This is a collection of all my entries for a contest held at the MC yahoo group. I participated in all six contests. I have not changed them in any way since they were written except the page breaks and so they do not reflect my writing style nowadays seeing as I have improved greatly since then but I was proud of them at the time and still am in a strange way as they represent how far I've come in my writing. Enjoy!

2nd place winner of first MC Mellyn Fanfic Contest

Title: Prank-war

Summary: An elf prince, a pair of twins and a human start a prank-war. Inspired by Shell.

Rating: K

Disclaimer: The characters are not mine unfortunately. They belong to the great Tolkein.


Yawning, Elladan stretched. Blinking the last remnants of sleep away, he lethargically got out of bed and dressed. It had been a late night last night. Legolas had come for a surprise visit, and even more surprisingly, he had not been injured! The first time in over 500 years he believed.

Chuckling quietly to himself at the thought of the many tales they had regaled each other with until the early hours of the morning, Elladan walked over to his door. He knew that Estel wouldn't be awake yet; that human could sleep for Middle Earth! And Legolas probably wouldn't be either. They had all seen his tired and pinched features, and he was clearly showing signs of fatigue. He had encountered orcs along his journey and had so slept very little since then, constantly on the alert.

Legolas had been the first to go bed, and the rest had soon followed as it had been late, very late.

Turning the handle, Elladan could hear Elrohir doing the same just down the hall. Elrohir's room was two doors down from Elladan's as Legolas' was in the middle. It had always been so as the twins had always liked to be near the Woodland Prince whenever he had been staying with them, which was most of the time. There had always been something ailing him, whether it had been an injury of some sort or a nightmare. Nightmares had frequented the Prince so much after he had lost his naneth to orcs that the twins had actually moved into Legolas' room at one point, to watch over him as he slept.

When Estel had arrived, a cot had been set up in Legolas' room so that both the twins and the Prince could be near the young child at all times.

Not in the least bit fazed that Elrohir was walking out of his room at exactly the same time as him, as it happened often, Elladan pushed open his door.

Gasping with surprise, he vaguely heard Elrohir do the same. And then something fell over his eyes, and all went black.

Elladan angrily pulled the bucket off of his head and looked down at his sopping robes. Looking down the hall, he saw a reflection of what he himself must look like.


His twin looked up from where he had been fingering his water-sodden garments. "I can't believe them! I would have thought that they wouldn't be up for another hour yet at least after the time we went to bed last night. Legolas was practically sleeping on his feet!"

"And yet they still found it necessary to wake up early this morning just so that they could rig our doors! Well, four can play at this game," said Elladan and he and Elrohir both grinned wickedly.


Round the corner from where the twins were standing, dripping water onto the corridors of Imladris, two figures lay laughing on the floor.

"Did you see 'Dan's face when he took the bucket off his head?" giggled Estel.

"I know!" replied Legolas between gasped breaths, "he looked ready to kill!"

The two stood, brushed themselves off and, still laughing, made their way down to the dining room where breakfast would be served.


The twins walked into the hall to see Legolas and Estel already sitting there. Their ire was raised a little by the smug looks upon their faces.

Taking their places opposite the two, neither side noticed when Lord Elrond walked in.

"So," Estel said conversationally, "did either of you have a shower this morning?"

Legolas snorted into his porridge.

"Estel why would you ask such things?" all heads turned to look at Lord Elrond who took his place at the head of the table.

"Oh, no reason ada," Estel replied, elbowing Legolas to try and stop the elf snickering.

A raised eyebrow was all they received.

Breakfast was a quiet affair, with the twins glaring daggers at the prince and human who spent the whole time trying not to burst out laughing. They were the first to excuse themselves and almost ran out of the room only to collapse with laughter at the base of the stairs.

"I think we'd better stay out of their way don't you Legolas?" laughed Estel as they made their way to the border of the forest that surrounded Imladris.

"Aye, I wouldn't like to be on the receiving end of their anger. They really looked ready to kill this time."

Legolas nimbly jumped up to the top of an old oak, whilst Estel contented himself at the bottom. Legolas started a conversation with a squirrel that lived in the tree and Estel was happy to just sit and let the sun warm his face.


Straight after breakfast, the twins made their way to their opponents' room. The others may not know it yet, but they had just started a prank-war.

Elrohir crept into Legolas' room, whilst his twin crept into Estel's. Elrohir took a small bottle of berry juice from the inside of his tunic and tiptoed into Legolas' bathing chamber. Quickly locating Legolas' shampoo he took both bottles over to the sink.

Unscrewing the lid of the shampoo, Elrohir watched gleefully as the contents of the bottle dripped down the drain.


