King Henry Died Drinking Chocolate Milk (LOLXD)

Don't know where I got this title…. Enjoy! Well actually I got it from math class but whatever.

Homer Simpson was getting some chocolate milk mix from the cupboard. "Homer, stop that!" Marge yelled, "I need that for the bake sale at the church!" "Well, too bad!" Yelled Homer, "God can make His own brownies!" Homer put chocolate milk mix, cake batter, and ice cream into a blender along with some cookies. "Mmmmmm…..forbidden chocolate delicacy…" Homer mumbled dreamily and started drooling. Then he turned on the blender. Homer was just about to take a drink when Spider Pig ran into the room. He took the blender and drank it all. "PLOPPER!" Homer yelled at the pig, "Go get your own chocolate!" Spider Pig just snorted and walked away.

The end.

AN: I know this story was short, but I have a short attention span. R&R.