Knives walked into the kitchen. Vash was asleep on the couch. He probed Vash's mind for a minute just to check his dreams. Yeah, he's asleep. Knives smiled a little to himself. He checked the clock on the kitchen counter. It read 2:30 A.M.

Knives searched the kitchen for the source of the disturbance of his sleep. Sitting on a stool at the bar was Millie. She was still a little pale, but otherwise was apparently able to get around from room to room now.

She looked up at Knives when his gaze finally fell upon her. If she wasn't so pale, I think this human would have blushed, Knives thought to himself. Knives took in Millie's appearance. She had on a button up shirt and socks. There was a small blanket wrapped around her lower half, apparently to keep her legs warm.

Old habits die hard and Knives remembered this as he found himself walking toward the sink. He found himself skipping around in Millie's mind. Intrusive, that was the word that Vash had used when he had tried to explain the way humans would feel about the mind reading.

Knives immediately left Millie's mind. Not before he heard her last thought. It really should have been you and I hate myself for feeling that way, Mr. Knives. Knives stopped in mid stride. He looked at Millie with his eyebrow arched. If this were any different time…

Knives ended the thoughts immediately. The screaming in his head had been getting better day by day. At that thought, the screaming intensified. It made him flinch. He looked up to see if Millie had seen his moment of weakness. She was too busy having one of her own

Knives saw Millie clutch her side briefly. Just ever so briefly and quick this movement was. She looked up to see if Knives had seen her moment of indiscretion. He turned his face away just in time.

While reading Millie's thoughts, he had seen where she was hungry. It might have only been 2:30 in the morning, but Millie had not been eating that well. Pain would do that to a person. Knives didn't even think about his actions.

He walked over to the cupboard and pulled out a frying pan. Millie had made some coffee. At least he didn't have to do that. Knives was a little out of his element. Who was he kidding? He was a lot out of his element! Legato had always cooked.

Knives walked over to the refrigerator. He had seen the girls do this before. It couldn't be that hard. When Knives looked into the contents of the fridge, he was at a loss. Just because, He thought to himself as he decided to walk through Millie's mind again.

Knives pulled out some vegetables, eggs and cheese. Apparently, the human prefers this. He thought as he began following the directions in her mind. Millie didn't talk the whole time that Knives was cooking.

Knives didn't mind. He preferred the silence. It gave him time to meditate. The screaming inside his head was daily torture. His sisters were not kind to him. Knives reflected on the reason he was partial to this human.

Millie stirred restlessly behind knives. He knew that she was wondering if she should take over from here. Knives stopped for a second and turned to look at Millie. She averted her eyes when he looked directly at her.

Knives finished the mushroom and cheese omelets he made for Millie. He sat it in front of her to a look of astonishment. Knives frowned at this look when he turned back to the kitchen. He began to clean up his things that he had used.

"Will…will you share this with me? It's too large Knives-sun." Millie couldn't bring herself to look at his piercing eyes. Knives placed the last of the dishes in the sink and put the eggs and other things in the fridge. He grabbed a fork and sat beside Millie.

Millie was unsure if he would even consider it. She was just as shocked by Knives' behavior as he was himself. Millie cut the omelets in half and slid one half closer to Knives on the plate. She started to pick at her own half.

Closer to Millie, Knives was better able to take in her appearance. Yes, the shirt she wore was button up, but he recognized it as a man's shirt. It was not one of those that were designed to be a woman's night gown, but looked like a man's shirt.

"Why…why are you wearing a man's shirt to bed?" Knives had no tact yet. Millie looked down at herself. She wore his shirt every night. Nicholas would have found it humorous, but she didn't care.

Millie looked at Knives. Her eyes started to swim, but she retained the wall and the tears got no further than the lip of her eyelid. "I wear Nicholas' shirts. They remind me of the preacher man." Millie held her stare into Knives' eyes. She was not going to back down.

Knives let his gaze drop back to the plate. He remembered the day that her preacher had died. For some reason, he could not wish the pain of the memory back to this human girl. He looked at Millie again and noticed that for the first time, she looked truly feminine. She might have been tall and muscular for a woman, but she was breathtaking up close.

Millie stared at Knives' face. The whole time she had taken care of him, she had not really noticed his features. They were sharp and cold. He had a pointed nose, almost regal, and a cut jaw. His jaw looked almost chiseled from stone.

"I want to…to…I think the word I am looking for is apologize." Millie's mouth hung ajar for a moment. The dam finally broke. She didn't sob, she didn't make a scene. Millie's tears began flowing down her cheeks in earnest.

Millie continued to cry as she got up from the stool. She tried to smile, but only a crooked grin escaped her mouth. Her blanket fell to the floor as she walked backwards holding her side.

Knives closed his eyes for a minute. Try as I might, I am having the hardest time dealing with these humans. Why am I being so damn nice to her? Knives got up from the stool and scraped the contents of the plate into the trash. He filled the sink with dishwater.

Vash was standing beside Knives. He took the first sudsy dish from Knives' hand and rinsed and dried it. The brothers washed dishes silently until they were done. Vash leaned against the counter looking at his brother.

You woke me with your thoughts, brother. I did not mean to drop any eaves. Will you be alright? Knives looked at Vash. Yes, brother. I almost decimated this planet. I think I can handle the tears of one human. Vash smiled at his brother.

You feel the storm, don't you? Knives was serious now. Yes, Knives, I can feel it. I know it's only a couple of days off. Can you handle it? Pain, hurt, anguish…and NO killing, if at all possible. Vash stood up with his arms crossed.

Vash looked the sight. He was standing there facing his brother with jogging pants on and a white t-shirt. Knives had on actual pajamas he had picked up from the local store. They continued this way for some time, just standing there looking at each other, conversing mentally.

Why do I feel this way about her? Vash grinned. He pulled his hand through his hair and made his way to the couch. Go back to sleep brother. We can speak when we get up. Knives was about to speak. He turned to go. Not this time. I have caused her enough pain. This time I will not let her get hurt. Knives turned to go. Vash smiled as he lay down. Knives closed his bedroom door.