In Estel's room, Elladan had taken out a similar bottle to Elrohir's, except this one was filled with paste. He mimicked his twin's movements in taking his little brother's shampoo from the bathing chamber and emptying its contents down the sink.

Breaking the chain of similar actions, Elladan set up the rest of the prank.


The day passed quickly with both pairs of trouble-makers trying to avoid each other. When they bumped into each other going to dinner, Legolas and Estel could not understand why it was Elladan and Elrohir who had the smug looks on their faces. They had been sure the twins would still be angry at them for the stunt they had pulled that very morning.

Shooting confuse looks at each other, the prince and human nervously sat down at the table.


Dinner was a quick and quiet affair, and soon Estel and Legolas had said goodnight to each other, and were now running both running a bath as it had been quiet a warm day and Estel had been sweating throughout most of it. Legolas as an elf did not sweat but he liked to be clean and tidy and he also loved a bath before bedtime.

Stripping out of his clothes, Legolas stepped into the steaming bath and let out a contented sigh as his body slipped under the water. He stayed there for several minutes just relaxing, and then lifted himself up and grabbed the shampoo bottle on the side of the bath.


Aragorn was in and out of the bath in a matter of minutes. 'No doubt Legolas is still in there,' he thought, smiling to himself, 'prissy elf.'

Aragorn did not like baths as much his friend did. Legolas could be in there for hours whereas he preferred a quick soak, wash and then out. He just simply was too use to being out in the wild with his fellow rangers. There was rarely enough time whilst on duty to bathe and most of the time there weren't even any streams around to bathe in!

Grabbing a comb from his bedside table, he steeled himself for the hellish task of brushing his hair. His unruly locks of brown curls were so matted at times, that he could hardly ever pull his hands through it let alone a brush. He remembered one time Legolas had tried to brush it for him and the handle of the brush had come off in the archer's hands, leaving the rest of the brush stuck in his head. He could still remember the pain he had gone through to get the broken brush out. He had had a slightly bald patch for weeks!

Standing in front of his mirror he looked up and gasped at what he saw.


There was a knock on his door.

"Who is it?"

"It's me."

He sighed gratefully. "Come in."

His adan friend practically ran into his room.

"Legolas the twins they pu-" Estel's words stopped abruptly as he took in the sight of his friend. Legolas was sitting on his bed, dressed in his white nightclothes with his head in his hands. Nothing was different apart from the colour of his hair. Instead of being the normal bright, golden blond, it was instead, a pale pink-y red.

Legolas looked up and gaped at his friend. It seemed that he had got off lightly compared to Estel. His dark curls were even more matted than usual and looked to be covered in what surprisingly looked like paste, and stuck to the paste, sticking out at odd angles all over his head, were white, fluffy feathers making it look as though he was wearing a feathery halo.

"It looks like we started a war mellon nin."


The next few days were humiliating for the elf-prince and human. They garnered strange looks wherever they went and some elves even had to avert their eyes as they walked past to prevent themselves from bursting with laughter.

The day after the twins prank, Legolas and Estel had confronted the two and they had agreed the terms for the war.

After a week or so, and at least fifty washes, the colour had faded from Legolas' hair. Tiny bits of fluff could still be seen in Estel's hair for a few more days after that until they too, finally disappeared.

The next few weeks were spent playing one prank after another. It was a well-known fact that you had to try and best your opponent's last prank and so they became more and more humiliating.

Estel and Legolas' retaliation to the hair stunt was to steal the twins' clothes when they went for a swim in the lake, forcing them to run home with nothing on, gaining some pink tinges on most female elves' cheeks that they past.

The twins' reprisal was to pilfer the other's undergarments and set them flying from the roof of the Last Homely House for all to see.

The prince and ranger then placed snakes in the twins' boots, smeared glue on their swords, carved 'stupid' into all their arrows and cut smiley faces in the backs of their tunics which acquired a lot of laughing and pointing from the other elves of Imladris.

Rivendell had long since grown used to the troublesome ways of the three elves and human, but it was certainly a funny sight when the twins' revenge was to tie pink bows in Legolas' and Estel's hair whilst they were sleeping (the sleeping draught that they slipped into their dinner had made this very easy), dye all of their clothes pink and paint a picture of them in dresses on a huge oak tree just outside the house.

Estel and Legolas spent a lot of time planning their next move and were nearly hugging each other with joy when they finally thought of it. They decided that it was pure genius and that this would certainly make them victorious.

This prank would definitely make the twins feel like the elfling's that they always treated Estel and Legolas as.

Grinning evilly, the elf and human ran off to set up the prank of the century.


This was meant to have a sequel to it but I am afraid it was never written and might never be. But how about I let your imaginations run by challenging you to think up a suitable prank for them to pull?


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