Title: Through and through

Rating: K

Disclaimer: see chapter 1

Summary: Legolas describes how he feels as he takes a trip through the woods.

Words: 300


The wind rushing through my hair, the branches of old trees like air under my feet. Running so fast only green and brown blurs are all I can see of the forest as I race through it.

I laugh merrily at the family of squirrels following me on my flight to nowhere and everywhere. Up here, high in the tree-tops, this is my kingdom. This is really what I rule over. With no-one to tell me how to do my duties, up here I am King. Why do they wonder why I am sometimes sad to return home?

This is my home. Among nature; with the birds and the tiny woodland creatures, with the wind and the rain, with the leaves and the heavy boughs and with the sun peaking through the canopy at me, warming my face and setting my fleeting figure aglow.

I wish that this moment would never end. I truly hope it doesn't. I would give anything for just a few more minutes with my beloved trees. But alas, the darkening sky forces me home. But this does not bother me so much, as I will be back tomorrow. And the journey home will surely be as wondrous as the journey here.

My smile back on my face at the prospect of having to race home through treasured woods, I abruptly turn and start running back, laughing joyously at the blissful feeling that once again settles in my stomach.

Happiness is easily achieved when you are me, as the simple splendour of a newly opened flower, or the beauty of a blossoming leaf sends me into spirals of delight. If only others would open their eyes and noticed it too.

These outings have always confirmed to me one thing; I am a wood-elf through and through.