Title: Thranduil's Pain

Rating: K

Summary: This poem is about Thranduil's love for Legolas and how he feels after he sends Legolas off somewhere and Legolas gets hurt, maybe after CasSio's story 'Captive of darkness'

Disclaimer: see chapter 1


All pain and suffering you've gone through,

Still grieves my aching heart,

I wish I had never let you go,

I wish I'd stopped your pain at the start.

I'd wanted to keep you safe, but I failed,

I should've kept you here, safe with me,

But I know it wouldn't have worked,

You needed to be free.

You had to grow up sometime,

But why did it have to be so soon?

You have to believe me when I say,

I didn't mean to say you to your doom.

I know you never blamed me,

But I've always blamed myself,

I know I shouldn't have sent you there my son,

I should have gone myself.

You are most dear to me,

And you always have been,

To me, you're the most important thing on Middle Earth,

And the most beautiful it's seen.

I've loved you with all my heart,

From the minute you were born,

As has everyone else who knows you,

Whose heartstrings you pulled on and tore.

I know I couldn't live without you,

You're all that I have got,

I'd die of grief if you weren't here,

Leaving Mirkwood to go to pot.

You're the beloved Prince of Lasgalen,

Loved by all elves of Mirkwood,

You melt all the hearts of the firstborn,

Just like I knew you would.

Ar le;cin, ion nin, im (am) ├║gua

Without you, my son, I (am) nothing