Bill Nye disobeys the laws of gravity.

I think Bill Nye is awesome. You might even consider me a Bill Nye fangirl. I was when I was younger…seriously…don't ask..

Bill Nye was sitting at a chair and trying to tip it back. It was supposed to be an intro to the Gravity Episode. But Bill didn't want to obey the script for once. He wanted to tip his chair back really far, and at the same time not have it fall. Bill tried to tip his chair back, and he was putting his hands behind his head. He was just about to fall backwards and get a concussion! Bill stopped himself and grabbed the table in front of him, but he pulled the table into the air, and as a result he fell backwards onto the ground and the table went flying. It flew into the beakers of ammonia and bleach and made mustard gas. Bill, being as stupid as he is, thought that mustard gas was mustard. He then made grilled cheese sandwiches (Yes, I eat my grilled cheese sandwiches with mustard! Who doesn't?), and started putting the "mustard" on his sandwich. Then Bill choked because it wasn't mustard.