By: Seto's Princess

Disclaimer – Trust me, you wouldn't want me to own Kingdom Hearts, especially Demyx and Zexion.

Warnings: A hint of Zemyx, if you squint.

He was tired beyond belief, eyes half-lidded and burning, mind reeling from an ongoing headache. Every now and then he would roll over onto his side and cough, leaning over the edge of his bed in case his stomach finally flipped on him. He sure as hell hated being sick. It wasn't in his nature. He was too carefree to be sick.

Demyx groaned, pushing away the moist blond locks plastered against his sweating forehead. He heard the door open and shielded his eyes from the invading light pouring in from the hallway. He sniffled deeply, unable to catch the scent of chicken soup due to his congested nostrils.

"This should help you feel better," a soft voice muttered, pushing the bowl into Demyx's hands, urging him to sit up.

"I dun wanna," the Nocturne mumbled almost incoherently, shoving the bowl away.

With a mildly frustrated sigh, the other nobody sat on the edge of Demyx's bed, holding the bowl tightly. "Demyx, you have to eat something."

"Dun wanna," Demyx repeated with a groan, closing his eyes.

The other set the bowl down on the nightstand, leaning over Demyx to feel his forehead.

The blond let out a labored sigh, smiling in his half-asleep state, the body leaning over his providing him with a sort of refreshing comfort. He reached out, stuck in a daze, curling his fingers around a slate-colored sheet.


"Mm, yeah Zexy?"

"Please remove your hand from my hair."

…The End…

Freakishly short drabble, but it is the first thing I have written ALL year. I've been dying to write SOMETHING, ANYTHING. So here you go. Not that great, but at least I'm not dead.