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While Brom remained in town, Cassandra was already back at the hut, readying the meal for the night. As she cooked, she felt a headache starting to form behind her right eye. Stopping on what she was doing, she placed a hand to her forehead. When she pulled her hand back, she noticed her mark glowing. Before she could question it, a vision came to her...

She could feel her half sister in her vision. She wouldn't have felt her unless she was in distress. She then saw Arya get surrounded by a wall of fire that Durza created. Arya then lifted the egg in the air with her hand as she muttered in the Ancient Language.
Get this to the Varden, Adriel. Arya said to Adriel's mind as a blinding light engulfed the two.

Cassandra let out a GASP as her hand started to burn. She grunted as she tried to soothe the pain. Then, Brom's hand was grasping hers and was soothing it.

"What did you see?" he asked.
"Arya...the egg...safe for now..."
"Then, don't worry about it, then."
"Durza was there, Brom...I got to do something," Cassandra said as she rushed from making food to go to where she had her things packed in case of an emergency.
"Adriel...the egg's safe for now...check on it in the morning...for now, let's get dinner finished," Brom said as he stopped by grasping Cassandra's arms gently with his hands.

Cassandra could only nod her head as she went back to getting dinner going for the night.

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