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:: Prologue ::

Crumbling Alliances

The History of the Silver Alliance . . . .

Mercury, Venus, Mars, Phaeton, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. These nine planetary Kingdoms existed peacefully together in one solar system, bound together under a coalition called the Silver Alliance and presided over—ironically enough—by a satellite of the one planet not allowed entrance into this sacred confederation. The satellite's name was Lunara, the planet in question, Earth.

When the other Kingdoms were already old and well-established, Earth was just being born—socially and politically speaking. The beautiful blue and green planet was set apart from the others with its natural atmosphere and stand-alone ecosystem, completely unreliant on technology or magic to sustain itself. This life of relative simplicity ensured that it's people remained positively medieval compared to the rest of the Kingdoms in the Galaxy—unhindered by the need to come together as a species for mutual survival. While the other Kingdoms had remained peaceful and untouched by war for several millennia, it seemed Earth was constantly brewing with battle; lords and common men fighting amongst themselves, one nation burning for power and domination over the others. Earthlings were deemed barbaric beasts and unintelligent warmongers not fit for the far more cultured and civilized Silver Alliance, and therefore passed over completely when the confederation was founded nearly three thousand years ago.

And then, after an especially bloody world war, Earth finally settled down under one central rule. It was called the Elysian Kingdom, presided over by one Lord King and four Warrior Kings—also known as the Guardians of the Four Corners—the King's top Generals and closest confidants. There were several generations of painful reconstruction that followed, as the planet struggled to adjust and adapt. Yet for the first time it seemed as though Earth had finally found itself.

It was then that the planet of Phaeton took an interest in Earth and her very diverse people.

Phaeton was a small planetary mass between Mars and Jupiter, with a highly advanced technological and equally impressive magical community that rivaled both Mercury and Lunara respectively in prowess. Phaetonian scientists were the creators of Chrys-Tech technology after all, the awesome and virtually limitless power source that gave fuel to the planetary transporters, the atmospheric shields, environmental stabilizers and Mercury's entire planet-wide central computer network to name only a few. To say that Phaeton was vital to the way of life in the Silver Alliance would be putting the situation in very mild terms indeed.

The King of Phaeton—Lord Coeus—had vision where the other rulers did not. He saw the raw, untapped potential of Earth, as well as the possibility of extreme danger. As the only planet in their solar system that did not rely on either magical or technological means to support life, it was most certainly the most logical target should someone or some thing ever decide to attack. The Alliance disagreed heartily with Phaeton's analysis, however. Mercury insisted that the odds of such a happenstance were nearly impossible, denouncing them as paranoid and foolish. Coeus was a man deeply interested in the histories of the universe however, and he knew that no nation in this life was infallible. History had proven that time and time again. The others of the Alliance had forgotten this hard lesson however, lulled into a false sense of security due to the hundreds of centuries worth of peace that they had enjoyed. The Alliance ruled that Phaetonians were forbidden to act on their speculations, and were to continue to shun all contact with Earth and her "barbarous" peoples.

Ignoring the ruling, Coeus made contact with Earth in the Planetary year 4023. The Earthlings were startled, to say the least, to discover that there was life on other planets than their own and that these Kingdoms in question had been around for far longer than they. The Lord King of Earth was also more than a little affronted to learn that his planet was considered to be the black sheep of the entire solar system. In the end he decided to grant them their wish, however, and made no attempts to contact or beg assistance from them. His reasoning was that he and his people had managed just fine without this all-powerful "Silver Alliance" for hundreds of years and that they would continue to do so. Earth was more than happy to welcome Phaeton and their teachings, however. In five short years Earth had its very own planetary transporter and was well on its way to catching up to the other civilizations, technologically speaking.

The Alliance was furious, to say the least. Phaeton continued to ignore their threats and chastising, however, for that's all that could really be done against them. Unlike the other planets and kingdoms, Phaeton was quite invaluable with their Chrys-Tech, and enjoyed an immunity of a sort because of it. Thus, all the Alliance could do was sit back and brood disapprovingly while the ties between Phaeton and Earth grew stronger with each passing year. The Phaetonian Princess, Jaasa—younger sister to the King—even married Earth's Warrior King of the East in a huge celebration that was enjoyed on both planets, the union being like a physical manifestation of their peoples' bond of friendship.

And then, despite Mercury's statistical predictions, in the year 4046 disaster struck in the form of an evil and mysterious force known only as the Negaverse. No one knew who the true power was behind it, though on Earth the hoards of hell were led by a malignant sorceress—and former Earthian noble woman—who now called herself Queen Beryl. She and her misshapen Youma spread across the Earth like an evil plague, annihilating everything and everyone in their path. The devastation was vast. Coeus called for the Silver Alliance to raise arms and come to Earth's defense against this evil foe.

This time it was he who was ignored.

The Silver Alliance turned their backs on Earth in their greatest hour of need, citing that it was Fate punishing the weaker Kingdom for trying to meddle with their own destiny, that they had awoken this evil themselves by trying to dabble in a level of power they couldn't possibly ever understand. Infuriated, Phaeton once again ignored Queen Serenity's order to stand down, holding true to Earth. They paid dearly for their loyalty. In retaliation for their assistance to the Earthlings, Beryl launched a secret attack on the small planet. One that—thanks to a traitor—resulted in the planet's utter destruction. The Chrys-Tech plants were tampered with, a planet-wide overload that resulted in a massive explosion, blowing the planet itself completely apart. It became nothing more than an asteroid belt spanning between its former neighbors. This tragedy only seemed to strengthen the Alliance's resolute decision to remain uninvolved in Earth's dilemma.

For thirteen years the Earth managed to somehow hold firm against the endless waves of Youma attacks. The loss was incredible, the deaths were astronomical—including the current Lord King and all four of his Generals. The fate of Earth and all her people was at its most dire.

And yet, Earthlings are nothing if not adaptable.

The five sons that rose to take their fathers' places soon become legends throughout the solar system. Where their fathers had held the Negaverse at bay, these warriors—wielding a level of power not seen since the Elder Days of the star system—actually showed signs of beating them.

Frustrated at her continued loss, Beryl soon grew tired of trying to overthrow this planet. In the year 4049, the Negaverse systematically launched attacks against the other Eight Kingdoms of the Silver Alliance. Unlike Earth, it had been hundreds of centuries since the last time they had seen war. Their soldiers were trained, but not yet battle tested. Their magic was strong, but unpracticed.

They began falling like leaves on a winter wind.

In two short years the Kingdom of Pluto fell completely and Saturn was fast on its way to joining it. It soon became painfully apparent to the Alliance that where they were failing, their barbaric and uncivilized cousin had all but won. Queen Serenity knew that she had but one option left, or risk complete annihilation.

In the Planetary Year 4061, she sent the transmission.