me as it is her OK?"

"You know my stance on Julie talk," I say.

"Switzerland," He sighs. "I know, but Adam tends to lean to her side, and I'm kind of blech."

"Yeah," I nod, "I know. Look man, just let it be. You two belong, those two, I don't what the deal is." He laughs. "How's the apartment?"

"Big and empty," He says. I nod. "I bought a ring man, I just, can't believe it's over. After ten years." I nod, "Anyway, requisitions, and government funding."

"It keeps us a step further away from them," I say, "If that helps you justify it at all."

"It does," He nods, "See you around man." He walks away.

"Fulton," Parker Pierce walks over.

"Hey Park," I nod.

"Can I talk to you about something?" He says.

"Can you walk and talk?" I say. He nods. "What's up?"

"It's about Justin," He says as we start walking. I look at him, "OK, so when Charlie snapped he said that it was his connection to Julie that helped bring him back right?"

"Right," I look at him.

"What if I started trying to build a connection like that with Justin?" He says. I look at him. "Look, I don't have a family, you guys are my family and Justin's like my little brother, I don't anything to happen to him."

"I'm not the person you should be talking to about this," I say. "You're Julie's student, Connie is Justin's mother and Charlie is in charge of him."

"Charlie listens to you," He says, "Julie is distracted, to say the least, and Connie will do what Charlie wants. I want to help."

"Parker," I say, "I don't know that it's a good idea. Julie and Charlie had been in a relationship for almost five years, and they'd shared each other's minds, which almost killed her." He nods, but I can tell, he's made up his mind. "I'll bring it up. Go get your distracted mentor and talk to her about it." He walks away.

"I think it's at terrible idea," Julie says later as we all stand around discussing it.

"We can't jump to any decisions," Charlie says.

"We can if you think it would make it easier for Justin," Guy says. He's still here, which is nice. I think he's sticking around until we make a final decision. Connie's just looking down.

"I'm not trying to take the advantage away from Justin," Julie shakes her head. "But I am worried about Parker. God only knows what he'll see, how he'd react from it. I still have nightmares about what I saw," Portman circles an arm around her protectively but she's staring at Charlie, "And in case none of you remember, I was in a coma for two weeks after the mind merge, after which I lost all control over my powers. Parker's already unstable. It's too big a risk."

"But Justin might need this," Connie says looking at her.

"Connie, I understand you're looking out for your son," Julie says, "But someone has to look out for Parker."

"Parker can look out for himself," He says from the doorway.

"Park," Julie sighs, "You shouldn't be here."

"Yeah, I sensed all of you down here," Parker said, "I figured I could weigh in."

"Parker," I stand up, "Come on." I walk him out. "You don't get to weigh in."

"Why not?" He says.

"Because technically," I start.

"I'm a student," He shakes his head, "Not a team member. How much longer is it going to be? Gale and I have been here pretty much since we got our powers, no one's been here longer, except you guys and Jackie, we're both ready." I know he's right, but as far as things go around here I'm just the administration, I make sure things run, just like I always have.

"That's up to Julie when it comes to you, and up to Averman when it comes to Gale," I say, "Get to bed, we'll let you know in the morning." He nods and looks down and starts walking away. "And Pierce," He turns around, "Go near Cami again, and I'll rip you in half." He nods and walks away. Sometimes, teenage boys just need a warning.

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