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Walking inside the small hut by way of the beaded curtain as means of the door, I come across a very intriguing room: there were candles, strings of beads, jewels and bell all over the room, bones, skulls of various animals, and jars of different herbs and unknown things scattered strategically on a few shelves and small tables. I walk over to a particular table where sat a crystal ball inside a dragon's belly. I was so engrossed with the crystal ball that I did not notice a woman with grey hair dressed in mythical clothing had walked in from a back room. Only when she cleared her throat was I aware of her presence.

She had green eyes that seemed to look deep into my very soul. It wasn't until she spoke that I realized that she was asking if I wanted my fortune to be told.

"I do not have any means of funds-" I replied back, finding my voice for the first time since I arrived in town.
"Did Angela ask for money?" the woman asked as she sat down at the table to my left. "Dragon bones...most accurate when telling fortunes," she said as she held up a few small bones the size of Tootsie Rolls in her hand.

I am curious as to what these bones have in store for my future, yet I am curious about why bones from a magnificent creature would be used for this particular telling. I turn to face the woman. I was, probably, eager to see what she was able to see by these calcium-fortified minerals of hollow bones.

When I looked up at the woman, I noticed that her verdant green eyes were clouded over by a white film and that the air all around me is starting to get a bit cooler than before.

"Your future is an interesting one, Adriel of the Dröttningu house. Influenced by both the light and the darkness, yet you lean towards the grasp of the light. Your powers are not strong enough alone to defeat the darkness...you will be tempted into the darkness, though. Keep your heart true and steadfast to the light.

"You will be favored by the son of Morzan. Your love for him will determine the course you need to take as you journey onto defeating the darkness. Only then, will you be able to unlock your true potential in beating the darkness.

"Remember these words, as they will shape a part of your destiny...and the fate of the Dragon Riders," Angela spoke in an eerie voice.

Five minutes later, I found myself outside of Angela's hut. I was still confused by what the bones told the fortune teller. I shake my head as I make my way to the edge of town before venturing out into the unknown. Little did I know that I would return to the same hut, to the same fortune teller, to hear my fortune again in my mind five years down the road...but in that time, I would grow cautious to the man that I would love in return.

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