A/N: Is a crossover of Weiss Kruez and final fantasy7, and it takes place in the Weiss Kruez dimension. Uses theories, histories, and ideas from a universe my friend and I have invented and may at times disagree with the canon. I will try to explain the more obscure ideas, usually in author's notes or footnotes (watch for the astericks). There was a difference of a few years between the first chapters and subsequent ones in terms of writing them, so there may be some inconsistencies. I will try to catch all of them, but if you notice any, assume the later chapter is the correct one. Warning: shonen-ai, shota-kun, and mpreg.

Prologue (Vincent's POV)

I found him. I finally made it to Japan two years ago, but it took all that time to find him. All files on him had been erased. It seems much has happened; he no longer even goes by his real name. It's strange; there are so many different emotions. Relief. He's alive, relatively safe. Worry. Does he remember me, and if so, are the memories good ones, or now, that's he's grown-up, does he feel I've taken advantage of him. Anxiety, and a little anger. He's working for an organization that hunts demons. At least personally he only dealt with humans. May still not even know that demons exist. Pride. He's made use of all I've taught him and even improved a few of the fighting techniques a bit, but I still recognize them as being learned from me. A bit of fear. If I contact him and he finds out what I am, or somehow his organization finds out, Ravyn will be in danger. Ravyn's story is complicated. He was pregnant when he moved back to Japan, but didn't know it. When he showed signs of nausea, pain, and difficulty breathing, he went to a doctor. The doctor was fascinated by the supernatural, so without telling him, he extracted the child. He then moved to the US. I found and killed him and raised Ravyn myself. So even though I don't want to be separated from him anymore, I can't put Ravyn at risk.

: This deals with my theory that due to few female demons, demons are capable if impregnating males, including humans.