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Chapter IIII: Yaoi is Homosexual (so what?? :O)

To think he let this guy affect him this way, the nerve. Naruto mentally berated himself, it was too early in the relationship, he knew that, but Gaara had yet to complain about being forced out of the restaurant and now quickly headed towards Naruto's car. He found it just in time to realise that, hey, if someone was really enjoying their meal, they would make up some kind of protest about being snatched away from it so suddenly... or was that only him? Furthermore, Naruto wasn't being gentle about the way he dragged the red head, which led him to only one reasonable conclusion:

He was doing it on purpose. The lack of protest said it all. He was getting pretty feed up with these little childish games; he slammed Gaara up against the car, the red head made a little noise in the back of his throat, looking up at Naruto innocently.

"You were doing it on purpose." He accused.

Gaara blushed and suddenly found the pavement of the parking lot completely fascinating. He mumbled, "Did it work?"

Naruto faltered some.

Thenerve of this guy! Just who does he think i am? He think he can play around with me like some kind of toy? I'll show him. He growled low, just enough to cause the red head to look up into his frustrated blue eyes.

"What do you want from me?"

Gaara made a face, one Naruto couldn't read or, better yet, didn't want to read at the moment. He said nothing though, answering the blonde's question with a blank stare.

"Tch, I don't have time for these coy little innuendos. If you have some sort of ulterior motives, please speak up now because I'm getting a little impatient."

Gaara pursed his lips in thought and looked up at the Uzumaki. The red head grabbed Naruto's jacket lapels and pulled him closer, so much that their faces were inches away from each other, the way it should have been hours ago.

'You really are a dumb blonde." With that he kissed him, roughly, opening his mouth to let the blonde's urging tongue sweep inside. The others organ swept inside of his mouth, cleaning him of little taste accept that of Naruto. Gaara pushed back against the invasion, earning him a low growl from the blonde and a tug closer. At this point he could sense Naruto's frustration, he felt it and the way it poked into his thigh. Gaara smiled inside of his head.

Naruto on the other hand was half out of his mind with want and lust, so much that the frustration was starting to go to his head. He supposed an hour with a tease that looked like Gaara could do that to him, if nothing else. He pushed the red head against the car more, wiggling his way between his legs; Gaara had no protests. Their mouths still attached and working as one, Naruto moved his hands down Gaara's back until they reached all the way down to his firm ass. He sculpted the flesh, molding it in his own way, causing Gaara to mewl slightly. He pressed against the smaller body more, feeling the hardness of the other boys growing arousal, which more or less pissed him off.

Here he was, at full attention, and Gaara was only getting started. What could be said about himself? ...That he wasn't as stimulating as Gaara was?... Hell no.

He used the grip on the red head's backside to push their hips together more, the friction there caused Naruto's stomach to burn with need. Simultaneously he felt Gaara's member awaken and the other purred nicely into their ongoing kiss. Gaara's grip removed from Naruto's jacket to climb up into his soft strands of honey blonde hair; he tugged rather roughly when Naruto squeezed their groins together once more.

Headlights flashed on them in the distance, causing Gaara to break the kiss and turn his head in the direction of the disappearing car. He'd almost forgot they were still in the parking lot, in public, where anyone could see them. Here and now was not the best place to do this, he thought. But the only problem that would come of that was convincing Naruto as well, seeing that the blonde looked as if he wanted to - and most likely was going to - ravish him here, on his very car, no matter who saw. It was unnerving and exhilarating all at the same time. But still he tried to warn the blonde.

"Naruto, we should probably head back to your-" Lips were his interruption, warm, soft lips that told him that the blonde didn't care in the least if they were in public or not; he had an urgent need to be fulfilled and it couldn't be postphoned. Gaara pondered/worried in his head if he had been too much of a tease during dinner.

"First I gotta take care of something." Naruto's hot breath was at his ear and his hands were moving down to Gaara's belt buckle, quickly unfastening it along with the pants button underneath. Gaara watched in horror/arousal the way the blonde pulled down his zipper and hooked his hand underneath the waistline of his pants and underwear. All the while Naruto's hands worked on the red heads bottom half, his lips worked at the top, spreading kisses around his jawline and neck, sucking on the expanse of skin underneath his ear, biting his collar bone and licking whatever other patches of skin he could reach. By the time the blonde's lips were back on his, Gaara didn't care that his pants and undies were pulled down around his feet.

Naruto grabbed his length, shielding it from the chill of the night. Gaara shuddered and pulled the blonde closer, thrusting himself into the others hand more.

Never had he felt like this before, he didn't think he had the capacity, to just sit back and let someone fondle him out in the open. Not even in Gaaras most serious past relationships had they ever gone this far, and this was just the first date! Well... it wasn't as if he had that many ex's to brag about anyway.

His thoughts were pushed aside, however, when the blonde moved lower on his body, dropping to his knees on the pavement. Naruto fisted the red head some, earning him soft panting sounds, before moving his mouth over Gaara's entire shaft, said boy tugged on hair that was gripped between tightly clenched fists. Naruto's blue eyes moved upwards too look at Gaara's face, but it wasn't visible; he currently had it thrown back in pleasure. So the blonde continued to suckle him, moving his skilled mouth back and forth on the throbbing cock, happily aware that Gaara was new to this and celebrating the fact that he would be his first. He snaked a hand around to the Sabaku's backside again, pushing past the soft cheeks to find the puckered hole that waited. With a finger he pushed past the first fold of skin, and thought his hair might be pulled out of his scalp. He gingerly continued, however, growling around the other boy's member when he heard the red head's breath quicken and the startled moan that left him when another finger was entered.

