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Summary: Legolas runs for his life.

Rating: K

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Legolas scrambled to his feet again after he had fallen to the forest floor for what must have been the fourth time that night. His breathing sped up even more as he heard the trees screaming out warnings to him. He had to run! He had to get out of here before they caught him!

He had been running from the orcs for nearly two days now. He really did not know how he was still standing let alone running full pelt through the thick brush. It did not seem the orcs had tired at all which was worryingly strange. If they did not tire, then there was no chance of Legolas being able to stop. He could not. They would catch him for sure, and he could not let that happen. He had had too many painful experiences, too many painful memories all thanks to those putrid creatures.

Pressing his hand to his side, he gasped as the pain flared; another problem that he did not need right now. The poisoned arrow that had imbedded itself in his left side had hit him about an hour ago, the last time he had fallen. The orcs had been close enough to see him and had fired a rain of arrows upon him. He was lucky to have only been hit in one place.

But he did not feel lucky. The burning sensation that seemed to have spread across the whole of the left side of his body had alerted him to the presence of the poison that the spawn of Mordor coated their weapons in. And the damp patch that had quickly grown into a huge stain that soaked his leggings and made them stick to his skin had told him that he didn't have long before the blood loss got to him. That and the growing feeling of light headedness. It was this that took away his usual grace from his steps.

Ducking just in time to avoid being knocked over by a particularly low-hanging branch, Legolas was still kicking himself for running in the first place. To be chased down like a wild animal by yrch was insulting! He knew that it could not be helped and that any seasoned warrior would have done the same in his situation but that didn't soothe the blow to his pride.

One against fifty were extremely bad odds and no normal person would willingly stay to face them if there was a way out but maybe it would have been better to just face his fate then. Rather than this long, drawn-out chase that was slowly sapping the life from him and that he was beginning to think he would not survive.

His muscles all screamed with exertion, his whole left side and worryingly parts of his right side were burning fiercely with the pain of the poison, his head was throbbing mercilessly and he was so tired and hungry that it was almost painful. He was glad that it was not though as he was sure he would not have the strength to endure that pain on top of all the others.

As his head was snapped to the side by protruding branch and a long deep cut was gouged into his cheek, Legolas could only wish that the twins would find him before it was too late. They had been separated from each other when chasing after a herd of deer. That was how he had run into the orcs; they had been chasing the same herd.

Thinking back on it all, Legolas started to wonder if the twins were alright. He was sure that they were but he could not help worrying. Of course they must be looking for him, but was the reason they had not found him already that they too were in some sort of danger?

Shaking his head and wincing at the pain it caused, he shook off those morbid thoughts. No, the twins were alright and the only reason that they had not found him was because he had constantly been on the move for the last two days.

Taking a quick look over his shoulder he saw, thankfully, that the orcs were not in his sight but if he listened close enough, he could hear their tramping feet and yelling voices quite clearly. Meaning that he had not lost them and that they were not that far behind.

He turned his attention back to the path in front of him only to run smack bang into something or someone. Thinking that the orcs had been clever enough to get ahead of him, cutting off his escape, Legolas finally let the past few days catch up with him and he fainted into the awaiting arms of his captor.

His last thoughts before darkness took him, only of his father and the twins and how he wished he could say goodbye.


He ached all over but at least he was not running still. He had dreamt that he was still in the forest, still being chased by the orcs. But if he wasn't in the forest then where was he?

Prying his eyes open he waited a few moments for his vision to clear. Only to squeeze his eyes shut again as the light in the room sent his head spinning and his stomach reeling.

"'Ro close the curtains."

As soon as the light had been shut out, Legolas once again opened his eyes. He looked up into the face of Lord Elrond who only smiled back at him. He tried to speak but found that his throat was too dry. He was quickly eased upright and a glass of the cool liquid was pressed at his lips.

Sipping at it gently, he could only sigh quietly as the soothing fluid ran down his parched throat.

"Is that better penneth?"

Legolas nodded weakly only to wince slightly at the pain that flared in his temple.

"Easy Legolas," another voice spoke, "you've been through a lot over the past few days."

The woodland prince finally realised where he was and who was speaking to him.


"I'm right here Legolas. You gave us a scare yesterday you know."

At Legolas' puzzled expression the elf lord explained.

"The twins found you in the woods yesterday. Well, from what I hear you found them actually. They killed the orcs that followed you and brought you back here. You were exhausted, dehydrated and the arrow wound in your side was covered in orc poison and had also become a little infected. You know, I believe the last time you were brought back here unable to stand by yourself, your father and I agreed that we would never let you out again," Elrond punctuated this statement by raising one eyebrow.

Legolas smiled, "I believe you say that every time I'm brought back to you unable to stand by myself."

Chuckling Elladan moved into the prince's line of vision, "That doesn't mean you're allowed to keep looking for trouble though."

"I don't look for trouble! Trouble always finds me."

"Hmm," Elrond's first eyebrow was joined by his second, "I'm sure that is the truth but it doesn't take away the fact that you are always in trouble of some sort. Anyway, enough of this now, I can see that you are still tired. Get some sleep Legolas."

Legolas needed no further prompting, his eyes slipped shut and he wandered off to the realm of elven dreams.


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