Chapter 25 – in which the ends of the end are tied up

The pupils had suspected another prank at first, but soon became accustomed to the couple. They moved in together a fortnight after Ginny and Draco's wedding, and he proposed to her on the first day of the summer holidays, by slotting a note in a book she was reading. When love is that certain, nothing can wait long. They were married in August of that year.

They are legendary not only as proof of the wonders of love, but also as the pair who, among them, invented the Wolfsbane Potion, and the Cruciatus Relief Draught, which has saved millions and cured more, including the Longbottoms. They are working on a number of products, including a potion to cure memory charms, as well.

They originally planned to divide classes between them both after the period of apprenticeship ended, but they ended up sharing.

Severus is keeping a secret from Hermione – Minerva is retiring at the end of the year, and has offered him the post. He plans to tell her at Christmas, in 24 days time. Hermione also has a secret, which she plans to announce to Severus as a Christmas present. There will be a miniature Snape arriving some time in May. Ginny and Draco are breeding like true Weasleys, sharing quarters in the school as Ginny teaches and Draco rises up the Ministry ranks, still working for Arthur, the Minister of Magic.

All is well in the dungeons. The students are less terrified, because he had less time to spend giving detention, and they now respect the Potions Master and Mistress ad fair, though strict, teachers. Hogwarts is unanimous – Love is a wonderful thing.

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