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Okay, so last chapter of "Trust" Rayne go ther memories back BUT she got them back when she caught Kiana kissing her Kakashi. And, you know that Rayne doesnt handle betrayal well. So, she kicked him out and said he needed to give her time to think and get back to being a mother for her children.

So the question is: Will Rayne take Kakashi back? AND Can someone else win her broken heart before Kakashi gets a chance to win back her trust??


Two weeks. Thats how long its been since Rayne had kicked him out. How long its been since he saw her, since she gave him back his engagement ring.

The longest two weeks of Kakashi Hatake's life.

He had been staying at Asuma's and, while his friend was great and all, he was miserable. He missed Rayne and the kids and their hime and life together. But, Rayne wouldnt talk to him, she wouldnt even stay in the same room if he was in there. Basically, she ignored him completely.

Now, as he walked to the hokage's Tower to talk to Tsunade about their "situation", as Tsunade put it, he found himself feeling lonely. He didnt like it. Didnt like it one bit.

"Come in!" Tsuneade called from the other side of the door. Kakashi entered, shutting the door behind him.

"You wanted to see me?" he asked as he took a seat across from her.

"This...thing with you and Rayne has got to stop. She has refused any mission invovling you and it is putting this village at a disadvantage. You and her need to find a way to work together because I have a mission that requires both your combined skills. Go talk to her and sort this out." Tsunade spoke clearly and bluntly. Having two of her best ninja fighting was not a good thing and she would make them work it out. Whether they wanted to or not.

Kakashi sighed inaudibly. "Tsunade-sama, I have tried to talk to Rayne. She wont meet with me anywhere or let me in the house when she's home," he explained.

"Go there and find a way to make her listen. You two have a mission and you both leave in two days. You dont have to love eachother again, just come to an agreement where yous can be civil around eachother. Understood?"


Good. Now, get out or help me with this paperwork," she said crisply.

He immediately stood, bowed, and hurried out of the office.

'How the hell am I going to get her to listen to me?'


Rayne smiled as she waved goodbye to Kakomi from the gate to the Hyuuga mansion. Her smile disappeared as soon as she reached her empty house. The kids were all out somewhere. And Kotetsu was working.

Kasume was training with Kai and Tuomo for a while, Kakomi was playing with Hanabi Hyuuga again and Haine and Haru were at Shizune's. She hated an empty house but took comfort in the fact that her children would be home for dinner and that she would have some noise around her once again. Since having kids, she found that she was uncomfortable when surrounded by silence.

She stiffened as she unlocked the door and opened it. She sensed another persons chakra. It was too faint to tell who's, they were masking it, but, she felt their presence in her supposedly empty home.

She forced herself to relax as she locked the door behind her and set the keys down on the small coffee table by the door. As she walked to the kitchen, acting as nothing was wrong, she finally was able to find out who's chakra it was.

"Kakashi, what are you doing here?" she sighed as she turned to the living room.

Kakashi got up off the couch and stood a few feet away from her. "Rayne, its time we talked."

"Leave," she said as she turned and walked into the kitchen. She didnt feel like talking about Kiana or him.

"I heard that Kiana has left. You beat her up pretty bad," he said, ignoring her request and following her into the kitchen. He had heard from Shizune that Rayne and Kiana had fought and rayne had won. Kiana had a few broken ribs and plenty of bruises. Rayne had come out virtually unharmed.

"I had warned her. Not my fault she's not as good a fighter as I am. She picked the fight, not me. Sorry if you're sad to see her go." Her voice was carefully emotionless as she started water for tea and turned to him, arms crossed over her chest.

He sighed, allowing it to be loud enough for her to hear. "Rayne, I am glad that Kiana is gone. I dont care about her--at all. I love you, you know that."

Rayne looked away from him. She knew she was being an idiot but, in her defense, she had let him in to her heart after it had been broken by Tsume. It was a lot harder for her to trust than most people. And when she saw him and Kiana kissing, it had hurt. It had hurt bad.

Once bitten, twice shy. Twice bitten-- well, that just sucks.

"Kakashi, listen, I dont hate you. I just dont trust you and so, we cant have a relationship. I gave you my trust, something that I guard more heavily than my life, and you threw it away. No secind chance there, kakashi," she explained slowly.

Kakashi stared at her for a moment before taking two steps closer, stopping when she tensed up and looked up at him, a wary tint in her eyes. "Do you love me?" he demanded, using a voice that commanded her to tell him the truth.

Rayne looked him in the eye and nodded. "But, sometimes, love isnt enough. I cant be with you or marry you if I dont trust you. Im sorry," she whispered, looking away once more.

"How can I win back your trust?" he asked, not willing to just let her go and give up what they had so easily. He screwed up, but he'd fix it. He had too.

"I dont think you can...I dont know if Im willing to let you in again..." she admitted slowly.

"Well, than I'll think of a way to win it back while we are on the mission."

Her eyes shot up and she shook her head. " I told Tsunade I wouldnt go on a mission with you, I refuse."

"She said that you're going, no matter how you feel about me."

Rayne glared at the floor, as if it were the one who had just made her life a helluva lot more complicated. Suddenly, a smirk appeared on her face. "I'll go. BUT only if I get to bring someone else with me," she bargained.

Kakashi eyed her warily before asking, "Who?"



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