I was the Mizukage's favorite daughter from the time I was born, even though I had one older sister , Aika, and twin along with a brother, Aki, later on. I was born to his 1st wife before she died when my twin sister, Aoi, and I were six.

3 years later he married my step-mother, Fumiko, and had my third sister, Momo and my 2nd brother, Makoto. I hate Fumiko and Momo. They just annoy me to no end. So prim, so proper, especially compared to me and my siblings with our foul mouths and the boy-ish behaviors of my sisters and I. But, we put up with them since Momo was our sister, no matter how much we hated it, and Fumiko made our father happy.

But, Fumiko had a very bad influence in our once happy family. She convinced my father marry off my sisters to very cruel men. Aika was murdered by her husband, Aoi was beat. Of course, no one annulled the marriages, despite my sisters telling everyone. Momo was arranged to marry the Iwakage's son when she turned 15.

I was to only one of my sisters lacking a betrothed. This wasn't from lack of Fumiko trying, Aki and I were the only ones in the way of her son becoming Mizukage. Father refused to marry me off or send Aki away. I know Fumiko will come up with some kind of plot to get rid up us.

Of course, foul-play is my specialty. She tries something, I'll get her back 10 times worse. With Aki's help, I could get away with murdering her if I wanted to. It would be fair, since she'd had our mother murdered so she could take her place. Spying was also a skill of mine.

Glorie Amaya

"Nee-chan." I looked up at my younger brother. Aki and I looked nothing alike except our eyes, which were bother teal, my hair was brown and his blond. He had our fathers built and I had out mother. Our personalities were pretty close though.

"Yo." I shut my new journal.

"Father wants to see you, nee-chan." I groaned childishly and hide the small black book. "He's in the study."

"Thanks kid." I ruffled his hair as I walked past. I walked down the long hall covered in family photos down to the study. I nodded on the large wooden door.

"Enter." I pushed open the door.

"You wanted to see me, father?" I walked up to the large desk, covered in paperwork.

"Yes, sit down, Amaya." I sat in the squishy chair in front of him. "I have found a husband for you."

"WHAT!?" Oh no, this is bad. I can't end up like me sisters, I can't leave Aki here alone with Fumiko! "Father, I thought I'd get to marry who I chose, since you've already married off 3 daughters!"

"Your step-mother had nothing do with this decision." I let out a sigh of relief. "This was proposed when you were small. The Yondaime Kazekage had a son your age, but do to certain things about the boy I didn't think it would be best."

"Then why do you think it is now!?" I asked.

"The boy is quite different now, I believe he'd make a good husband for you, Amaya."

"But, father, I'm only 16. I understand Momo's marring at 15, but this is me. I'm immature, I'm loud, I cuss too much, I'm…I'm…a lesbian?" My father gave me a no nonsense look. "Okay, the last one was a lie."

"Amaya, I've made up my mind. You leave tomorrow morning."

"Can I bring someone with me?"

"You can bring your servant girl, your brother stays here." DAMNIT!!! "Your dismissed." I sighed in defeat, and left the room. As soon as I was in the hall, I ran to the servants' quarters to get my 2 closest friends, Hana and Hikaru.

"Hana, your going to Suna with me. Hikaru, you will guard my brother with you life. If something happens to him, I will kill you." I ordered them after I'd told them everything.

"Why do I gotta guard the brat, Amaya?" asked Hikaru. The twins had black hair, Hana's long and Hikaru's short, with blue eyes.

"Because, I have to go to live with my betrothed, do you think it would be wise to bring a male servant?" I explained to him.

"Very good point. Nothing will happen to Aki, I promise."

"I'll be with you the whole time, Amaya!" Hana assured.

"Thanks, you 2 are the best friends a girl could have!" I hugged them.

The next day, Hana and I had enough things for a three week stay in Suna. The rest of our things would be sent before the wedding, yip-de-fucking-do. My room was bare of my treasures, which I was taking with me since I didn't know who was packing everything else, like my sisters before me. Aki was clinging to my arm, not wanting me to leave.

"Aki, come with me." I ordered, pulling him aside. I pulled a small scroll from my pocket. "If Fumiko tries something, use this. It'll alert me and I'll sent help. I'm sure you know what my help is." I motioned to the open front of my bag, where my pet snake, Hebiko, was looked out at us.

"Of course, nee-chan."

"And also, Hikaru is here to look after you. Be careful who else you trust, though." I kissed his forehead and hugged him.

"Come and visit, nee-chan." He mumbled, hugging me back.

"I will."

"Amaya, time to go!" called Hana. I let go of Aki and walked over, fighting tears. Hana, me, and our escort nin left. "You okay?"

"Of course." I lied, but was betrayed by a tear falling down my check. Damnit, I haven't cried since Aika was killed! Suck it up, Amaya, you're the Mizukage's daughter!

"You'd be one damn good actress if you could control your emotions." she commented

Well, we made it to Wind Country by the end of the 3rd day. Just one more day until we reach Suna. Yay. Hana has tried to cheer me up, but this is the longest I've been away from Aki, I worry Damnit! I miss him to. I hope Fumiko doesn't try anything.

Glorie Amaya

"Amaya, it's time to head out." Hana said as I put away my journal.

"Yay." I mumbled Sarcastically. Hebiko slithered into my lap, I picked her up and put her around my neck.

"What is it with you and snakes?" asked Hana.

"I like 'em."

"Then the desert should be a good place for you." I rolled my eyes and started packing up the few things I had taken out. "I hear they had a lot of snake." I always forgot Hana had never left Kiri before.

"Yeah, but it's hot as hell."

"Then you'll be prepared for death living here." joked Hana. I throw my bag over my shoulder, being careful not to hit Hebiko.


The rest of the trip was boring. None of our escorts would come near me with Hebiko, which was funny. They were all ANBU level Shinobi and were scared of a little tame snake!

"This is so boring!" I complained, laying my tired on Hana's shoulder.

"I know, but look." She pointed ahead and I saw the gates to Suna. The escorts turned around and told us to hurry up. Wanting to have fun, Hana and I dropped our bags in front of then and ran to the gates, knowing it would pissed off them off.

But, I wasn't watching where I was going, and crashed into someone. Then Hana tripped over me and and landed on someone else.

"Ow…" we both groaned.