Gaara couldn't think, he could only feel... feel the way those tan fingers stretched his skin, feel the hot, sloppy wetness that coated his dick over and over... and feel as the orgasm rose in his stomach to a point where he nearly cried upon release. As he fell back against the car, the metal cool on his overheated skin, Naruto continued milking him, he whined. Finally the blonde slid back up so that they were faced to face and Gaara knew what was coming. Those hands moved back down to his ass, lifting him up against the car, Gaara twisted his legs around the strong waist that held him up, cause he surely couldn't do it on his own. He felt something hard and hot prod his entrance and didn't even think to consider when the blonde had uncovered himself, the fact of the matter was he didn't really care at that point. It entered him slowly, Naruto taking into consideration that this was the red head's first time, for that Gaara was grateful because it hurt like hell.

When the blonde stopped moving he was confused, untill he realised he was completely sheathed within him. Something about the atmmosphere and their surroundings made their little 'act' all the more erotic - he don't know if it was the fucking on a car, in a parking lot or the chance that anyone could walk out and see them right now. Naruto panted, clearly trying to keep his cool, he moved his mouth over Gaara's capturing the others lips, then tongue, the red head moaned, tilting his hips. Despite his intentions, Naruto took that as, "OK, go," he slid out, then back in.

Gaara lost any use of his vocal chords accept incoherent moans, sighs and grunts, apparently the same went for Naruto, save for the fact that Gaara's name could be picked out of the lusty sounds every so often. The red head's insides squeezed Naruto's prick inside even more, causing him to speed up, Gaara, with the lack of anything else to hold onto, tightened his legs and arms around Naruto's waist and neck. His lower back was pounded into the glass on the side of the car, he feared it would break from the constant tremors, but the fear was immediately replaced by pleasure when the blunt of Naruto's cock hit a place inside of the red head. He screamed, once, good and loud, ripping his head from between the juncture at the blonde's shoulder and neck to truly voice the sound.

"Fuck, you're loud." Naruto mumbled against Gaara's neck, who could only manage a halfhearted chuckle, seriously, he felt like his insides were going to explode.

Naruto continued his rhythm, barely, Gaara had already cum again, squeezing his walls tightly and the pressure on his member intensified immensely. Gaara mumbled incoherently, the pressure in his stomach rising, he could only hold on little by little, his composure sliping away more thaan it alredy had been before, which was a feat to say the least. Naruto was staring to lose his grip and the last thing he wanted was for Gaara to fall. He shifted their position, halting his thrusts, sliding Gaara around so that he lay on the hood of the car, this way it wouldn't be only Naruto supporting him.

Once sure the red head would stay planted Naruto began t move again, this time at a slower place, the angle he was workig at before gave direct access to Gaara's 'spot' now that their positions were shifted, he'd have to find it all over again... not that he was complaining. As Naruto moved - not too slowly - at a well paced rhythm, Gaara grabbed for something, anything, including Naruto, the hood of the car and even his own hair. The slow pace concentrated every feeling to his opening, he could feel it all now; the burning way Naruto stretched him, the friction of his inner walls as the blonde moved within him, he thought he would be torn apart by the pleasure.

With every movement, Naruto shifted some, watching Gaara carefully, as if searching for something. Gaara's pleasure fogged mind was haily aware just what that something was, in a way he was afraid, when hit before, that spot almost brought tears to his eyes, the pleasure was so intense... This time, if Naruto were to attack the bundle of nerves with his thick, hard cock... who knows what type of noises poor Gaara was liable to make.

When the spot was finally hit, Gaara groaned low, turning it into a moan of Naruto's name. Said blonde chuckled.

"I found it, eh?" He licked Gaara's cheek and quickened some, going faster but not so fast that he would reach release himself.

The blonde's member continued to pump inside Gaara's ass. A few screams let themselves loose when the Uzumaki decided that his goal would be to hit the bundle of nerves inside Gaara with each stroke and due to his thrusts and eerily perfect angle, he got them almost perfect every time. Gaara moaned loudly, squeezing his legs around Naruto's, the onslaught of pleasure becoming too much for him... he knew he wouldn't last long... and judging from the blonde's sweat slicked face, erratic thrusts and heavy pants, he couldn't be either. Just as he came to that conclusion, Naruto wrapped his hand around Gaara's bobbing member, stroking it absently, causing Gaara to squirm. He moaned again, covering his face with his palms, tring to stifle whatever noises he could.

Naruto's hand moved quicker on his length, just in time with the blonde's thrusts, it was almost as if he were trying to draw it out on porpose, bringing the red head agonising pleasure until he wanted to beg for release, because soon, if he wasn't granted it, he would start begging.

Gaara mused long enough to come up with the explination that this was Naruto's way of revenge.

Hell of a way to get even.

The heat clenching in his stomach soon moved through his body in the event of Gaara's orgasm, he spasmed some and moaned, arching off the metal hood. Naruto gave a few more thrusts inside of him, then the red head felt w warm substance coat his insides, he whined at the feeling, wiggling some, Naruto pushed his hips down to keep them still, he continued to push in and out, making sure the red head took all of his essence inside of him. He moaned when Gaara involuntarily clamped down on him.

"Gods, Gaara..." Gaara fidgited more.

"... Are you done yet...?"

Naruto laughed.

He pulled out slowly, trailing the remnants of his release over the hood of his car, he used the napkin he'd stolen from the restaurant earlier to clean himself up before replacing his member and zipping up his pants. He looked at the panting and shivering Gaara sprawled out on the car, making sure to commit the image to memory before he pulled the pale boy up, cleaning him off as well. Gaara, still feeling mushy and sated, wrapped his arms around the blonde's neck; he opened an eye and peered into the parking lot: it was still empty. He sighed in relief, until he noticed the car across from the one he was now perched upon.

"Naruto...?" He asked sleepily.


"Isn't that your car?"