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Konata Izumi was always known as the girl who didn't get startled easily, the girl who startled everyone as a matter of fact...well...this time she was going to be startled just as much as everyone else...

Chapter 1: Uneasy feeling

Konata's POV

Today I woke up earlier than most days, I don't know why... I also didn't play on my MMORPG yesterday... it's like...I feel as if it would be meaningless to play... I've never felt like this before.

I ate my breakfast faster than usual, not savoring my food but shoving it in my mouth like a pig. After, I just picked up my school bag and ran outside. The train wouldn't be long now... I sat in the back, almost all the seats were empty. I walked out of the station and ran to her-I mean their house. I dunno why I did it, I just did. I knocked twice, footsteps could be heard and she opened the door...

"Hm? Konata...what are you doing here?"

"I don't know really...I felt like it I guess..."

"Is something wrong?" she ask with deep concern, I couldn't help it, I smirked my cat-like smile at her.

"Kagamin is worrying about me? Aww you're so cute..."

She blushed madly and turned around to let me in, of course she lets out a heartfelt "S-shut up" before doing so. I've known Kagamin for three years now, I feel like I can read that tsundere like an open book sometimes... I wonder if it'll eventually come to an end... I mean, she can't blush to my stupid comments forever! I guess I'll miss that a lot...

"Kona-chan! You sure are early today! I hope you didn't come all the way here just to steal us some food!"

I laughed at that, Tsukasa could never see underneath appearances.

"You saw right through me Tsukasa-chan!" I said with a stupid, faked, embarrassed grin. She smiles and run to the kitchen where she must have more food to give me. Kagami turns to glare at me...she knows...

"Look Konata, I don't care if you don't want to tell me, but... If something really is wrong I hope you'll tell me sooner or later. I don't want you to suffer alone ok?"

I choked on my tongue hearing that (if that's even possible...), Kagami looked like she could feel it too...that uneasiness I felt today, like, tomorrow might be the Apocalypse...

"Here you go Kona-chan!" Tsukasa appeared next to me with a small bag, I laughed at Kagami's flustered face and walked out the door, my friends behind me.

We walked at a slow pace, Tsukasa was in front of us but didn't seem to notice as she played some game on her cell phone. I stole a glance at Kagami and directed my eyes to the floor.

"Do you feel it too, Kagamin?"

She didn't respond right away, I looked up and saw her staring at me.


She rapidly looked aside and shot out a "What do you mean, what are you talking about!" before blushing slightly. I didn't understand... so I did what I always do when I don't understand what's happening with Kagami, I teased her.

"The love, Kagamin, can you feel the loooooooove?" I said as I wiggled my brows in a suggestive manner, she turned red and screamed.

"S-Shut up! Stop blurting stupid random stuff all the time, honestly!"

I watched as she walked faster to put some space between us, she's so shy...

And now I feel lonely... a bit...just a bit...

I was looking outside as Kuroi sensei was teaching, I didn't care about the subject, I was wondering why I wasn't able to think about something else... the thought that something was gonna happen was overwhelming me...


Something struck me on the head and I let out a little cry of pain as my hands flew to the sore spot.


"Why don't you try to follow in class for a change, you can't always count on Hiragi's notes you know."

At that, Kagami blushed a bit and turned her head to her pencil that was somehow more interesting than my situation all of a sudden...

"Oi! I won't! Now stop beating me up with that rolled up- OUCH!"

She made that fang smile of hers and turned to continue her lesson of...whatever she was teaching... Oh! Yeah, Kagami had finally been able to be in our class this year... She was overjoyed by that, until I teased her by saying something close to: That means that when you'll come to eat lunch with us you won't have to walk...mmm...I wonder if that loss of exercise will make you gain weight in exchange...?

She was mad...don't know why though...

Must be her Tsundere attitude...oh well...I'm thinking too much today anyway... must be the weather...

Normal POV

Today was a school trip, they hadn't had one in a long time so everyone was wondering where they were going. Kuroi Sensei didn't go with them, though. The four girls were sitting next to each other and chatting like always.

"I wonder where we're going..." said Miyuki.

"Probably somewhere boring like a shrine or something" Konata smirked at Kagami "it always end up being a waste of time hu?"

"Shut up."

Konata slumped in her seat next to her friend and closed her eyes.

"Man...what a drag...let's just find a nice spot and watch the clouds..."

"Again with the anime references. Do you ever think about anything else?" said an annoyed Kagami. "It'll be useless once we're out in the world to fetch for ourselves you know."

"Well... I could surprise you with how much I learned out of all those useless things, Kagamin..."

The silence who followed that sentence was weird, the two girls looked at each other like Konata had just said something very rude or inappropriate, which wasn't the case. The bus suddenly stopped, bringing all the students who were standing to the floor. Konata hit her head hard on the seat in front of her and passed out. Kagami took a look at the front where people dressed in black were coming inside, she turned around to say something to her blue haired friend but noticed she wasn't moving.

"Konata! Are you ok? Konata?"

She got up to ask for help but met one of the men dressed in black, he had a gaz mask on and a rifle. She sat back down and yelped when he threw something at her feet.

What the hell is happening?

Smoke started to fill the bus as the black-clad forms continued to walk around pushing and sometimes trampling her fellow students, she had trouble breathing now and her twin Tsukasa, she noticed, was fast asleep on Miyuki's shoulder. Kagami turned to look at her otaku friend and with a small blush, slumped sleepily forward to embrace her, if she was lucky, she could protect her a bit from what was matter what that was...

Konata groaned as she gained back consciousness, she felt a sharp pain on her head and couldn't move at all, like something was keeping her down on the bench. She opened her eyes to see her friend's arms around her, protectively She smiled at that.

Aww, Kagami fell asleep on me, she's so cute...

Then, she noticed something weird: everyone seemed to be fast asleep, she looked at her watch and it was 5 o'clock.

Five o'clock! What the hell? This trip wasn't supposed to be outside of our city!

She took a look around and noticed a weird woman at the front, she got up and went to ask her what was happening, maybe there was an accident or something...

"Excuse me..." She poked the lady on her shoulder "I was wondering if you could tell me what's hap-"

The woman turned around, Konata took a step back when she saw her; she had a gas mask and she was pointing a gun at her. The small girl couldn't help a gasp escaping from her lips as she stumbled back in surprise.

"What's this, what's happening here?"

The woman leaned forward, Konata closed her eyes and braced herself for the gun shot but it never came. She cracked one eye open and saw the cross coming fast, then, darkness...

-End of chapter one-

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