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Chapter 3 : Amaya's ew day

Maybe, just maybe, this won't be as bad as I thought. Gaara's a pretty sweet guy when you get to know him! And all that stuff that happened to him makes my life seem like a walk in the park! Hebiko likes him too, they talk a lot. I understand where Hana's coming from, it is weird to watch people talk to a snake!

The wedding is in less than a week now. Aoi arrived yesterday with that bastard of a husband. Maybe he could accidentally fall off the roof while he's here? That would be a good way to help my twin. No, I have to be good, no matter how bad the person is I will not kill anyone other than Fumiko.

"Amaya." I looked over at Gaara. "What is that?"

"A Journal." I answered, hiding it and turning off the light.

"It'sss not very interesssting." mumbled Hebiko from her spot on the nightstand. "Ssshe hasss a boring life."

"Stuff it, time to sleep." I ordered, pulling a pillow over my head.

"Nee-chan, it's time to wake up." I voice whispered in my ear. "C'mon, Fumiko fell off the house."

"Really?" I sat up hoping it was true.

"Nope." laughed Aki. "But Momo not coming!"

"YES!" I jumped up and hugged him. "By the way, how have you been?"

"Good, That Hikaru is a funny guy."

"Is Fumiko here?"

"Yes." mumbled Aki


"Hi, Aki!" Hana walked out of her room and hugged Aki. "I've missed you, shorty."

"I missed you too, Hana-chan." Aki blushed. It was easy to tell my brother had a crush on my friend, too bad Father would never allow it, since Hana was technally a servant. We walked down into the kitchen where father was talking with Gaara.

"Amaya, it's good to see you again." I sighed and hugged my father. "Gaara tells me you two are getting along well?"

"Yes, father." Temari handed me a plate and I sat at the table.

"Amaya, sweetie," I cringed as Fumiko sat across from me. "How are the wedding plans going?"

"Don't care."

"But, Amaya, this is you wedding."

"I'm not like Momo, I never had a dream wedding in mind. I dreaming of being the best Kuniochi, something reasonable for a Kage's daughter to dream of." I had very little patients for Fumiko's "sweet step-mother" act.

"But, dear, this is something you'll only get to do once in your life."

"Your father's second wife, while my mother was his first, and his favorite." I said this so only she could hear me, Fumiko glared at me. I smirked and turned to Aoi. "Do you wanna come shopping with me? My dress is the decision I'm making."

"You shopping for a dress?" asked Aoi shocked.

"Like I'd leave the council in charge of that, have you seen how Kage robes look?" Aoi laughed. "Collars just ain't me."

So, shopping Aoi was hell. I had forgotten how my twin was when her husband wasn't around. When I got home, it was dark. Aoi had forced me to try on every single freaking dress in the store. I fell exhausted on the bed.

"You were gone awhile." mumbled Gaara, half-asleep.

"Damned twin…" He rolled over and put his arm around me. This had become common, since it turned out either way, we'd wake in the position in the morning, which annoyed me at first.

"Are you going to change."

"Too tired to change…Aoi has a good punch." We'd gotten into a fight and it turned into a fist fight that we broke into a laughing fit afterwards. I fell asleep.

"You guys are so cute!"

"Go away, Aoi." I ordered without opening my eyes.

"Can I take a picture?"

"When hell freezes over."

"Your mean!"

"Shut up." Gaara's command interrupted our bickering.

"Ya heard the man, bye-bye, Aoi." I knew she stuck out her tongue and left.

"Your family is annoying."

"You haven't meet Momo or talked with Fumiko." I tried to go back to sleep, but couldn't. "I'm gonna see Hana." I mumbled getting up and walking to the room next door. I opened it and…. "OH MY GOD! MY EYES!" Hana and Kankuro were in the bed naked.

Hana's face turned the reddest I'd ever seen it and Kankuro looked terrified. "WHAT ARE YOU TWO DOING?" Temari had shown up behind me.

"I'm going to go gorge out my eyes now…" I turned around and walked back into my room. "Hana and dumb-shit…HOLY CRAP!" Gaara was in just his boxers. Shockingly, even though I'd been sharing and room with him and that we're engaged, I'd never seen him in just boxers. He had a very nice slim and muscular chest, I like that. Whoa…I sound like Aika did… "Um…sorry…" I quickly left the room.

Today was…interesting to say the least. Hana…Dumb-shit-Kankuro…ew…Gaara has a hot chest. Fumiko is trying to put on an act of being nice, but the fact she snapped at me and called me a "Little annoying little bitch" sort of ruined it.

Aki doesn't like the desert. He said he got sand in strange places. I'm not going to even wonder where…I'm going to bed…too many bad images.