These poems have not been revised they are exactly the same as when I wrote them all those years ago and so they do not represent what my writing is like nowadays however they are a reminder of how far I have come.

Title: The Longing

Rating: K

Disclaimer: The characters belong to Tolkein not me.

Author's Notes: This poem is based on the thought that Valinor and Mandos would join together so that all the elves would be able to see Aragorn again.

Summary: Legolas debated with himself whether or not he should sail to Valinor before Aragorn's death. Post LOTR


I wish that ever restless sea,
Would stop calling out to me,
I'm not ready to leave just yet,

But I will have to leave soon, I'll bet.

I won't be able to stay much longer,
But I can't stop beginning to wonder,
How long I would be able to resist the call,
How long before my resolve would fall?

I know I can't stay here forever,
But I have ties that even death can't sever,
What of the Mighty King of Condor?
Who I'd never see again if I sailed for the shore.

But I would see him again, wouldn't I though?
So now I can stop my tear's endless flow,
Our friendship will still be there, stronger than ever,
Especially when the halls and shores join together.

I don't care how long it takes,
But I hope it's soon for all our sakes,
Estel will always be in my heart,
As he has been right from the start.

My decision is made, I know what to do,
I won't leave until I have to,
Which will be when hope has left Middle Earth,
Because then I will be without all joy and mirth.

When Aragorn dies I will sail and leave this world,
To let the next saga of Middle Earth unfurl.